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  1. Hello Guys Uploading some pictures of small progress what i made recently. There haven't been much time lately but i always considered this build to be a 'long-term' I decide sand off original detail and replaced it with mine on both nacelles Grills on both pylons have been drilled out I have also done light-blocking and all parts. First few layers of black color and atop gloss white color I'am preparing for first step of LED installing starting from nacelles and work my way to whole rear
  2. Hello Guys Thank you for warm welcome and kind words. Voyager its my beloved ship from childhood, although this project will be really long run I'm enjoying it greatly. I made some small progress on rear part of engineering section of the ship. PE parts are on the place and also drill holes for navigation, port and starboard beacons which I probably solve by using 1mm fiber optic. Original details before sanding them off PE parts on place, plastic suffered some damage during sanding, i have to use putty to rectify that. D
  3. Thank you guys, its a first time I'm working with PE parts and first time I will be first time trying to lit up the model. So fingers crossed it will come out good
  4. Hello Details on bottom of engineering section has been recreated, had to replace R2 head for warp core for another droid head of same scale as the original was get damaged during process ( that's now 2 SW droids decapitated for this project) It is popping up a little bit, but I decide that I like actually. Here i also decide to sanded off and recreate another details of upper par of engineering section as original details were just not good on my piece.
  5. Hello Raised 'details' from original Revell parts were sanded off as they didnt look good at all. Also applying some putty to fill the seams and repair some damage : New parts cut from plastic sheet and prepared. Only suitable part what i had available for replacement of warp core was head of R2-D2 from old bandai kit, so there will be some SW mark on this ship
  6. Thank you very much good Sir Masking it like that was real pain but i'm hopping it will look good once deflector will be lit. I'm also thinning about sanding down a bit of back of the dish in order to disperse light from LED better and avoiding hot spots.
  7. Details on bottom of engineering section will be completely sanded off and recreated
  8. Hello I'm new to this forum and I would like to post pictures from my build of Revell Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager 1:670. But first the introduction: My name is Lukas and I'm from Czech Republic {please excuse my English skill} . Decided to post here, in a UK forum, because I noticed that the community of sci-fi builders is much bigger here and in my domestic forums and also the overall attitude of the people here seems more welcoming where in CZ forums I was often surprised how toxic and offensive people can be. I'm building plastic models for a few years now, s
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