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  1. Glad you like it Beefy! And thanks for the likes Some more Images cheers Dirk
  2. Thanks for the likes & comments guys, I appreciate A few more pictures I use this little photobox and usually an iPhone. The following pictures were taken with a 13 Pro. Postprocessing I do with ACDSee because it is fast. cheers Dirk
  3. Time for an update. Breeching ropes done, Compass Housing got rope. cheers Dirk
  4. It's a bit tough at the moment. The unwillingness to do the cannon rigging is slowing me down a lot I did the shrouds as cablets, diameter 0.67 mm (still not quite sure whether the shrouds are cablets or fake "shroud laids", tendency cablets :-)). Made the rudder tackle for the third time, blocks with served stropps. And swapped the chains. cheers Dirk
  5. It's a bit slow the moment but I can show a few macros BTW "baking" my rope was a very helpful decision. It's great to be able to cut them easily now without unraveling. cheers Dirk
  6. Thanks so much Arnold, Dave & the likes Working on the guns. Breaching ropes Hooks, best (and shortest!) Hooks I know made by #dafi #dafinismus. Already bended Hooks. cheers Dirk
  7. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments. And thanks for the likes Time for something different. The anchors cheers Dirk
  8. Ropes Ropes Ropes ... I'm still waiting for 360 Skala in color 36 to finish everything, but most of it is done The running rigging is done completely with Skala. For the standing rigging, I combine Mara and Skala. I need Skala for the very thin ropes (0.2 - 0.4 mm), but I find the light glow a little disturbing. I deliberately don't use black (color code 000) but anthracite. I like it better and it doesn't "pop" so much. I don't like dark brown (color code 696). Mara on the left (color code 36), Skala (color code 702) on the right. cheers Dirk
  9. Producing the necessary rope for my Schooner Polotsk I started with 0,3 ( about 50 meters) & 0,4 mm (about 25 meters). 0.3 mm cheers Dirk
  10. The results are getting better and better now In the meantime, I have also accumulated quite a bit ... haha. Greetings, Dirk
  11. Thanks for the likes guys Slowly I am getting closer to the desired results with my Ropewalk. Up to now I have "beaten" everything with the free-turning swivel, now I have also switched to active beating. Only in this way was it possible for me to achieve the small diameters. I would not have thought that such thin yarn is able to pull a 1.1 kg sledge. But it works perfectly. When I'm done, I always hang a swivel between the hook and the rope to get the excess drill out. Video: https://www.indee.de/uploads/big/3c850c08602474cc1829232ecedd0572.MP4 After I was quite happy with my Mara 220 0.3 mm (3x1) and 0.2 mm (2x1) ropes, I used some with a 360 scale (0.3 mm (3x2) and 0.2 mm (3x1)). The difference is gigantic, see the following pictures. So I will make my thin ropes with scale. 0.3 mm scale on top, 0.3 mm mara on the bottom: EDIT: Mmm could also be the picture of the 0.2 ... I have made so many I get confused 0.3 mm scale 0.3 mm Mara 0.2 mm scale 0.2 mm Mara The following has become clear to me: from 0.4/0.5 mm I can beat the ropes "automatically" with the free-turning swivel, which is quick and gives a constant rope over the whole length. Below that I need the beating motor to have the necessary control over the drill and beat. I still need to gain more experience here so that the rope is struck consistently over the entire length (switch the drill motor back on). All in all, I am very happy that I can now manage all sizes macro-suitable cheers Dirk
  12. It's a bit quieter at the moment and I'm still busy with my Ropewalk, especially with the making of the smaller diameters. The bigger ones are easy. At least I have now beaten the 1.3 mm anchor cable for the Polotsk cheers Dirk
  13. I have built the yards. I did it differently for me this time and made the tapers before turning. Works better I deliberately don't make the yard formwork and cleats in black. On the one hand I like the contrast, on the other hand the single components are shown more clearly and encourage to ask questions. cheers Dirk
  14. Thanks for your kind comments Liizio and Richard. Thank you for the likes Next is gaff and boom. 1:72 is sometimes challenging for me. cheers Dirk
  15. So, I think that's really it The boat got its rig. cheers Dirk
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