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  1. Incredible model. very nice to see. Congratulations!
  2. Thanks for sharing! The choice was happy to show a subject little remembered by modelers.
  3. I liked the painting. ... It's the classic and "weird" camo from World War I.
  4. Hi Graham! Good idea. I can even fumble a little with the talcum powder, but for sure, it will make the model very fragrant ..... Cheers.
  5. The work done with the painting was excellent. Magnificent model!
  6. Black camo was a good choice. Good combination with the model.
  7. Impressive model with spectacular painting. Looking forward to seeing more of his models ....
  8. Thanks for sharing. I still want to, but in the 1/35 scale.
  9. Splendid result with the painting and the realistic finish of the interior. I also liked the brief historical text. Interesting information helped to brighten the presentation of the model.
  10. I liked everything. As for the tires I agree with you. Rubber is bad, difficult to clean. Manufacturers had to make plastic tires, after all these models are not motorized .....
  11. Be welcome! I confess that adding fine sand to earth pigments was not a good idea. In the photo the grain of sand appears very large. Mix with stucco, I believe it would be better. Stay safe.
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