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  1. Excellent work, could you post more pictures? Manuel Hello guys! I will publish later. I will present my complete dioramas here. I have a Stalingrad diorama ready, I think it will be the next one to present. In addition, I have a series of dioramas about the Netherlands (Battle of the Corridor), which need to be finalized ..... There are a lot of interesting dios on the way and this forum is a really cool place to show off. Thank you for enjoying it! Best, Fábio.
  2. Russian 45mm AT Gun M1942: This weapon is a 45mm model 1942 anti-tank gun with L / 62 type cannon tube. It weighed around 510kg (1125lb) and fired a projectile of 1.43kg (3,15lb) with penetration capacity of 51mm of shielding to 1000 m of distance. Despite the small caliber, the weapon was so efficient that it remained in service in the Red Army throughout the war, actively participating in the battles for the Motherland Defense and in the fronts of attack during the invasion of Germany. This kit is from Alanger (35101) in the 1/35 scale. In the assembly, I used wheels
  3. Incredible model. very nice to see. Congratulations!
  4. Thanks for sharing! The choice was happy to show a subject little remembered by modelers.
  5. I liked the painting. ... It's the classic and "weird" camo from World War I.
  6. Hi Graham! Good idea. I can even fumble a little with the talcum powder, but for sure, it will make the model very fragrant ..... Cheers.
  7. The work done with the painting was excellent. Magnificent model!
  8. Black camo was a good choice. Good combination with the model.
  9. Impressive model with spectacular painting. Looking forward to seeing more of his models ....
  10. Thanks for sharing. I still want to, but in the 1/35 scale.
  11. Splendid result with the painting and the realistic finish of the interior. I also liked the brief historical text. Interesting information helped to brighten the presentation of the model.
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