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  1. Close to the final product. I still have to do some additional weathering where I corrected the legs. I also have to paint an detail the gun turret.
  2. SNOW! Woodland Scenic Snow and Woodland Scenic glue with a little water. I mixed to the consistency of soft serve ice cream and then spread with a cake decorating spatula. During application, I used some artistic license to replicate snow. I pressed the walker into the base so I could locate it in the desired position after it dried.. I made a foot template from sheet styrene to make the tracks.
  3. Is this better? Now, I have a few paint touch-ups to do...which is okay.
  4. Parabat, the problem I had was that two of the legs are in a fixed position. I tried numerous combinations and this one seemed to work the best as far as allowing the walker to stand alone. So, even though it's not entirely 100% correct for for movement. I feel this is the most stable configuration for the legs. I even went so far as to weight the feet so it's not top heavy. Edit: This bothered me, so I disassembled the walker and found that indeed, there was a workable configuration. Thank you for pointing this out. I will have to do some paint touch up, but it'll be okay in the end.
  5. Working on the snowspeeder. I used 22 gauge wire, anything smaller wouldn't support the weight. Applying a wash... Looking top down.
  6. The cannons are on!! The feet are on and the struts from the legs to the feet are now attached!!
  7. Thank You! I'm happy it turned out as good as it did. I was really stressing over it. Going far as to maybe resin casting the kit part. In the end, this was easier and turned out good.
  8. I discovered this part missing. Searched and searched to no avail. There's no telling how long this part has been gone. Well, this allows me to do a little scratch building. The kit part is on top and mine is one the bottom...it didn't turn out too bad.
  9. More progress. The AT-AT is now able to stand on it's own four legs without any worries of tipping. There's still a lot more to do. "We've spotted Imperial Walkers."
  10. Just for fun and reference. Here is an actual filming AT-AT used in Empire. I took this photo when Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination came to Fort Worth, Texas in 2007. Another angle
  11. I dug out my long abandoned MPC AT-AT build. I started on this back in 2006. It got packed away and has finally seen the light of day again. I resumed work to get it to this state. The plan is to do the famous tow cable scene from the movie. Compared to today's Bandai kits and even the Revell kits, this model leaves a lot to be desired. The fit is less than stellar. I started applying paint and washes to each part of the kit separately. I felt it was easier to finish each minor assembly separately rather than the complete model. More to come...
  12. I went with an acrylic gray wash over the entire model. It's very subtle compared other weathering I've seen on these types of models. I'm very pleased with the finished result. Thank you all for the positive comments.
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