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  1. I got this kit from and collegue at work who said he will not get it build, but maybe I could find the time. Well now it is the time for this old kit! I've build a few Mustang, but all in 1/48 scale so I guess that won't help me much. I'll be building it straight OOB, and my plan is to do it as a "fast" build, since I've have another kit waiting for me as well Anyways, here a some pictures: The box The sprues - which looks like they'll need some filing and sanding The instructions and the decals. They look good, hopefully the will work fine
  2. Despite having multiple builds on the bench, most of them are now at the painting stage - time to crack open a new one! After checking GB eligibility with @Brad, I am throwing my hat into the ring with the 1/48 Airfix TSR-2. I've heard it will need some fettling along the way, but I've had plenty of practice with that particular skill recently... I bought it off eBay last month and it reeked of cigarette smoke, so the box was chucked away without delay. Here's a picture from the instruction sheet: It's a big model - look at the length of the fuselage! I'm hoping this will build into an impressive model to join my other 1/48 British jets. This one will be strictly OOB, to see what I can achieve solely with Airfix's kit. I will post some photos soon, once construction gets underway!
  3. I know I should really finish one of the five models currently on my workbench, but I felt compelled to start another one...! This will be a very straightforward build, almost completely OOB with only minor improvements to the kit offering. Talking of which, I know there are various inaccuracies with this kit, but I'm just planning a simple build - no rivet counting on this one! There are some very talented modellers on this website who have already done wonderful things with the various Airfix Canberra kits - I cannot compete with that degree of commitment so I'm just having some fun with this one! To start, here's the box: A £14.99 bargain from Modelzone, many years ago! This is the scheme I will build, a 213 Squadron B(I)6, based at Bruggen in 1969: From other threads, I know this model can be a tail-sitter. The instructions recommend 100g of nose ballast! That seems excessive (I really hope I don't regret saying that) and I have settled on about 75g of rolled up lead on top of the bomb bay, held in place with silicon: The cockpit interior was painted dark grey. I think once it's closed up it will look pretty black. I have also picked out the details on the axe, just in case it can be seen: Work on the cockpit was basic - I suspect the rear two seats will be almost impossible to see once the fuselage is closed up. Here's the current progress: Ejection seat handles were roughly fashioned from a paper clip. Here's the other side, which will be more visible through the open cockpit door: I applied some dry-brushed aluminium to this side, as it might just be seen through the door! This was then glued into position: I intend to close the fuselage up tonight and start the wings.
  4. I received my new 1/72 Airfix Vulcan yesterday and despite having an overflowing workbench, I just couldn’t resist having a look! As is traditional, I’ll start with a shot of the box. It’s big - note the 12” ruler along the side: To be honest, the box could probably have been smaller as the largest sections are the wings, which are half the size of the box… I guess Airfix were aiming for as large a presence as possible when stacked on a shelf! The scheme options are all white, or white undersides with camouflage on top. I will go with the latter: I already have the old kit in a similar scheme: I would have liked to do the new model in wraparound camouflage, but it was not an option and I’m planning to make this one OOB, to see what can be achieved with the basic Airfix offering. Time to look inside! Every sprue is wrapped in plastic, presumably to protect the plastic from scratching. The first sprue has the tail fin, control surfaces and engine plates: Once the bags are opened, some very crisp plastic is inside. Here’s the nose, cockpit and bomb load: And a close up of some of the pieces: The construction is completely different from the old kit. You build the nose and tail sections and then attach them to the central wing section. There are no large pieces in the kit, hence my comments about the size of the box. Here are the wing top sides: Note the housing for the air brakes. The wing top side in more detail: I’ve never noticed those protrusions on the wing before. The panel lines look a little large, so I will probably end up filling these. Here’s the underside: You can see the nose gear bay is moulded asymmetrically. The detail is again very crisp: This is the largest sprue: And again some more detail: All very nicely detailed, which bodes well for OOB! The last major sprue shows the spars - this should be strong: Some lovely detail for the bomb bay and undercarriage bays too. The intakes look far better than the old kit, which is a relief! Finally the transparencies: This looks to be a great kit and I am looking forward to seeing this one come together.
  5. My weapon of choice. I quite like the kit scheme so may well be completely oob. Unless of course I fid something more interesting.
  6. As my workbench is getting empty again, I have decided to start a new kit and build another model of an aircraft I have flown. This time it is the turn of the ATR-72, which was the first aircraft I flew when I became an airline pilot for Cityflyer back in 2000. This kit will be my first foray into the world of resin, which is a completely new material for me to work with. All I really know is don't inhale the dust - is there anything else important I should know?! The kit is the 1/144 offering from F-RSIN. Here's the obligatory box shot: The contents inside look a little sparse - decals, fuselage, wings, flap fairings, tailplanes, engine nacelles, propellor sections and undercarriage components: I'm hoping this one will go together quite quickly! At some point in the past I have applied some filler to the fuselage, which is dotted with minor pinholes - apart from that, the kit is untouched. My first job will be removing and cleaning all the components, followed by filling and sanding.
  7. I’ll probably keep the kit scheme on the Academy, going to have to find something interesting for the LS. I’ll start chipping away but I reckon I won’t really get going properly till I’ve got my two F16s done.
  8. So I hear you say, zut alors, quell idiot ( pardon my French) how can a German plane designed by a Dutchman even qualify for this GB, well it can if it’s been captured and repainted. Now I said I wouldn’t start any new projects until I had a few less 109s on the bench, but I received the kit the other day from a fellow modeller who has sadly had to give up the hobby owing to declining eyesight. So I thought I’d start it and that to do justice to the build I would also try to ‘superdetail’ the engine and interior. With this as my guide.. I also have a Dragon 1/48 kit started so I may progress this as no copy the detail. So next step is to (possibly) fabricate an interior frame from .5 mm brass…
  9. The other builds A legion Condor E-3 Airfix with a new canopy A 109 E-3 from III/JG 53 Battle of Britain during the period where Goering ordered them to paint out the Pik Aus badge so they painted out their swastikas in protest. Airfix oob Finnish G6 Oob italeri Swiss G6 oob italeri Hungarian G6 oob probably the Hasegawa Italian G6 as probably the Heller K4 with minor modifications Yugoslavian G10 Revell oob Croatian G10 Revell oob Another Yugoslavian G10 Revell oob. if my AVIAs arrive within the GB I’ll post them here too ( not holding my breath in them ) Have to post some sprue shots next.
  10. I’m thinking I’ll save the Yf24 for the prototypes gb (if it happens) but I think I’ll start with the Su-47 as imho the quirkiest one there, then maybe a Typhoon next.
  11. My first build for the GB this cute little monoplane. Sprues. I’ll probably stick to the kit Russian scheme. Next up will be one or more of these once I make a bit more space on the WIP shelf
  12. I'll be joining with a 'speed build' of the Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knight. It will be completely OOB. I was just finished with construction of Tamiya F16 when I saw this group build, and thought, well, I need something to do and a reason to finish something from my stash, so... two F16s in a row it will be. After quite a hiatus building models, as well as acquiring them, I seem to have got my mojo back having just finished a X-47B. What I have decided is that while I do enjoy building models, I particularly enjoy finishing them, and like to do the painting and decaling most of all. At the end of the day I put them in my cabinet, and all I need is for them to look good in there. I've therefore decided to only focus on what I see as 'value added' tasks which mean the plane looks good enough on the shelf. So for example, basic cockpit colours are done with a drybrush and black wash. No primer on these small areas. Wheel wells will be also basic colour with a light wash and nothing more. Final finish particularly on top will still follow a standard procedure so the main paint job looks good. I will do this approach for a few kits to thin out the stash, then perhaps pick one to do as a more detailed model. A big help to build this fast will be the lack of weapons and even pylons. A big hindrance is the fact I cannot airbrush at home any more, I don't have a spraybooth, and outside is Dubai summer, 40deg + during the day, and early mornings 99% humidity. Lucky the local hobby shop here has some fantastic spraybooths which can be rented for about 2USD per hour Including compressor and a few tools and alligator clips etc. I hope to finish the basic construction this first weekend and prime and maybe paint next weekend. However, I do have a lot of other models requiring a prime job, so it may just be a priming weekend. Let's see! I did live in Singapore before and certainly saw these aircraft during National Day celebrations. They have a very impressive colour scheme, and I actually acquired this kit in Singapore at a local hobby shop there. My only real concern is going to be getting the white of the paint to match the stars and moon decals, and I'm also worried about the red showing through on the white decals. Any hints or pointers regarding this would be most appreciated. Good luck everyone with your builds and I look forward to following what you all are doing.
  13. Hello all. This will be my second contribution to the 'Less than a Tenner' Group Build. It is the recent red-box issue of the somewhat ancient Albatros DVa (it is as old as me - we were both born the same year!). Quite a few years, my wife and I had a day out in Oxford, and, as you do, I found a 'model shop' in Boswells, and snapped this up for £5 as a memento of our fabulous day out. Jane then promptly snapped it out of my hands and put it away and I got given it back that Christmas. There is not a lot of parts to the kit, which are in a grey plastic (unlike my bagged version which is in pale blue plastic). Surprisingly at first glance there is not much flash, but plenty of stuff that need doing (see the ejection pin marks on the upper wing surface? - why did they do that?) The transfer sheet looks very well printed, and there are not many stencils on this - yippee! This model has two marking options: The one which really took my fancy was the one with the wooden varnished ply finish and the red nose, but that is Manfred Von Richthofen's machine, and he gets too many of his planes built, so I will go for this one instead: This one looks nicely different, with a black fuselage, duck egg blue undersides, and a camouflaged pair of wing and tailplane upper surfaces. And that flag looks fun too. I will have to do some research to find out if I can learn anything about the pilot. I say that this will be OOB, but the question is, will I succumb to adding an extra detail or two or not? - Please bear in mind that the guns are, how shall I put it? - interesting. Find out in the next thrilling episode! All the best, Ray
  14. This is the kit, it’ll be oob as much as possible. Sprues. There’s a nice decal sheet but that’s gone straight to the decal box as I won’t be using it. This is the scheme. Although I think it should be khaki not PC10.
  15. My head says the Smer ( as it’s by far the better kit), my heart says a nice austro Hungarian oeffag but not the box scheme, I’ve built one of the DIIIs before so nice bitten twice shy, and I’ll probably build the monoplane anyway. I think I’ll sleep on it…
  16. This will be my second entry to the group build. It’s a very simple but nice kit only one sprue and a decal sheet so will probably go together very easily. More to follow.
  17. My entry from the 'Africa' GB - the 1/48 Airfix Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.II. The build thread is here if you want to see it coming together. Completely OOB, except for some Tamiya tape seat belts. A fun build and a chance to use my sand weathering wash! Here are the pictures: My one issue during this build was the opacity of the paint on the canopy - it is the same colour as the fuselage, but light was seeping through I and making it look pale. I added some thinned dark brown paint, but could not quite match the colour on the airframe... As ever, comments and criticism welcomed!
  18. A little late getting started on this GB - I'm still finishing my 'Interceptor' and 'Heller' GB entries ATM! However, I couldn't resist this one and will be joining in with this kit: As soon as my workbench is a little emptier I will get started!
  19. The Airfix 1/72 Fairey swordfish pretty much oob, a nice kit, builds up well but a bit tricky overall. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235088996-another-stringbag/
  20. Notwithstanding some kits earmarked for GBs this is the last of the 1/72 aircraft on the stash, it’s also a fairly complex build and I have to admit although I’ve tried to build one in the past I don’t ever remember completing one. So for that reason I’m starting a new thread instead of adding it to my stash clearance one. An interesting fact I always thought the nickname was an allusion to the amount of rigging wires on the Swordfish however it isn’t. It’s a reference to the versatility of the plane that it was as useful as a stringbag. Still to decide on a colour scheme but it definitely won’t be the one that torpedoed the Bismarck might even stick with the kit scheme as everyone seems to do wartime camo builds.
  21. I am entering this GB with the 1/48 Airfix Lightning F.2A - here's the obligatory box shot: It is completely untouched and will remain that way for a while - I've too many kits on the go at the moment and need to finish a couple before embarking on this one! Hopefully it won't be long before it’s underway...
  22. Here's one of my entries over on the current ANZAC GB on which you can have a look at the WIP. This is from the double boxing, with a Proctor, I got for almost the same price as a single kit on the 'net. A nicely detailed kit let down by poor instructions, it isn't what you would call a simple build. Lots of clean-up of mould lines and test fitting. The cockpit floor and bulkheads need careful placement, I put those together into one half of the fuselage before adding the seats etc. The other main problem was the five-part glazing which needed filing and constant test fitting. There is a lot of PE which I mostly discarded, I only used the cockpit dashboard shelf and the pitot tube assembly! Despite usually using an airbrush these days, with the ease of use and clean-up of water-based Acrylics, I decided to give using a Hairy Stick for a change, with Xtracrylics for the uppers and Vallejo ModelAir RLM 65 for the Sky Blue. The kit decals settled easily using Humbrol Decalfix on the Gloss finish of the upper colours, I used 'Klear' for the matt lower colour. Final Matt finish was done airbrushing Vallejo Acrylic Matt Varnish. Comments and criticism welcome. Davey.
  23. This one was finished in the recent 'KUTA XIII' GB but I've only just got around to posting an RFI... The latter stages of the build are here if you want to see it coming together. Work on this model began years ago, long before I joined BM, so the early stages were not recorded. You won't miss much, as it was built to a very basic standard! Normally I would ask for critique on a model, but not this time! This one is full of silly mistakes and areas that could have been built better. Even my recent work, which really should have been to a higher standard, was frequently jinxed by problems. Eventually I lost interest and just wanted to get it finished - my mojo was gone... It is a large beast - the following photos were taken on a standard 18" patio slab and it filled that entirely! Hope you like it and please do not be too harsh with your comments!
  24. I started this one a few years ago, after picking it up from a Debenham's sale for about £30. Here's the obligatory box top shot: Progress stalled for some reason - I think I was getting fed up with all the filling and sanding! Here's the current state of play: It's a big beast - I think it's a Series 18 kit... I'm not sure if Airfix produced anything bigger than this one? Despite the size, the build standard is not as high as it could be (my techniques have improved quite a bit in the past two years!) I will try to improve the model over the next three months wherever possible, to get it looking more respectable.
  25. Airfix 1/72 Folland Gnat in Vietnam war flight colours.
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