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  1. I wonder when the Trumpeter gets a release? I'm waiting for the MMS-004 1:35 UEG IFV from Meng
  2. Hi guys. Building the revell 1/48 tonka using xtradecal set for za470 circa 1984. I have a query on intake ramps before i fix their position. What position would they be in with the aircraft parked up? I know at some point they were fixed in position but not when. Also in 84 would the kruger flaps be in use and how would they be positioned when "parked". Cheers PS LRMTS should have been fitted by then too yes?
  3. I don't see why it shouldn't be possible. If the Raider boxing follows this format, each viper is on it's own sprue and the clear parts for each are on separate sprues.
  4. As promised. First impressions, very detailed albeit the plastic feels a little brittle. One will be done in BSG the other, like the unstarted big brother, will be be wiffied.
  5. I'll pop a pic up when they arrive. I have a fresh 1/32 in stash so can do a couple of comparison shots.
  6. Is there any inbox reviews of these knocking about? I have a set inbound just wondering how they are vs the 1/32 kit.
  7. Witness claims the bear was over land. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/feb/19/russian-bomber-flew-inland-cornwall-uk-airspace-witness
  8. He's going to have a companion. I've been doing an old hasegawa f15 as Thundercracker! I've buggered the canopy. Was nice and clear then I scratched a bit, tried to fix it and all went terribly wrong. Then I just thought it'll be a bit more like the cartoon version
  9. This is my first attempt at a rescribe. Bit gutted as the resin fuel probe came off. I found it and put it somewhere safe. Unfortunately it's gone again :cry: Tried contacting Freightdog re the probe, no reply at all. Not even a "sorry we can't supply".
  10. Bah humbug. Scored a too old airfix GR1 that has no LRMTS in it. Now er indoors has gone and "disappeared" the Revell one I was working on. Good news is the TSCs are there for an 8*1000lb version of my other revell kit
  11. Rest of the clear parts are shoddy too. Loads of flash on all the parts, wing lights are a mess. Will have a look for an airfix kit. Might still end up building the airfix kit in an alternative scheme. I've another revell in the stash, will have to check the clear parts on that one.
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