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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, this is the final reveal of the 1/8 Heller BMW R750/5, which my friend asked me to build for his elder brother and some pics of the real bike. His brother who is now 57 bought the bike when he was 19 and toured Europe on his Honeymoon!
  2. I asked for some advice on this last year so I thought I would put up a few WIP pictures. It's the old Bandai/Doyusha kit of the IMSA US spec racer and as they are so expensive when available on eBay I bought a built model which was complete but a bit of a glue bomb, not a problem as I intended to strip it and convert it. I managed to separate a lot of the parts as they were not put together very well (although there was copious adhesive it seemed to be superglue) so once everything was apart it was given a good dunking in oven cleaner to get rid of the paint and chrome. The main visual differences between the IMSA and GROUP 5 cars are the front air dam, rear wing and the vents over the rear wheels, they only built 4 Group 5 cars and these were converted from the IMSA spec cars and some of these were then converted back to the IMSA spec by US owners in later years so restoration pictures can be a bit misleading. Anyway a few pictures: Front air dam from plasticard with the kit brake vents grafted in. The louvred vents over the rear wheels caused me some head scratching but some Plastruct laddering proved to be about the right size so some was procured and grafted into a hole cut in the arch extension. The rear wing supports will be made of laminations of plastic card and I'll blend those into the boot lid. The way the kit is put together means the chassis can be built as a completely separate module so this has been started with the rebuild of the rear suspension. Drive shafts have been detailed and oil lines added along with replacement hardware for most of the mounting points. The front suspension has been detailed, the front roll bar replaced and the steering rack made a little more realistic. The ride height has been reduced considerably so she should look low and mean once everything comes together. Dave
  3. Hello All, I finally got this beastie over the finish line before the end of 2020. It's just that the pictures were languishing in my Camera until a day or so ago! This one fought me to the end. There are a number of faults. The boot-lid doesn't fit properly and the rubbing strips brightwork didn't come out as I had hoped, but I am reasonably happy with the outcome. I think though, that I should have polished the paintwork a bit more. If I do, I'll post some more pictures. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  4. Hi all, here we go again with another Heller bike build, this was a commission build, to replicate the owners full size bike. He requested the seat to be painted in a dark blue colour, not found any reference pictures to confirm it was a factory option, but I mixed up a colour to blend with the pin striping on the bike. I have a few minor details to finish off but I am calling the build complete for the purpose of the pictures. I will have to see if the client wants the bike mounted on a base, it would finish off the model nicely I think. Hope you all like this 70's German classic. (Update) Client requested a base to display the bike, so here are the final pictures. Base was built from scrap materials and the badge was a spare the client had that should fit on the rear seat cowl. Front wheel was secured with some fibre optic strand epoxied into the base and the bikes centre stand is also glued to the base.
  5. Hi all, well after a 2 year wait I finally got this model in my display cabinet alongside my 3 other 1/6 scale bikes. Not an easy build, mainly because Tamiya only added parts for the 90S to the old 750/5 kit which left me to add some missing details. But I hope you think the results look convincing enough. More bike builds to come in the near future. Finally, you can see my work in progress of this build in the link below.
  6. This is a commission build for a customer who has the full size bike that I have been doing some restoration work on. He bought this kit from another BMW owner, it’s a very nice looking kit, but no pinstripe decals are provided, so I will have to paint them on. Overall this is the same model kit as my previous build of the RT model, the only real difference is the more sporty nosecone fairing and sports seat, however the client has a standard passenger seat that is also in the kit, so it will not be as the box art. Shame really, as I like the look of the sport seat unit. I will show more build photos soon guys.
  7. Hi everyone, well I am calling this done, I scratch built the tote bag on the rear carrier and made the bungee cords. I also added the notched trim around the centre of the rear panniers or bags, for this I cut up a zip tie [cable tie] and epoxied them to the panniers. The original panniers had some similar details. Although I went for a shiny finish on the paintwork, I also wanted to add some road grime and so the look I was shooting for was a the rider and his companion had just spent 4 hours on the road in some pretty lousy weather, heavy rain, road spray and gusty winds between more thundery downpours. So they have pulled over for a well earned break, hopefully by the time they have had a brew, and hot soup the sun will be out for their final journey home. Paints used are: Mr Hobby 1500 black, Aqueous H89, H94, Molotow Chrome, Tamiya Clear orange, blue, red, 2k Clearcoat and Alclad pale gold.
  8. This kit dates back to 1987/88, I picked it up off eBay as an unstarted kit, just before Christmas, been itching to start it. As I am very familiar with the full size machine and it was a very popular bike in its day, known as the "Airhead" models, due to being an opposed air-cooled flat twin or boxer, it should hopefully build up into something very interesting to look at. I have built Hellers R750/5 machine in the past, so I am familiar with how the engine is put together and the cycle parts are very similar also. I hope to update you very soon with progress.
  9. The next one from my archives, which by pure co-incidence, was completed on this date nine years ago (which is also when the pics were taken). It's Revell AG's rebox of the Monogram pre-1982 (E12 platform) 6 series - the Tamiya & Fujimi (sometimes also seen in a Testors boxing) 6 series is the later E28 platform version. Visually, the main difference is the design of the rear bumper. I suspect therefore that the tooling dates from no later than 1982. Unlike many of my model kits, this one was bought new in 2008 (along with a Revell AG's also current at the time rebox of Monogram's Ferrari 308 GTB but that's another story...) but it wasn't completed until 2011, at about the same time as the AMT Dodge Viper. It isn't as crisp or refined as the Tamiya or Fujimi (at the time, those were difficult to get hold of for sensible money unlike the Revell, but since building this, I have acquired both although I later sold the Fujimi as I don't like the 6 series that much to embark on as in depth a build as their Enthusiast kit, whereas the Tamiya is waiting to be built), but with care it still builds up well, and the result is a decent representation of a 6 Series. Revell included decals for the badging and instruments, which I think may not have been included in the earlier Monogram releases as these were all molded in. I ignored the instructions, and fitted the nose to the main shell at the start so they could be painted as one assembly, and so avoid a seam at the top of the kidney grilles. This turned out to have been a very wise decision, as it highlighted early on that the front of the chassis needed trimming to fit. If the nose had been fitted at the end, it would not have located properly on the body. The front subframe needed careful re-alignment to get the wheels properly centred in the arches, and I had to adjust the locating pins quite a bit to get the necessary movement. The suspension also wanted to sit too high, so that needed tweaking as well. Rather than try to modernise or update it, I decided to embrace the 1980s and build it as it would have been when new, so keeping the high profile tyres and the black boot spoiler.
  10. Hi guys. I have been asked by a friend to make a model of his Mini Cooper. As a base I will be using the Revell kit as it has the correct wheels, I would not know how to scratch those. I know that the interior will need a bit of work and his car has a sun roof, but I think I can manage that. However, my first hurdle is the colour. The vin plate shows the colour as 862/5 Indy Blue. Looking in my local car shop, and also online at Halfords, i can find no colour match in a spray. Generally I use acrylic paints. Has anyone got an idea for the best colour match? much appreciated.
  11. I've been looking for this kit for 2 years. Finally got an unstarted kit off eBay a few months back. My plan was to paint it in the alternative colour that was daytona orange, all freehand airbrushed and the red pin stripes to be masked and airbrushed on. Am I up to the challenge? Well, let's find out. First problem was Tamiya had cocked up the tank badge location, the tank badges should sit in a recessed circle just like the tail unit, well that was soon modified and I got the paintwork underway. More to come.
  12. I have reached a bit of a stand still on my current project, I thought I would upload my progress so fro while I wait on some carbon fibre decal to arrive, let me know what you think, also I know have an Instagram for my builds if my one would like to follow instagram.com/lawesscaledcars
  13. Hi guys, well here we are again with another classic 70's motorbike build. This time I was given this kit by the brother of the owner of the actual bike in the pictures. I have carried out restoration work on the motorcycle and as the bike is almost finished, I have been asked to build a replica of the bike, so I will be painting the model black and adding the white pinstripes as their is no decals in the kit, wish me luck with that! The kit is nicely molded but is really not designed to be painted as it asks you to add soft vinyl parts during the assembly, making painting an added chore due to having to mask up more parts which would have been fitted later. The instructions are hard to follow and vague to say the least, but I will muddle through the best I can. It will only be a loose replica, as I won't be scratch building the crash bars and the kit has chrome wheel rims and exhausts where the real bike has alloy rims and stainless exhausts fitted by the owner. I may strip the chrome off the exhausts and add heat tarnish to the header pipes, also the fit of the rear engine cover where the carbs attach looks a poor fit, but the gaps are correct as the real bikes air filter housing was also a poor fit. Finally the carbs are a fiddle to fit correctly on the real bike, so I made sure they fitted correct on the model and true to the real bike, they were a pig to get looking right, too many angles to glue at the same time. Wish me luck with this build, I'm going to need it!
  14. German Motorcycles of WWII (9781944367022) A visual history in Vintage Photos and Restored Examples, Part 1 Ampersand Group via Casemate UK The German military machine made perhaps the most use of the motorcycle during WWII than any of the combatants, using it as troop transport, for messenger work, reconnaissance and other combat related jobs, and they had a number of excellent bikes in their arsenal. This book from Ampersand by the prolific David Doyle carries on the format of the Visual History series, with 120 pages of great photos from sources both contemporary and from preserved or restored vehicles that are now in the hands of collectors. The book contains over 250 photos in total, with many of them large and highly detailed. The pages are split between the types with a useful potted history given on all types in the introduction. Covered in the book are the following bikes from two manufacturers: BMW R4 BMW R12 BMW R35 BMW R71 BMW R74 Zundapp KS750 While the contemporary photos are in black and white, the preserved examples are photographed in full colour, and the detail in which they are depicted would be an absolute boon to any modeller, especially those wishing to go for ultimate realism. As noted in the title, this is Part one of this series, so we can expect at least one more volume that will doubtless include other types used by German forces in WWII. Conclusion Whether you have the models that you intend to use this book for reference, or have an interest in the subject, this book will give you all the reference pictures and some besides, as well as some inspiration for dioramas. The preserved examples are of particular high quality, and as close to an in-service machine as you could wish for, although probably a bit cleaner! Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. Hi everyone. Recently finished motorcycle, made on sort of comission. Sort of, as comissioned by my brother in law as he has this motorcycle and wanted it's minature on his shelf somewhere. Colour scheme is as on the real thing. Just some minor differences as he has slighlty newer version. Anyways, the kit was quite old. Moulds were average, especially the chromed ones. Aluminium paint is Alclad2, Semi Gloss Black is Revell Acrylics. I must say that working on the satin finish goes to the top 3 of my most hated paints..Every piece of dust is like a big flashing sign saying "You amateur, look what you've done!".. Overall I'm happy with the result. Now it goes on some shows and then on the shelf:) Thanks! Bart
  16. I haven't seen many positive write-ups of this kit -- and I'm not sure why not. It's an early 90s kit, and not up to Tamiya's latest standards, but it IS very well detailed and fits together pretty well. It needs some work to get the bonnet to close properly (and in mine there's some tin can on the underside of the bonnet lid and a strong magnet atop the firewall), but that's about it. There's a fair bit of flash to be cleaned off (sometimes on delicate parts), and a lot of the chrome parts needed stripping, cleaning up and re-doing, but nothing a sharp knife and ten minutes couldn't fix. I'd also recommend stripping the chrome off the windscreen frame, mirror and sun visor frames, gluing them together into a single sturdy assembly, and then rechroming them. I think the under bonnet and underside detailing is excellent (and taught me some new things about different types of car suspension) and, with the cockpit, it all responds very well to simple detail painting. ..and now with the hard top: If I'm honest, I'm not really happy with the hard top. I just don't have the scratching skills to do the windows and glazing justice. My advice is that if you want a hardtop version, find an issue of the kit which has one included -- and if anyone's got one that they're NOT going to use, I'd happily take it of their hands to have another go! bestest, M.
  17. BMW 635 CSI J.M. Ponce, El Corte Ingles Rally 1985 1:24 scale Reji Model Jose Maria Ponce has become a familiar face among fans of the Spanish Rally Championship. Born in 1955, he entered his first event, the Rally El Corte Ingles in 1977, driving a Toyota Levin and finished in a respectable 8th position. He would become a regular attendee of this event. In 1985, piloting his BMW 635 CSI, he won the Rally Isla de Gran Canaria. The following event, was the El Corte Ingles, which he entered alongside his co-driver, Isabel Fernandez, once again in the 635. Unfortunately, their rally was ended prematurely when engine trouble forced them to retire. Over the years he has driven a wide variety of machinery, from the likes of Toyota (Corolla Coupe and Celica GT4), Ford (Escort Cosworth), Volkswagen (Golf Gti , Golf IV Kit Car and Polo S1600) and Peugeot (P306 Maxi and P206 WRC).He his best known for his long association with BMW, though. Driving a number of different models, from the old 2002, several 323i and 325i’s, M3’s and of course, his 635 CSI. He has competed in national Spanish national events each year, since 1977, as well as a number of WRC and ERC rounds. In 2013, he was once again at the wheel of his trusty E30 M3 and finished 3rd in the Rally Villa de Santa Brigida. It would appear that for Jose Maria, rallying really is in the blood. The decals The lovely people at Reji have once again supplied us with a review sample of one of their latest decal sets. Sheet no 193 provides us the opportunity to replicate the BMW 635 CSI, as driven by Jose Maria Ponce and co-driver Isabel Fernandez at the 1985 Rally El Corte Ingles. Inside the clear zip-lock bag, we find one colour printed, 4-view paint and decal guide and 2 sheets of decals. The markings are for use with either the Tamiya BMW 635 (kit nos 24061 & 24322), or Fujimi’s version ( kit nos 082455 & 082608). The paint work on this one couldn’t be much simpler. The body shell is gloss white overall, except for the bonnet, which is finished in black. I found some old footage online, which appears to show this black as being either glossy or semi gloss, but there is a definite sheen apparent. Aside from the trim, the only other pieces which are going to need some careful masking, are the wheels. These are the distinctive BMW cross-wire alloys and they have a chrome outer rim, with the centre lattice work painted gold. With paintwork complete, decaling can begin. Reji Model supply all the main sponsor logos, entry numbers, licence plates and placards on the larger sheet. The smaller decal sheet contains things such as the sunshade sponsor strip, competitor names, some smaller sponsor markings and the BMW Motorsport stripes, which appear at the forward end of the shark nose. Quality is on par with the other sets that I have seen from Reji and that, is excellent. The printing is very sharp and registry is very accurate. The bonnet Texaco star emblem with the fine white surround, being a good example of this. Colours are nice and bold and each marking is printed on extremely fine carrier film, with the absolute minimum of excess film around the edges. They look like they will be a pleasure to use. Conclusion Another superb quality release from Reji Model. This is a great choice of subject, being a little out of the ordinary, with an older car from surely one of the sport’s longest serving pilots. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Review sample from
  18. BMW 635CSI, Juma Team, 24h Spa 1983 decals 1:24 decal set from Reji Models The BMW 6srs range first took to the street in 1976, it went through various models and upgrades during the models life until the range was discontinued in 1989. Juma Racing was formed in 1974 and was biased in Belgium. The team is still going but is now under the name Racing Bart Mampaey and is credited with 3 wins in the 24h race Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Reji have released a set of decals to alow you to build the car that won the 1983 race, piloted by a 3 driver team of Thierry Tassin, Hans Heyer and Armin Hahne. The BMW 635 CSI is available in 1:24 from either Tamiya or Fujimi. The decals come on a single sheet packed in a zip lock bag and the enclosed instructions are 4 colour diagrams showing the location of the decals. The model will need some carful painting and masking to alow you to reproduce the red and white areas on the car, the white stripe that crosses the bonnet and falls diagonally down the wings will need some careful masking. The decals are screen printed and the colours look good and sharp. They mirror the logos and decals used on the car during this race. Conclusion As I have come to expect the decals are a very high quality and are well researched by Reji. Take care when masking and painting the car and you will have a great model. Review sample thanks to,
  19. BMW 635CSI, John Player Special 1:24 decals from Reji The BMW 635 CSI is part of the BMW 6srs model range, hitting the road in 1976 going through various models and upgrades until 1989. The John Player Special (JPS) team is an Australian race team that raced in the Australian and New Zealand Touring car, and sport sedan series. The team raced the 635 CSI between 1981 and 1986. The car featured in this decal set will let you build a BMW 635 driven by New Zealand born driver Denny Hulme from either the 1984 Bathurst that was raced at the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales in Australia, or the 1985 Oran Park, again in New South Wales. Denny Hulme sadly died during a race a Bathurst in 1992 after suffering a heart attack at the wheel of a BMW M3. The BMW 635 CSI is available in 1:24 from either Tamiya or Fujimi. The decals come on a single sheet packed in a zip lock bag. The instructions are 4 colour diagrams showing the location of the decals, the instructions also highlight the differences in markings between the two races. For clarity the instructions show the car in white, but the body of the model should be a semi-gloss black. Reji recommend a Tamiya colour TS14. The decals are very well printed and the gold is nice and metallic and the colours and sheen looks good on the sheet. The decals are screen printed and they are sharply done. Conclusion A nice high quality set of decals from Reji! Review sample courtesy of
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