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  1. I'm not really a 190 person, and am generally pretty ignorant to the type and its history. Still, I've always admired the lines of the Dora, and when IBG released their all-singing, all-dancing new tool last year, it ended up being a day one purchase for me for various reasons. Firstly, I was impressed by their ship kits, and anyone who makes an obscure little Hunt type II has my eternal gratitude. Second, it seemed like a good way for a recently returned modeller to have a go at the recent 'hyper detailed 1/72' kits, and IBG had clearly gone way out there with the detail and construction. Third, the quirky 'what if' boxing suited my maritime sensibilities. So here it is, and seems to have come in for equal measure of praise and derision from what I can see; lauded for it's detail, sharp moulding and fine rivets but panned for it's fussy fit, over-engineering, reliance on PE for structural parts, and of course, its fine rivets. A full frame by frame rundown seems unnecessary as better versions will exist on t'web. I've just highlighted a few things that caught my eye. The surface detail looks exquisite to me. Jury's still out on the riveting (having not built a recent tool eduard for instance), but I'm cautiously optimistic that it can be made to look nice. Interior parts look nice. The DB603 seems is reasonably comprehensive given the only view of it will be through a tiny gap in the wheel bay; there's no open cowl option without scratching. The main spar is part of the cockpit assembly and hopefully will tie it all together nicely. I'm going with this scheme, being both attractive, interesting (I hope!) to paint, and also it includes a torpedo! What's not to like? Bonus points because it allows for another joyful RLM83 debate (as the navy blue is called out here). I thoroughly enjoyed @Procopius's lovely double build last year (rather more than he I did I think), and have been several other similarly stunning examples on the boards. This won't be that, but hopefully it won't be so horrific that I can't get some enjoyment out of it! Lots of suggestions and alternative build orders IIRC will be necessary, so I've some research and re-reading to do. I'll be busy with the SSD GB to start with, but the plan is to slowly progress this one a little in the background until hopefully I'll have more time to devote to it once that build is finished. Cheers, Andy
  2. Hi all, Here's my just finished 1/72 Diamond T Asphalt Truck. It's the IBG kit, which I got from the hobbyshop last week. Great little kit, with excellent detail and fit. The only slight dissapointment are the headlight guards, which are not clear. I used some MRP Olive Drab on it. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it. Pete
  3. Hi, this is a build of HMS Bramham, a Hunt type II destroyer in 1/700 scale. This has been built from the IBG kit, in this case entirely from the HMS Zetland boxing. I had intended to have this finished in time to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Operation Pedestal, the crucial supply convoy to Malta in August 1942, in which she played a significant role. Unfortunately I've overrun by a few weeks, but better late than never! It's a personal build as well, as my Grandfather was serving on her at the time as young Sub-Lieutenant. He would sketch the ship for me on occasion, and it would make regular appearances in my childhood drawing books, no doubt each time diverging further from reality to sprout missile launchers and lightning bolts down the side. I feel a bit strange talking self indulgently about this model first when really it's of no importance compared with the gravity of the subject matter. However, this being a modelling forum, I suppose I should start with the model, but for those interested in the history and some of his writings on the subject, I've opted to put that in the next post, so please feel free to skip that if it is of no interest to you. So specifically the build, this is my first ship build since returning to the hobby (although I know I rather roughly glued together without paint some old Airfix 1/600 kits back in the day). It being a relatively simple kit and an important model to me, I had intended to go the whole hog and upgrade it with the Shelf Oddity PE and various Flyhawk gubbins. However it quickly became clear first that my embryonic modelling skills were not equal to the task, and second that all the constant planning, checking references, making notes and apprehensive stalling were unlikely to yield any finished kit this side of the next ice age. I'd also put a little entirely unnecessary pressure on myself to get something out for the aforementioned anniversary, which was unlikely to lead to a enjoyable experience. So instead what we have is a mostly OOB build, completed with a deliberate lack of care, attention or sense of shame! A first attempt or prototype, if you will, built to the mantra of 'rubbish but fun'. There are many things that didn't turn out quite right and were I wanting to do a job to my satisfaction, I would go back and change or redo. So my apologies for putting such a rough model up for RFI! My hope is that, having thoroughly enjoyed carelessly bulldozering straight past any mistakes, and having learned the lessons from this build, I'll one day go back and update this thread when I've made version 2 with rather more care. With that in mind, it's an open invitation for any and all criticism, this being a learning experience and a model that I set no great store by; being a total beginner to ship modelling, I'd rather know what doesn't look right or hasn't worked so I can do it differently in the future. So yes mostly OOB, with addition of some rather nice Starling Models 4" turrets, pom poms and Oerlikons. There's a little scratch here and there, most notably a steel rod replacement for the oversize mast and some rather dodgy Type 285 radar aerials from chopped up PE bits. The kit is finished with a combination of Gunze primers and matt varnish, Tamiya and Colourcoats paints, and some rather over-enthusiastic oil paint washes and weathering, which turned out to be impossible to claw black without repainting entirely (turns out the matte varnish just ate the wash up and spread it indiscriminately around). Any pointers how to do a detail wash onto matte without just wicking the whole surface with grime? Anyway, it's my intention to practice building a sea base for her, but that being so far beyond my skills, and with time ticking, I will leave that for another day. The RFI can be found below, and some writings about the Operation by my Grandfather in the following post. Thanks very much for looking in! Cheers, Andy A little escort destroyer in this scale really is tiny. I was amazed on opening the (rather large) box. Here's it next to generic 1/72ishness
  4. Although I have built a fair number of soft skinned and AFV's over the years by only such builds in BM have been within Group Builds, so this is my first such WIP in this area of the forum. I built the Airfix QLT /QLD when there were first issued, (2010) and managed to pick up 2 more boxes for £5 each fairly soon after. These have sat in my stash ever since. I now want to expand my collection of late second world war two vehicles as part of my "Exercise Meteor" project and a second freelance model railway set in a similar period, To break away from the Airfix range I was drawn towards the IBG trucks as they offered some variety. Last week I took the plunge and bought two from their range, one of which is the QLR and the other will appear alongside my build in the Matchbox GB next year. As an end of the year project I will be building both the Airfix vehicles alongside the IBG one ans , apart from the scale differences, see how these match up. For starters here as the boxes: Rather than sprue shots I will post pictures of the various sub-structures as they progress.
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is my 1/72 Otter Reconnaissance Car from Polish company IBG. I painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics and weathered with pastel chalks, artist oils and graphite pen. I added small pieces of bare metal foil to the mirrors. The link rods for the front windows are from stretched sprue. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. This light armored car was based on the Chevrolet C15 chassis, produced by Canada during the Second World War for British and Commonwealth armies. The markings represent a vehicle of HQ Platoon, 11th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, in May-Sur-Orne, France, August 1944. Thank you for your interest, best greetings from Vienna! Roman
  6. Now that the magazine has finished selling, I can show some pictures of my 1/32 scale PZL.11c from IBG. It's a lovely fitting kit, and all the photoetched parts you need are in the kit, so this is built out of the box. The only drawback was having to scratchbuild a new windscreen, as the kit part had debris moulded into it. A couple of magazine shots: Cheers, Dean
  7. This weekend is the start of my annual leave, so what better way to start than a quick build? Picked up this on Saturday from the local hobby shop: Not a huge amount of parts, and the way the tracks are done will save a bit of time (although there is some of the dreaded photo etch): I’ve chosen a nice simple paint scheme: So making a start at around 8:30 on Sunday morning: and here is where I am at 10:00 am. No major issues, all went together very easily using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. Some of the small bits a little tricky to clean up, but all in all very satisfying. The only thing extra thing I did was to blutak some fishing weights in the hull to add a bit of heft. Break for a coffee outing and then on to painting!
  8. Hi, I have decided to restart my ship modelling after a break to try painting (not very well) 28mm Napoleonic Cavalry. I like the small IBG destroyers and have not done HMS Harvester yet. As you can see from the parts i have already put a coat of dark deck grey from Sovereign Hobbies on the needed parts. I have a bit of a dilemma with the colour scheme, as the ship is depicted as in 1943 but the colour call outs are for pre 43 colours (W.A. white blue and green) whereas I have bought Jamie's 1943 Western approaches set which is white, B30 and B55. I will also be replacing the 4.7", 20mm, TT and boats with Micro Master 3d printed ones, the pom pom and Carley floats will be Flyhawk, and the Hedgehog is also a resin replacement (can't remember whose). All paints will Jamie's Colourcoats. Wish me luck. Mick
  9. The size of /1700 has put me off to date. However, I've marvelled at some of the work on display in this forum and also been bedazzled by the work of Kostas Katseas I thought I'd have a go and rather randomly chose IBG's new I Class - HMS Ithuriel. This is a bit of a proof of concept and I'm going to riff with some bases. The Chris Flodberg Styrofoam method seems too small to replicate at this scale and I'm working up to using Clear casting resin as per Kostas Katseas. Here's the box with a slightly deceptive B5 shade at the bow which is in fact MS4 on the actual colour scheme DSCF8877_edited-1 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr 2019-11-25_122008 (2) by Rob Matthews, on Flickr Some master barrels from Starlin models seemed a good investment... DSCF8861 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr The first impression is just how tiny everything is - a bit of a shocker after the 1/72! DSCF8860 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr DSCF8858 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr The detail and moulding is top class. it's been hard to stop myself progressing though there's a reminder of the tiny little kits that you used to get in cereal packets!!! DSCF8859 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr DSCF8865 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr I like the fact that all the etch is provided so that you have a complete kit. The plastic is a little soft but files easily DSCF8862 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr DSCF8866 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr The etch needs fitting quite early on (I think) Double sided tape seems the easy solution to keeping pieces still whilst fitting PE DSCF8867 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr And in a comparatively short time without tears or tantrums we get to... DSCF8869 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr DSCF8871 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr Thanks for looking More soon Rob
  10. I'm in the middle of putting together 1/48 Me-410, but that nearly finished Los annoyed me a little bit so I decided to finish it. Of course during the process it turned out that there is a lot more to do than I thought so I rushed a little bit - bottom is not weathered, no antennas and few things could be better. I'll fix that later, but Los is in the cabinet now, not occupying my working space and thats big difference ;). Very nice model. Straight from the box. Painted with Hataka paints. Wasn't sure about the right shade of Polish Khaki, but I've read it was dark, almost chocolate, so I bought big chocolate bar, consume it and everything was very chocolate ;).
  11. Hi all, First out of the blocks is this little Ausf-B, a magazine partwork picked up from WH Smiths a couple of years back. According to the reference material seen alongside, only 15 of this variant were constructed - The most notable difference between this and later versions being the suspension with 8 wheels rather than 6 each side. The plastic itself is produced by IBG and there is some good quality moulding going on here - Gun barrel, exhausts were already open, suspension seems to be slide moulded and nice chequer plate on the fenders. The suspension are 1 part units so a quick build is guaranteed. And so it turned out to be - good fit and little fettling required meant that it took about an hour to get to this stage. Instructions and painting schemes listing Vallejo and Hataka paints are included in the accompanying magazine, I think that I'll go with the early war grey/brown scheme as I have any number of grey German tanks already. Now onto the next one. KR's IanJ
  12. An impulse buy while picking up supplies, managed to finish it before the end of the year. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oil and acrylic washes. Finished out of the box as a vehicle from HQ Platoon, 11th Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, Normandy, August 1944. Build thread can be found here. thanks for looking - and a Happy New Year!
  13. You would think I would have learnt my lesson with the recently completed Staghound - but while picking up supplies at the local hobby shop I saw this going for a very reasonable price: Having never heard of the Otter, I was intrigued and grabbed it. On viewing the contents though - so many tiny pieces!!!! So taking stock I did some reading around to find out about the Otter, discovering it was a Canadian built equivalent of the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otter_Light_Reconnaissance_Car). I also found some useful builds of the 1:35 scale version of this kit, which will help with the painting of the interior (as there is no information given with the instructions). It does look that even though you get a fairly detailed interior, all the doors and vision ports are shown as closed (rather odd). I can’t see why I can’t open them up though. As for the exterior, I’m going to go with the second of the two options, a Canadian vehicle in Normandy 1944: At the end of an afternoon, listening to the Test match from Melbourne here is where I am at: It’s so tiny! It wasn’t so much of hard slog in the end, although removing the little pieces from the sprue was challenging with the attachments being a bit chunky. The plastic is quite soft, not quite as soft as Airfix, and not too brittle which made life a bit easier. It also responded well to Tamiya extra thin cement, which also allowed some adjustment as it cured to ensure the wheels all touch the ground (at the same time). They are just blu-tacked on at the moment. Not the nearest job, but the underneath is going to be hidden anyway. Now to move onto the building the interior. I gather the insides are probably white, and I will use those 1:35 builds to guide me as to how to paint details.
  14. Hello hobby colleagues) I want to show you the assembly of the beginning of this "wonderful" year. British truck of Canadian construction in the version of a petrol tanker. IBG, for which many thanks to them, made several unique models, one of which I was lucky to assemble. The assembly is pleasant, although sometimes it takes some effort. As with many car models, the biggest problem is the convergence of the cab parts. Well, the interior is quite empty, which is offset by the uniqueness. Thank you for your attention, enjoy your viewing)
  15. I haven’t built anything in ages, my last completion being back in April. So while scanning the shelves at the local hobby shop on Saturday I saw a whole bunch of kits by IBG, a company I haven’t heard of. The price was reasonable to take a punt, so I grabbed the Crusader Mk 1. The plan was to do a quick build over a few days. While my skills have atrophied somewhat, it was a nice relaxing build. Brush painted with Tamiya acrylics, build thread can be found here. Thanks for looking!
  16. Dear fellow Britmodellers, I just finished my 1/72 IBG Scammel recovery truck. This is an amazing multi-media model kit with fine detail, but requires some patience and experience. I am not too happy with the tow rope, which lacks tension. The photo-etch hook does not really add weight to the assembly. I painted with Gunze/Mr Hobby acrylics, representing a vehicle of 22.Armoured Brigade, 7. Armored Division, in France 1944. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you for your interest in this topic. Best greetings from Vienna Roman
  17. PZL P.11b Fighter in Romanian Service (72518) 1:72 IBG For its time, the PZL P.11 was one of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world. While many nations were still using bi-planes, Warsaw-based PZL (Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze - State Aviation Works) had designed and built an all-metal gull winged monoplane fighter. The high wing provided the pilot with a good field of view and produced less drag that the bi-plane fighters of the time. The type drew orders from overseas as well as Poland. The aircraft was ordered by Romania and was built under licence by IAR. By the time of the German invasion of Poland however, the type was outclassed by the Bf 109. The majority of the Polish Air Force was lost fighting bravely against the invasion. The Romanian aircraft were designated the PZL P.11b. The Kit The PZL 11 is one of a growing number of aircraft kits produced by IBG Models. This kit follows the likes of the RWD-8 and PZL 23A and continues IBG's method of producing numerous versions from a common set of moulds. This boxing is the PZL 11A, but an PZL 11G is also available. Inside the box are seven frames of light grey plastic, a single frame of clear plastic, a fret of photo etched brass parts, a small sheet of pre-marked clear plastic and decals. The parts are all superbly moulded and I'd go as far as to say they look as good as anything else from central Europe. A quick review of the instructions reveals this to be a well-detailed kit, comparable to an Eduard product in places, although without the complex breakdown of parts. Constructions starts with the cockpit. Most of the details are moulded in plastic, but the fret of photo etched parts contributes components such as the rudder pedals, throttle and seat harness. Aside from a rather nice cockpit framework, there is also plenty of detail moulded into the fuselage sidewalls, which should make for a rather nice overall effect. The two machine guns also fit into the inside of the fuselage halves before they can be fixed together. Once the fuselage has been assembled, construction turns to the engine and cowling. This multi-part assembly is very nicely detailed and there are individual parts provided on the photo etched fret for the ignition wiring (although this could be omitted if cutting out and gluing these tiny components is likely to drive you round the bend). Once the engine and cowling have been fitted to the fuselage, the flying surfaces can be assembled. The fit and rudder are separate parts, as are the elevators. This means you can finish the model with these parts in your choice of position (photographs of examples on the ground seem to show the elevators in a lowered position). The ailerons are also moulded separately to the wing. The undercarriage is nicely detailed and there are photo etched parts for the strengthening wires. A choice of parts are provided for the windshield. You can choose the conventional option, which is a straightforward part moulded from clear plastic. If you are feeling brave, you can take the second option. This involves folding the cockpit canopy from photo etched brass and then fixing the pre-marked clear plastic sheet in place. Markings The decal sheet provides three options: PZL P.11b, No.44 Flotila 1 Vanatoare, Pipera-Bucuresti Airfield, late 1930s. PZL P.11b, No. 23, Scoala de Pertectionare, summer 1940 PZL P.11b, No.25, Targsoru Nou Airfield, Summer 1940 The decals are nicely printed by Techmod. A decal for the instrument panel has been included too. Conclusion There appears to have been a resurgence of interest in the early WWII period and this kit adds to the growing number of kits that represent aircraft from that period. Although we've been relatively well served in recent years by Azur Frrom and Arma Hobby and their P.11s, IBG's version includes a number of advantages such as separate control surfaces. Once again the Polish firm have produced a high-quality kit of an important aircraft. The level of detail is excellent and the quality of manufacture is up there with the best. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  18. Finally can call this one complete. Build log is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235059937-tks-tankette/ Here's the photo that started all this: And here's my model: And here's the size comparison with a regular sized matchbox: Thanks, Kristjan
  19. I'm having my StuG currently on a pause, so meanwhile I have another build on my workbench, which is a little TKS tankette. The thing is really tiny, only a spec bigger than a matchbox. The kit is from IBG, which is currently the best one on the market over the RPM and Mirage kits. I also have Part aftermarket sets - both exterior and interior one, to add some detail to the vehicle, and ABER Hotchkiss M1914 barrel. It's going together relatively well. I have added a great deal of Master Club rivets to the hull though - the front and rear glacis got them wrong and bottom had no rivets at all. And the engine has been completed as well. Kristjan
  20. This build will be of IBG's HMS Zetland, a Hunt II class destroyer in 1942. I don't have much reference fo the model, so will build OOB. To give you an idea how big - or small - the model is ...
  21. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Crusader Mk.III Anti-Air-Tank with 2cm Oerlikon guns. I bought this kit @ Modelbrno in June, and finished from the box, with the addition of the stowage pieces (one from Quickboost, the other one scratch-built). According to kit instructions, the markings resemble a vehicle of 1st Royal Tank Regiment, 22nd Brigade, 7th Armored Division, in 1944. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel (thank you!). Thanks for your interest. Best greetings from Vienna!
  22. I've just finished this in the ",dday gb " more pictures on the thread and in the dday gallery ,i used the very nice " 1/72 ibg bedford qlb gun tractor kit ,and a little photo etch detail set ,i opened a couple of doors and the front windows ,used pva soaked tissue for the tarp and rolled a bit up to represent the canvas doors, the bofors gun is a zvezda kit, more for wargaming i believe but a nice little kit all the same, Cheers Glynn
  23. Here's what I'll be attempting for this build, a change from aircraft, although I have never finished an AFV in a GB IBG's 1/35th Marmon-Herrington armoured car, with resin 'clutter' by black dog. We'll see how it goes, I may add some figures, not my strong point!
  24. Hi guys; This is my 3° model finished this year. I really like IBG models. I had a good moments building my Karás last year. This Łoś is a beautiful model. I used Hataka paints and a Yahu panel. Cheers.
  25. This is the IBG 1/72 kit that took a couple of days to finish with some rather large crew figures by Germania Figuren. It was Japan's attempt to square up the M4 Sherman that was completely outclassing other Japanese tanks such as the Chi-Ha. An old French-designed WWI 75mm gun and 50mm of armour made the intent rather doubtful. This model represents a tank on the home front that never got to find out.
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