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  1. Have a break. Have a Kit-Kat. Just looked up bombers around in 1940. Heather, there were lots of them. Are you just going to pick three or four? What about a Heyford?
  2. There are some really good photos of ships, some close up and clear. I am going through and scanning at 1200ppi the best examples. The photos that rock my boat (pun intended) are some shots of Fairey Flycatchers and FIIID/Fs. I need to discuss with the owner before plastering these on the internet, though that is certainly the goal.
  3. Thank you, Gentlemen. Quite the international affair!
  4. It was news to him, he has gone off to “ask some questions of his aunties”. Attached are three more extracts from a picture of Naval units passing Constantinople around the time of the Chanak crisis of 1922. Or at least that is the family tradition. Number 1 shows what I think is a light cruiser followed by three heavy Hawkins class cruisers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ta3v-E1EFsxc9r2ZUtGiGuZhBhGZ7D3f/view?usp=share_link Number 2 shows another light cruiser and what I would ignorantly call a dreadnaughty type thing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j3rl5a1ZRN_tYebqoB9woGm-MSscJO5E/view?usp=share_link Number 3 shows some ships moored at right angles to shore. First one is a (nice looking) destroyer, but the rest look to be commercial or maybe support. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VE294vQmkrJZ0sTzWRy8qO-VHW7SBlJt/view?usp=share_link I know a bit about aeroplanes but am a numpty when it comes to ships, so any pointers would be appreciated. Would Chanak fit?
  5. Thank you Our Ned. And Arnold. I have not heard back from the owner yet, which makes me think that this is all news to him. Isnt it odd how war resonates down the generations.
  6. Hi It does not look similar - it is exactly the same picture! Here is a scan of the print with a higher resolution. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vVFBVCRJlcsp6DhQuGB6H3mEcaRZ4dFK/view?usp=share_link (4 megs) It is the first picture in the album. I wonder if his father was on that ship when it went down. I am off to ask the owner. Many thanks PFN!
  7. Hi, I have been lucky enough to have been lent a photo album which will be of interest if I am allowed to post. (Later!) In the meantime, can anyone tell me what this ship is? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dv0L2emHp5HmpgJJ5_RzIeG4sdoBNSaR/view?usp=share_link Photo album started on Benbow in the Med and went onto Hermes in China Station. This photo at start of album so probably early to mid 1920s. Many thanks
  8. As you may have gathered this build sat on the shelf of shame for a while. Watching AliGauld’s meteor build has pricked my conscience into moving ahead with my build and with so many good modellers on this site, it is difficult no to learn. Still not finished the build, but have progressed and have found soooo many things I am doing wrong. Large image Large image Large image Large image Large image In no particular order. That tail is still wonky. I tried to fix it, but gave up as it involve drastic surgery. It is not only the tail that is wonky, but I think the main wings are very slightly out. Not really the kit’s fault, although more positive locating points may help noobs like me. You can see how far I have messed up on the underside at the wing / fuselage joins. The wheels are not great either, but baring in mind the above wonkyness, this aircraft needs built up shoes to start with. My paintwork is full of dust. Being nearly 60, my constituent parts are H2O, beer, dust, some tough old rubbery bits and calcium. My desk is in my bedroom. I am just going to have to try to keep the area cleaner. I was also thinking of making a work station with a lid out of ply, which may help. And yes, I have broken off the blo*dy pitot tube. I think I should start using brass tube or rod for these things as well as machine guns, aerials etc. Oh, and the colours are too dark. Scale colours are lighter and exposure to weather and wear etc, etc. Yes, it is Humbrol 30. Soz. There was something else, but I have gone through a doorway and my memory hasn't rebooted yet. I have invested in a cheap LED lamp from the bargain bucket at Lidl/Aldi(?) which has helped a lot. I have also bought an Optivisor type thing which is also helping enormously and gives the wife something to laugh about. Someone (maybe Troy?) recommended a company selling sanding sponge offcuts by the bagload. Excellent value! I am going to start taking more time getting a good surface (paint and joints) as far as my patience will allow. I am not going to worry too much about the Meteor, as it is going to sit on an open shelf at my Dad’s place. Which is why it is more glossy than it should be – easier to dust. I have to finish this off in the next few days as it needs to go to it’s new, even dustier home. I hope this pigs ear inspires some one to open a box from the stash and have a bash.
  9. Thanks for that, will take your advice. Making the exhasts from wire is probably a good shout as the resin ones supplied look as if they woul snap if I look at them sideways. Wait until I make the thing before calling it a fantastic project! Yes I had found that Greg, but I am not able to start a new topic in that forum. Perhaps because I am a newbie?
  10. This is almost certainly not the right place to post this since I have not started the build, but not sure where else to put it. Planning making a 1/48 Armory Flycatcher. Which is way above my paygrade! What is the best wire to use for suggested 0.2mm pushrods? Brass? Was going to have a go at adding 0.2mm lead wire as ignition leads. Should I go 0.3mm to differenciate between the two? Kit instructions also suggests 0.65mm styrene for struts. Thinking Brass? Not an easy kit, I know. But have a friend who's Grandfather flew them, so will have a go. Advice gratefully accepted.
  11. Put them on here! From what I have seen on here, there are very few trolls. Act as guardian angel and you could teach them about internet safety and they can have fun demolishing some cheap kits. I have an old 1/12 Tamiya F1 Honda in the (very small) stash that I was thinking about doing in pink. I know, right. Blasphemy. Get the lad to do a Warthog with twice the amount of bombs/rockets/lasers possible. Get the lass to do a pink Spitfire. I will do a pink Honda. P.S. I mostly made the Airfix A4. It went in the bin.
  12. Well I Googled it Duckduck goed it and you are quite right IPMS19. It wasnt some Norman aristocrat. The French graffitti at Dover was left by POWs during the Napolionic wars. So only a couple of hundred years old. So how is the big French triangle going?
  13. If you ever get the chance to go to Dover castle (UK), have a look at the graffitti carved into the stonework. Some of it is in French.
  14. Wow! Stunning work. Is that a camo scheme, or an acid trip?
  15. A Javelin in 1/48 is a lot of plastic. Like the extra thin cement holder.
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