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  1. Thanks Beefy ... and ... anooother small update ... on the grating, still some metal work missing The aft gunport lids and ... the rudder. ... and the Horseshoe cheers Dirk
  2. I finished the hull (Stern, Keel, False Keel and Stem). Stern and Keel are remade from solid pear. cheers Dirk
  3. Thanks Beefy and the "likes" ... It's a fun build. Gratings built, a few small details (anchor rope passage) and the nailing (must test if this makes sense) are on my list. The sandwich construction of Master Korabel works very well in itself, but I built the keel from solid pear wood because the funier was too grainy. Unfortunately there is a small design flaw with the straight joint at the keel, this wood part it should be continuous. Maybe I can hide it with the horseshoe, oth
  4. Thanks Stuart, Beefy and the likes I guess the next images will answer your question Stuart. Working on the second layer. I prefer to oil as soon as possible to seal the wood to prevent it from further damages (by glue etc.). cheers Dirk
  5. I proceed with the final outer planking. All planks came precut in this kit and the first strake needed to be installed was the bulwark. Then I did the first layer of the whale. cheers Dirk
  6. Thanks for the "like" guys The inner bulwark consisted of two layers, first layer has only opening for gun ports, while the second layer had additional openings for oar ports. This created an illusion of real oarports. I still have difficulties with gluing these "bigger" size veneers with pva glue, the glue dries too fast the furnier curls, it is annoying. The gunport openings needed some more love because of all the layers. I used pvc glue and a file to level it and get a smooth surface.
  7. @beefy66 Transom sanded. Final layer of planking of the taffrail. Some minor issues with a not perfect centerline (damn forgotten transom). Removed all timbers (except cathead's timber) supporting the bulwark. cheers Dirk
  8. Thanks Jeff and the likes First layer of planking was easy as all planks are pre-spilled. First layer finished and sanded. cheers Dirk
  9. Nice to see you here Beefy Next I built the bulwark and the taffrail. Master Korabel provides two jigs for that. One for the bow and another one for the taffrail in the stern. Then the stern needed to be shaped using a bunch of filler blocks. cheers Dirk
  10. Glad you "like" it I forgot to install the transom but that was an easy fix then upper bulkheads and the false deck are installed. cheers Dirk
  11. My next project I am preparing right now will be the Russian Schooner "Polotsk", part of the black sea fleet in 1788. Description of the vessel Two-masted sailing schooner . The length of the schooner was 23.2 meters, width - 7.3 meters, and the draft is 2.9 meters. The vessel's armament consisted of 14 six-pound cast-iron cannons and a crew of 120. Service history The ship was built at a shipyard in the Sicilian city of Ragusa (according to other sources in Greece), was used as a corsair ship in the Aegean Sea , robbing Turkish merchant ships. In 1787, the shi
  12. Today I took the final pictures and call this build finished Great kit from Master Korabel which was a lot of fun. cheers Dirk
  13. Today I took the final pictures and call this build finished Great kit from Master Korabel which was a lot of fun. Thanks for all the nice comments and the many "Likes". It's always a great pleasure to be "accompanied" during the building process cheers Dirk
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