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  1. well my wife has talked me out of this project bit exspensive for a "Toy" her words, and talked me into the 1/72 scale Bandai perfect Grade Millenium Falcon, as she is a semi Star Wars fan. will defintly get this one up as a build on here hopefully, will be painting this up and using the above mentioned hairspray method and will really go to town on the weathering and details. My Biggest decision will be Landing gear up or down. Mad Larkin
  2. Long time Lurker, rare poster, but I'm coming up on my 40th Birthday, and mid life crisis. I'm looking at buying and building the M16 Gun Carriage from Trupeter, now I have read a few reviews and realise this kit has a few minor flaws. so i would like to get reference material, spare parts and tips to try and make My M16 better than just plain old OOB. also advice on painting this beast, would like to do a Winter Camo, also I don't have access to an Airbrush, so id like to know if it is possible to paint this with brushes and rattle cans. My birthday isnt till May 21st so i have a bit of time to get things organised, will be making a dedicated file to put this info in so electronic files and pics would be really good Many thanks Richard
  3. I only have to wear those boots for 4 months at a time trust me they aren't comfy or decent at all. RFA chef,
  4. Has anyone else seen the Dragon 1/35 scale AT-AT and have any better information than that on the Dragon website. all i found was a picture, no measurements or anything so no idea of sizes or anything?
  5. So its been a long time since i started this topic and now i have need of it again. I recently moved back to my Dads ( Temporarily) and dug out of storage my Dragon Wagon, now i also have a Load in the form of a Panther Ausf A from Tamiya. what my question is, would the trailer skids under the load be left in place while in transit? Thanks in advance Mad (Richard)
  6. Seen it and OMG how cool. any ideas as to the Scale on the Hasbro Falcon. would help to find after market parts
  7. Thnx MadMonk, Mike hadnt reviewed the exact ones i was looking for, but i did find them in there. hopefully getting a couple of the level 3 kits for x-mas. which i will build OOB and possibly if i can talk the missus into letting me borrow her nice camera, and do a build thread for them. but that will be after the big move in the new year. Mad Larkin
  8. Long time no post. Has any one got, and started work on the new Revell starter Kits for Star Wars, VII The force awakens. Family is bugging me for X-mas gift ideas. Of course im not gonna use the paint brushes from the kits but the paints and kits look quite nice. nice to get back on BM after so long away at work. Mad Larkin
  9. Thanks fazer this is good to know. So went to sainsburys (other supermarkets are available) yesterday and picked up 2 litres of allnourpose cleaner and models have gone for a swim. Will check them in the morning that will give em 24 hours, hope they dont come out all pruneified. Mad Larkin
  10. i have about 150 dark elves of the GW breed i want to repaint some are the white metal they used to use will this method have any adverse effects on them or shoud i just update them to he newer plastic kits Many thanks, Mad Larkin
  11. They are vinyl in mine I don't know about earlier versions. Thanks for the tip. Hope to get some pics up soo in WIP
  12. Building and creating a loaded dragon wagon, what colour is best for the tyres, prefer tamiya paint for this. Also building oob and in parts I will be able to post to Bahrain, to meet me at my next ship, to continue building and painting in an attempt to finish in 2 months
  13. I ned a sheman load for my dragon wagon project and i was looking at this kit for after the wagon is built weathered and dioramered up. will be following this build with great intrest, also could you pleaee tell where you made the mistake so the rest of us can learn. sorry for the cheekyness Mad
  14. Hi guys wuld like to pick your brains was wondering if anyon knows a sie where i can get hold of plans to scratch buil a RFA vessel in particular RFA Wave Knight, or RFA Argus. Btw RFA stands for Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  15. Thanks Richard, btw im Also a Richard
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