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  1. Here is my RFI of the Moebius 1/25 scale 1961 Pontiac Ventura. This is my forth Moebius car kit and, unlike the previous three which fell together ('55 Chrysler 300, '54 Hudson couple and '65 Plymouth), this one exhibited some pretty challenging fit issues on the front bumper and both front and rear windscreens. The rear window upper frame is still not quite flush with the roof but I'm afraid I'll ruin the paint if I tried to do any additional tuning (I'm still learning the fine art of knowing when to stop particularly near the end of a build). Despite these challenges, this was a fun one to
  2. Time to live up to my namesake of Models "and Monsters". Years ago I got this kit but I told myself i'd never even attempt it until I learned to airbrush and get good at it. I feel that time has finally come. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays and since I won't get to do jack poo-poo this year I might as well spend the month of October unearthing this figure from it's native soil. This is Moebius' Bela Lugosi Dracula in 1/8 scale.
  3. Happy Halloween. My 1/8 scale Dracula by Moebius has risen from the unholy plastic that laid within it's earth box and molded into the undead creature of the night. What music they make.
  4. He's right behind the door. The unholy creature of the night will rise on Halloween.
  5. 10 days remaining till Halloween, thankfully i'm "ahead" of schedule.
  6. I've been meaning to get into this group build for a while, but coming up with a kit took some doing - a lot of the more memorable kits I built in my youth are quite rare and expensive these days (Airfix Saturn IB and Boy Scout spring to mind, as do a lot of Aurora kits). I knew I had this kit, but it was in my secondary stash in my mum's loft, and I've only been able to retrieve it recently due to the lockdown. Back in 1973, when I was 9 or 10 years old, I built a lot of the Aurora glow-in-the-dark monster kits, missing just King Kong and Godzilla. For some reason I remember they
  7. This is finally here, I have been waiting for this GB for a while now as it gives me a chance to build a few models I have been waiting to build. This was actually the last one I acquired but one I had had my eyes on for a while. This is a simple but nicely moulded model which is also available from Revell. There is a place in the states where you can get this model and the PE bit for cheaper then the model on eBay (actually the model was cheaper than any of the Retells ones on evilBay!). They even give you a choice of
  8. I'd like to introduce my Galactica. Moebius, Paragrafix PE's, a few Shapeways parts, a lot of scratch, additional Greeblies and lights. Normally I build historical ship models out of materials like pear, boxwood or something like that but SciFy was always my 2nd passion and so I took a break from wood and learned to work a little plastic. The Galactica is my first "real" plastic model and my first airbrush, fiberglass, decals, etched parts experience.
  9. Moebius 1/32 BSG raider with a Tyridium Models lighting kit. Painted mostly with Tamiya rattlecans and a bit of artistic license.
  10. I think this is finished now. OOB with additional Eduard seatbelts from their 1/32 BAe Hawk (T Mk53 iirc). airbrushed with a mix of Humbrol, Revell and Tamiya acrylics thanks for looking, hope you like it
  11. TOS Cylon Raider Battlestar Galactica 1:32 Moebius Models Battlestar Galactica first aired in September 1978 and at the time was one of the most spectacular television programmes produced. It was created by Glen A Larson, based on an idea he had in the 60s for a show called Ark, however it was not until the success of Star Wars in 1977 that interest in the show developed. BSG is about the fight between two races, the Humans and the Cylons, the Cylons are robots built by the humans that have rebelled and formed a race in their own right. The humans have split in to 12
  12. Moebius 1:6 Cylon Centurion, built straight OOB
  13. Batmobile Batman v Superman 1:25 Moebius Models There have been a number of Batman reboots since the original Adam West series of the 1960s. The latest reboot pitches Batman against Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and like all the reboots the caped crusader has a Batmobile! This version has a style of its own but with a slight nod to previous versions, particularly the Tumbler car from the Dark Knight films. The Batmobile is a self-propelled armoured vehicle fitted with an array of weaponry and one or two non-standard extras! BvS Batmobile was designed b
  14. My first plane model. I m a Battlestar galactica fanatic, some kits are waiting in my stock but this is my first try for plane modeling...
  15. I decided to drag out of my stash this old kit that I had for 15 years, I thought it was about time to give it its sea trials. I've used fibre optics to light the rear fins and sail and some smds for the bow lighting and 1 red led for the interior lighting. I added a floor for the decking and some old photo etch on the walls that is just about visible through the tiny windows. I tried to build the diorama as close to the screen capture from the original 17 foot model. I hope you enjoy the Voyage.
  16. This diorama was based on the first action that the tumbler was seen in from the first movie of the trilogy Batman Begins where the tumbler is driven over the Gotham police car with commissioner Gordon gasping "I gotta get me one of those!". I started this 3 kit diorama last August but stopped working on it over the winter mainly because I had to work out how to pass all of the wires from the tumbler through the back window of the police car into the base to be powered up for lighting. I eventually got round to finishing it two months ago, you can see the clip from the movie at the bottom of t
  17. Model: Moebius Models Iron Man Mk. VI (0922) Scale: 1:8 Hey guys! Finished this earlier in the year but only now getting around to posting it. I enjoyed the build over all but the seams were a killer!! I'm happy with the result after all the pain though Any questions just fire away! Thanks for looking! Vinny
  18. New Moebius Kits Now In Stock A-MMK901 - Moebius 1:24 - Lost In Space 'Space Pod' Plastic Model Kit A-MMK913 - Moebius - Jupiter 2 A-MMK920 - Moebius 1:25 - Batman Dark Knight Pod A-MMK965 - Moebius The Derelict - From Lost In Space Visit our website for more information. www.creativemodels.co.uk Keep upto date with us on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook...ativeModelsLtd/
  19. I bought this a couple of years ago and have wanted an excuse to dig it out of the stash for a while. I'm going to be building it as an operational combat variant in camouflage with lighting. There's some nice detail on the base. The main torso parts came in a poly bag already off the sprue, I popped them together to give a better idea of the size.
  20. Hi folks, Our club is running its annual Build-the-Same-Kit competition and one of the nominated models was the BSG Viper. Luckily we got enough votes and there are now four of us building them. I was going to do the new Mk. 1, but I found a cheap Mk. 2 so I thought I might try and build both. So far I've washed the sprues (long soak in warm soapy water, then clean with a toothbrush and rinse) since they felt greasy. They still feel not quite right, so I think I might give the sub-assemblies another wash before priming. I've done a tape-assisted dry-fit of both kits, and the difference
  21. Is there any inbox reviews of these knocking about? I have a set inbound just wondering how they are vs the 1/32 kit.
  22. A new kit for BSG fans: 1/72 Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark II (2pcs) by Moebius released last month dual-combo and not cheap: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10303793 http://www.hlj.com/product/MOE957/Sci i finally found sprue pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.790136324395866.1073742146.374587389284097&type=3 edit: preorders: 1/72 BSG Cylon Raider (2 pack) 1/72 BSG Viper MKVII (2 pack) BSG SD Viper MKII - super deformed EGG version
  23. Recently completed Moebius Cylon Raider. It has been at various shows with me on my trade stand taped together so I decided it really should get a coat of paint to show the kit and lighting off to better effect. Painted using Alclad grey primer followed by Alclad Aluminium and Gun Metal, weathered slightly with Mig powders. I have a video showing the scanning optical sensor in its full glory, will post later as its on a different PC. Comments always welcome. Cheers, Warren
  24. Hi Everyone, Here is one of my next projects : Moebius Models Iron Man Mark III I will be painting this kit with Tamiya Acrylic paints : Clear Red, Titanium Silver, Gold and Metallic Grey for the display stand Anyway here are the photos of the sprues. As you can see this kit has been primed already with Humbrol primer. I did this a few months ago when I was working on my Redbull RB8 kit. Progress photos once I have done some work on the kit. Cheers, Rick
  25. Hi Everyone, Here is my most recent finished model. I have painted this kit in Tamiya acrylic paints : Clear Red for the main colour, Chrome Silver for the suit's base colour, arc reactor and repulsors, and Metallic Grey for the display stand. Anyway here are the photos: I hope to be able to work on the Iron Patriot kit as soon as I get some repairs made to the display stand. Comments welcome. Rick
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