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Found 20 results

  1. Hello I'm new to this forum and I would like to post pictures from my build of Revell Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager 1:670. But first the introduction: My name is Lukas and I'm from Czech Republic {please excuse my English skill} . Decided to post here, in a UK forum, because I noticed that the community of sci-fi builders is much bigger here and in my domestic forums and also the overall attitude of the people here seems more welcoming where in CZ forums I was often surprised how toxic and offensive people can be. I'm building plastic models for a few years now, starting with planes then ships {historic and modern non-millitary} but last year i tried my first sci-fi builds {bandai SW} and found out that so far this is the area of plastic scale models which excited me most as i'm like huge sci-fi nerd Now to the build: By building this spaceship i'm basically fulfilling my child dream. As Star trek: Voyager was my favorite TV show and i always wanted to build the Voyager and have it for show on shelf. With this build I will be aiming for a fully lit version with heavy modifications as some of the details of this kit are not good i will try to recreate them as best as my skills allow me This also my first attempt to light the model, for that purpose I bought a lighting kit from Ebay. I will try to upload pictures of my progress regularly. Any suggestions and the tips along with some healthy critique will be most welcomed. Hope you like my work Lukas
  2. Morning all, and Happy New year.....a recent completed Bergepanther for the Panther GB. Here's the rest of the pics. Tools and other stowage to follow once they turn up....delayed due to lockdown ...Once here, I'll add and update the pics. Here's the build blog for those interested.... All the best Simon.
  3. Morning all.......kicking off another project after hitting a brickwall as regards all other projects, as they are at the painting stage .......needed to build something for a change. I've had this in the stash for some time and felt it needed some attention. I also picked up the voyage set, even though the kit itself come's with a really nice set of PE. Inside the box I have to say the sharpness of the moulding is excellent....really crisp and equal to Tamiya in all way's other than some location tab's etc, slightly oversized for the location hole.....but once you get some liquid on them they soften and with a push locate alright. Anyway....off to finish the front interior....maybe post it this afternoon. All the best Regards Simon.
  4. Evening all......need to build something, so I'm doing my first Tiger............ Picked this AFV one up and thought I'd give it a go. Also throwing in the specific Voyager upgrade and the ATAK Zimmerit. Not sure yet though, where and when and what unit. Still doing some reading. I need to then get a good few hours in walk around pic off the web fir any additional detail, welds etc. I think I might for the first time pick an actual vehicle in an image and follow it. I'll post that one I make my mind up....I have a feeling a tired old lady just before the end of line in April '45 Here's the items in question....if anyone wants me to pop up the actual spru's....I will if you need to see. From first glance, great sharp detail. Nice texture of the rolled steel on the turret side, but way too smooth on main hull plates. What's nice about this AFV is you get an aluminium barrel in the box.......and grill cover's. So I'll end up with some pares from the Voyager if I choose to use the AFV supplied. Here's the ATAK. Come's with all the smaller Zim components, up to the gun matel. Here's the Voyager update set. Pretty nice, and give's you all what you need to raise the bar on small parts. Anyway Gent's......off to do some research and build note.Hope to kick this off mid next week or sooner..... Simon.
  5. Morning all.....well, after that long gruelling build and paint job of the Bergepanther, I needed something to build. All that is waiting for completion in the TBD list's needs paint.....and I'm done with painting at present. So, the Mobelwagen......had this knocking around for some time and felt it looked like an interesting build and opportunity to do some scratch and PE upgrading. Here's the kit from Tamiya. It's a kit going back to 1999. The usual Tamiya moulding quality, and not too many parts....which is nice after the Panther GB and the Bergepanther. And here is the upgrade set by Voyager. So here goes......I'll post when I can.. all the best Simon.
  6. Evening all........about time I kicked off the GB blog. Here's where she began as a standard blog build......but ended up languishing in a draw.........so have taken the chance to have a deadline and get it done........ Managed to get some of the final units put together.....engine, transmission, side walls and floor.....and then started to tedious painting in stages during the build............this is where I've had to leave off until Thursday. The paint I'm using is a Hataka modulation set for German "Red Primer" AFV Panel Lighting. I have to say, very impressed with the paint itself....it airbrush's with no issue's and dry's to a beautiful finish. The set is supposed to start with a A100 Jet Black (RAL 9005)....but decided to skip it and went straight on with the A174 Brown Primer Shadow. Looking back and final finish, I wish I had used the Jet Black.......live and learn. It's the first "Red Primer" colour lay down I've done....so making notes. There's two choices in interior paint job after the Primer is down. The MIG Interior painting illustration has everything Dunkel Gelb....sponsons, and everything above 12 to 16" from the floor. Another is taken from an actual analysis of a Berge in Germany, and it has a smattering in the forward driver and radio crew positions.........have to see how masking can be done as I fancy the MIG one, to show up the chipping better. Anyway.....off to read some of the other blogs in the GB.....nite all.....
  7. Afternoon all. The time has arrived and the need to kick off the big build for 2020. All my remaining un-finished projects will be used to break up the long timeline on this new one. The beautifully moulded and detailed Takom Bergepanther Ausf A. by DEMAG This will also be the main star of my first diorama too. Not sure what the scene will be yet, so for now I'm going to start the build of the Panther. With it being a full interior one, the diorama may be a basic one to have a base to put affix it too with maybe another small vehicle and some figures. I might try and attempt also to build the actual wooden upper structure in wood to aid weathering and worn wood look in places. Have to see, and if feasible when I get that far. As if I don't have enough to do, I also have the Voyager PE set and a must for an Ausf A.......the ATAK Zimmerite........... I'll do my best to take pix as I go along, but it'll be a long slog ahead. Cheers......
  8. My latest build, the USS Voyager, it’s the Revell kit. I didn’t use a lighting kit, but some spare LEDs I had hanging around. What do you all think? And without the lights on.....
  9. Hello, I'd like to present USS Voyager from Revell - just after finish. Painted as always with Tamiya and Mr.Hobby. Wash by AK. Despite decaling errors I'm happy with result
  10. This build has been going on since February 2017, off and on, but it is finally finished. This is the Tamiya kit with some replacement parts such as main gun (Aber), MTG's, (RB Modls) turret hatch covers (Legend), tracks (Fruilmodel) and an awful lot of etched brass (Voyage). The WIP can be found here; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016511-tiran-5/&page=1 As always, thanks for looking and feel free to comment. John.
  11. Well, like buses, you wait for ages, and then two come along. In this case, it's T-55's, but mine is what the Israeli's did to the ones that they captured, namely the Tiran 5. A brief history. During the 67 and 73 wars, the Israelis captured hundreds of T-54s and T-55s from the Egyptians and the Syrians. Not being able to get their hands on the number of Centurions and M-48s that they wanted, the Israelis set about putting their war booty back into service, initially mainly unchanged. These were as follows; Tiran 1; Unmodified T-54. Tiran 2; Unmodified T-55. Tiran 3; Israeli designation for unmodified T-62. Tiran 4; T-54 with major modifications. Tiran 5: T-55 with major modifications. Tiran 4SH; Tiran 4 upgraded with a 105mm main gun and other items. Tiran 5SH; Tiran 5 upgraded with a 105mm main gun and other items. Tiran 6; Ex Syrian T-62's with 105mm main guns replacing the Russian 115mm. There's also the Ti-67, but that's another story. So actually, I suppose that this is really a Tiran 5SH. As well as the Tamiya kit......... ......I'm going to use the Aber replacement 105mm gun, RB Models 7.62mm and 12mm mg's, along with the Voyager etched brass set and the Legend set for the fuel tanks. Progress on this will initially be slow as I'm still finishing my M1 and I have a trip back to the UK coming up, but I like to have something started even when I'm still into a previous build, otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms!! John.
  12. Hi Everyone, This kit was started over 2 years ago and was one of the first kits that I built after starting to build models again. At the time I never painted a kit or applied decals so didn't complete the kit. I started working on this kit for painting last September and have finally completed it. I am really happy with the way this kit has come out and think that Voyager is one of my all time favourite builds. I have several more starships in my stash (1 of which needs completing, 1 needs the decals removing and repainting, and 2 that need to be started on). History of the Ship : The USS Voyager is an Intrepid class starship, launched in the year 2371 under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. During her first mission, the USS Voyager was abducted by an alien called the Caretaker and taken to the Delta Quadrant 70,000 light years from Earth. During 7 years in the Delta Quadrant, the Voyager encountered the Borg, the Hirogen, Kazon and lots of other species. After 7 years the ship returned to Earth via Borg transwarp conduit and is placed into drydock for refit before being involved in keys events including the Borg invasion and finally returning to the Delta Quadrant (using a Starfleet slipstream drive) to explore. Anyway here are the photos of the finished kit with the Warp Nacelles in Impulse position : Anyway here are the photos of the finished kit with the Warp Nacelles in Warp Drive position : Thanks for looking everyone and as Mr Scott (Simon Pegg) says at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness : She's ready for a long journey. Now onto the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E to get that one finished before starting anymore builds. Cheers, Rick
  13. As the paint schemes for the Enterprise E and the Voyager are very similar, I will be working on both projects at the same time. The ship is fully assembled and ready for hull painting to begin. The display stand is painted in a mix of Revell aqua colour Silver and Tamiya acrylic Gold. Progress photos to follow.
  14. Just seen this on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26157641 Do we ask the museums for the VC-10's back?
  15. HI,the sounds of space,the movies were wrong then, you can hear a scream in space? http://o.canada.com/2013/09/12/nasas-voyager-1-captures-the-sound-of-interstellar-space/ its probably the sound of voyager,being dragged on board a passing salvage vessel,oooh look its got directions on it? cheers Don its just rehashed old news though? or http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57602744-1/nasas-voyager-sends-back-freaky-sound-of-interstellar-space/
  16. RAF Voyager Aircraft, pics thanks to Jonathan Morgan See our Airbus A330 Walkaround here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234920319-airbus-a330/
  17. Hi,just picked up jul issue,and blow me down with one waft of a feather,theres a very nice 5 page build article on the Hasegawa,s voyager space probe,plus using the aftermarket magnetometer boom in P.E. made by LVM studio,s.So if your planning on building this nice model,of mans furthest venture into space,get your self a copy,as it seems to cover all the builds,bases.And even if your not building yet,it would be worth putting away with the kit,for future reference?....enjoy,apart from that,its all that armour stuff,and spitfires,whatever they are? I LIED,there is also an intresting article on how Airfix,go about designing,and manufacturing a new kit.......cheers Don
  18. Hi,tv tonight another chance to see the doc of voyager and its journey..BBC 4 9.00-10.00 enjoy,Don Dont forget, channel 38 Quest,part 2 of the search for Liberty bell 7......enjoy
  19. Unmanned space probe VOYAGER 1:48 Hasegawa The Mission The Voyager space probe program was initiated to send two unmanned space probes into deep space with the intention of conducting near-passes of the giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Their mission (referred to as the Grand Tour) was to obtain images and data of those planets and transmit the information back to Earth for analysis and was planned to last approximately 5 years. This was no mean feat as the planets were millions of miles away from Earth; with Jupiter approx 550 million miles, Saturn almost 1 billion, Uranus 2 billion and Neptune 3 billion miles distant. No existing craft, or fuel systems, had ever been invented that could travel these enormous distances however the theory, that these craft could use the gravity of those planets as slingshots to propel them into deeper space, had been identified in 1961 by the mathematician Michael Minovich. This theory became known as Gravity Assist. The concept and design for this was developed during the 1960's and 70's with the missions eventually being approved in 1972; the scope being to make close-by passes of those four major planets and, if possible, their moon(s). Calculations had identified that all these planets would be optimally aligned in 1977 and a planned launch window was proposed for that year. This launch window was very narrow, when these planets could all be reached in one single mission, as the next window would not be for another 176 years! The two probes were named Voyager 1 and 2, with Voyager 2 being launched August 1977 followed by Voyager 1 in September. Both Voyagers carried out identical missions for the first phases (Jupiter 1979 and Saturn 1981) however it was decided that Voyager 1 should detour to take images and readings of Saturn’s moon Titan. This caused the trajectory of Voyager 1 to be off the eliptic path and thereby making it unable to make further gravity assists. This meant that, once it had completed its fly-by, Voyager 1 would continue on into deeper space, unable to return to the original planned track. Voyager 2 continued on the planned mission, encountering Uranus in 1986 and eventually Neptune in 1989. Although the mission was to identify and record the composition and structure of the planets etc., the mission planners also arranged for the craft to carry gold disks, containing images, music and messages; just in case they encountered intelligent extraterrestrial life out in space. The completion of the survey of Neptune marked the official end of the extremely successful Grand Tour mission, however both craft continued sending back data and so NASA approved an extended program, titled the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM), in 1991 with the objective to extend NASA’s exploration of the solar system to the limits of the heliosphere and possibly beyond; depending on how long the power will last and until communications with these craft eventually fails. Now, 35 years after their respective launches, both Voyagers are about to reach the heliosphere. This is the distance where the outer solar system is believed to start. If the power and communications continue to be received then it is hoped the Voyagers will be able to send data which will indicate they have reached the heliopause boundary (where the solar wind meets the interstellar medium). Nobody knows exactly where this boundary is, although scientists think the craft will get there in the next few years and it is hoped that measurement data being transmitted back will provide information on where that boundary actually is, in relation to the distance from the Sun. The Kit This is an injection moulded plastic kit, produced as part of Hasegawa's Science World series, and it comes in a sturdy lid and base type box with an image of the Voyager on the box lid. The contents of the box consists of 3 main sprues, 2 black and 1 white plastic, which contain most of the kit body and components. Additional to these is small display base, produced in a clear blue plastic and a short rigid wire which forms the vertical stand. There is a further sprue containing a representation of the gold disk carried on the missions; plus a rather weird alien figure which, at just under 1 scale inch, makes the figure about 3ft 6in tall in 1:48 scale! Sprue A (black) mainly constitutes components for the base of the craft comprising the Bus Housing Electronics assembly and Housing Mast assembly. The detail looks nice and crisp with no sign of flash. Any ejector pin marks appear to be on the insides of the parts and would be hidden from view when the model has been completed. Sprue B (black) contains the remaining components to make up the Meter Unit Mast; High and Low Field Magnetometer assemblies and also smaller electrical components. All the parts are clearly numbered on the sprues for matching up with the build process outlined in the instruction sheet. Sprue C (white) contains the parts to make up the High Gain Antenna assembly including the large dish antenna and receiver elements. Transparant blue plastic base Conclusion The kit looks to be a fairly simple construction and, with a little time spent on getting a nice paint finish, this look good in any display cabinet or on a desk. There are no decals supplied with the kit and, after checking various images on the web, I can't see if there were any markings on the actual craft. Although this kit is a fine model in itself, the antenna gantry is constructed from a solid piece of plastic ( as are most gantries in plastic kits) and this element could be greatly enhanced by using LVM-Studios Photo-Etched magnetometer and instrument boom. This is a timely release for the Voyager kit as the real craft are currently in the news, as they are due to leave our known solar system any time now, after 35 years of exploration in deep space. Review sample courtesy of UK distributors for
  20. Hi,just seen on the hannants list.. Eduard are doing a 1/48 detailing set for the has kit voyager,the ed set is Ed48761,dont know what it contains yet,but it says its available feb/13,..at this rate with LVM,s boom,this set,though i dont know what it is yet,might as well make it all in brass? cheers Don
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