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  1. Thanks for the likes guys, really appreciated Deadeyes - chain plate assemblies & else cheers Dirk
  2. Today I would like to introduce one of my favourite indispensable tools. A set of miniature reamers (Selva hand reamer assortment - 6 pieces - Ø 0.15 to 1.40 mm.). Whenever holes need to be enlarged in wood (blocks), plastic or metal or holes need to be made in the smallest brass strips (mini hole "hammered in" with a pin and hammer and enlarged with the reamer) then the small reamers come in handy. And a few fresh pictures of the Polotsk.
  3. And ready. I am not 100% satisfied with the macro but I think it is "ok" cheers Dirk
  4. Left seems indeed a misinterpretation even I found some example in the Danish archives showing it this way. The kit will change to a more correct binnacle as I heard though. Thats why I made the small, correct one scratch. The mica is not part of the kit but mine cheers Dirk
  5. Thanks Kev We build ourselves a binnacle ... actually there were three And the window between the compartments made of mica The one included in the kit, the compass should be in the middle, but I think that's wrong and doesn't work with the chimney ... in the future there will be another one with two compasses in the kit
  6. Master Korabel were so kind to sent me their new 3D printed gun barrels which will be included in future kits. Beautiful 3D print, minimal reworking necessary (6 support joints carefully sanded away), blackened with sharpie to add a bit of "shine". The skylight was also finished. The new gun barrels: In the macro you can see slight structures of 3D printing Aber "normal" betrachtet sehen die ganz passabe
  7. Thanks Jeff & the likes Master Korabel was kind enough to laser a few new parts for me with pear, so I was able to finish the Galleon today. cheers Dirk
  8. Thanks Beefy & the likes it's a while .. So time for an update. The last days I did a lot of small stuff like the PE for the oar lids and built the guns .. almost ... one master is done. The sides are not glued yet as I might change the barrel. Not sure yet. With an Euro 1 Cent. An USB Stick. And showing her teeth. che
  9. Thanks Jeff & the likes I finished the upper and lower cheeks made from photo etch parts. I decided to paint them black though. I also made the missing bolts with washers for the eyebolts the gun tackling hooks will be put in and missing rail parts at the bow. cheers Dirk
  10. Thanks guys I built the case in my usual style. And I changed the belaying pins to smaller ones. cheers Dirk
  11. I built the elm tree pumps and did preparations for the breeching rope (eyebolts with rings) I replaced the wood for the pumps but used the etch parts. Soldering then filing to get great parts. cheers Dirk
  12. Happy New Year everyone Eyebolts & Cleats for the inboard and outboard side of the bulwarks. cheers Dirk
  13. Thx Beefy & the likes Next to do were the hawse holes with simulated inner lead. cheers Dirk
  14. Sometimes it's is two steps forward, one step back ... we can call it "deconstruction time" I was not happy with the sheer rail profile, especially when used on the channels, so I changed to another one. Some macros. More macros cheers Dirk
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