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  1. I finally glued the hull together ... I started the case so here are the pictures cheers, Dirk
  2. Thanks First testshots with my Canon. I'm pretty satisfied with the lights, colors and the positions. And some details I missed to post. cheers, Dirk
  3. Some more impressions. Will take better pictures soon. At the moment it's just my iPhone and with low light it's not the best. cheers, Dirk
  4. Love the Eagle. Waiting in my stash Dirk
  5. Thanks guys, I used Tamiya XF-2 mixed with a bit of XF-19. The SD is 60cm long and far from being finished (panels, panellines, pin washing, decent weathering) Dirk
  6. A major update, the hull got their base coat. So lot's of pictures for your enjoyment Hope you like it! cheers Dirk
  7. Bridge and upper super structure got their first coat of paint. My main goal for the bridge was to get a nice depth and shadows. I am happy with the result. Lights. cheers, Dirk
  8. Thanks for your comments Engine Section, Hangarbays and Trenches are airbrushed. I then cutted the FO's in the trenches using a sharp micro chisel. Now it's about preparing the lighting. cheers, Dirk
  9. Fiber is done (no idea how many meters, guess round about 200) and all parts get their primer. cheers, Dirk
  10. Engine Section and lower hull got black primer. cheers, Dirk
  11. I would call the engine section done cheers, Dirk
  12. Doing lot's of fiber & light. And started to detailing the engine section. cheers, Dirk
  13. Depends, between 0.1 - 0.5mm. Some are 1mm.
  14. Did most of the 0.3mm holes and a lot of greeblies (superstructure, trenches and else) And a damn accident ... arghh .... Trenches: Superstructure: cheers, Dirk
  15. I'd like to introduce my Galactica. Moebius, Paragrafix PE's, a few Shapeways parts, a lot of scratch, additional Greeblies and lights. Normally I build historical ship models out of materials like pear, boxwood or something like that but SciFy was always my 2nd passion and so I took a break from wood and learned to work a little plastic. The Galactica is my first "real" plastic model and my first airbrush, fiberglass, decals, etched parts experience. Thanks for watching, Dirk
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