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Found 16 results

  1. A-6E Intruders of VMA-332 "Moonlighters" at Nellis AFB to participate in Red Flag 81-1, November 1980. 152641 152904 159310 Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. Here's one I completed a couple of weeks ago. Used Airwaves seats and decals from Starfighter decals as a Desert Storm machine. Cheers 20200630_144825 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_144831 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_145019 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_162409 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_144751 by bryn robinson, on Flickr 20200630_144713 by bryn robinson, on Flickr
  3. An A-6E of VA-196, Bureau Number 161670, visiting Edwards AFB for USAF Test Pilot School qual missions, March 1984. During the Test Pilot School systems phase, various units would bring in their aircraft to allow the TPS students to fly qualitative (i.e. no test instrumentation) evaluation missions of various aircraft systems. In this instance, for evaluation by TPS Class 83B. Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. OK, this time something different. 1/144 Dragon A-6E with Retro Wings cockpit set and PaulusVictor decals. This kit is a nasty dog. In the box - it looks like 3.6 ...not great, not terrible. Unfortunately it is more terrible than great when you start it. Fit is very bad, and there is a lot of details missing. I tried to add some that are really visible. The most important is small hump behind the canopy... Some small intakes too. There is a lot of sink marks in the plastic, and many missing panel lines that needs to be rescribed. I will try to make decent wing fold. I used Tamiya Epoxy Putty for all these stuff so far. I made FOD covers because the intakes have wrong shape, and I will scratch pilot steps to make things more interesting. For now - I have two coats of primer and some polishing done - but there are still some surface imperfections... There will be more to show soon I hope. This A-6 is TRAM Intruder, but with old type metal wings and late type air brakes - real Frankenstein
  5. As featured on TheAviationist.com yesterday, a real nostalgia trip...
  6. A-6Es of VA-35 at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 84-4, June 1984. 159317 AJ511 161672 AJ501 161673 AJ503 161688 AJ504 Thanks for looking, Sven
  7. Hello. I have been away for quite some time. Now, let me present you my first build of 2019. A 1/48 scale A-6E Intruder from Hobby Boss upgraded using Eduard's PE color cockpit set and exterior set. Hope you like it. If you are using Facebook, please follow my page: https://www.facebook.com/myanmarairmodeller/
  8. A couple of VMA-224 birds at Nellis AFB in May 1981 and '581 again a few months earlier, October 1980: Thanks for looking, Sven
  9. Hello all im in a bit of a quest for help. I am stuck and not sure which kit to build ? I have seen another member do this recently and I thought why not. I originally posted this in my current build. But i think i will get more traffic here. My three options are these, so If you feel like having a vote please do so. My first option is the Revell F-102 with markings for the 431st Fighter Interceptor Squadron Spain 1961. Next choice ... Is the Revell A-6E early model in VA-65 markings from U.S.S. Independence in 1972. This will require me to paint everything but stencils and Star & Bars. Last option ... Hasegawa F-18C+ in markings for VFA-86 Sidewinders. These are all 1/48th scale kits and the F-18 has A/M goodies to build in to it. So anyone and everyone is free to comment and offer there two cents. Currently i have votes for the. F-102 {7 F-18C {2 A-6E {9 i will see if i get anymore votes. Thanks to everyone for looking and if you vote a thank you for doing so. Dennis The A-6 photo’s are from Tailspin turtles excellent blog about the Intruder. Thanks for allowing me to repost these. http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2015/09/grumman-6a-vs-6e-intruder.html
  10. All, I'm just wondering if one can build an early A-6A Intruder from the 1/72 Italeri / Tamiya kit? I once had the Fujimi 'A' kit, however I found the surface detail almost too faint and would probably not hold out to a decent panel line wash once I got to that stage. I see that Italeri are re-releasing their A-6E kit later this year and was just thinking if this could be back-dated to an early Vietnam era A-6A model. If so, I would appreciate any advice on what needs to be done in order to get the main details right - I'm not too pedantic about minor cockpit detail etc. One other question, does anyone know if the A-6E's were actually used operationally during the Vietnam War? I believe the 'E' entered service in 1971, so may have been used during the Linebacker raids of '72. Anyway, any tips and advice to help me consider this possible future project would be truly appreciated. Cheers and thanks.. Dave.
  11. Grumman A-6E TRAM Intruder detail sets 1:32 Eduard The Trumpeter 1:32 A-6E Intruder has been out for some time now, and whilst it is a super kit straight from the box, Eduard have decided it needs some improvement. They have recently released four sets of etched brass which cover the whole aircraft and the weapons it carries with replacement, and in some areas, additional detail. Naturally, as is the case with most Eduard sets, some of the kit details will need to be removed before the etch can be added, so read the instructions carefully before starting. Interior Set (32863) This set consists of two sheets of photo etched brass. The larger of the two, printed in colour provides the larger parts for the cockpit, such as all the different panels that make up the instrument panel, side and centre consoles. The smaller sheet contains a new vent and other smaller parts for the coaming are also included. The canopy is also catered for with new rear view mirrors, handles, overhead console, frame-work and grab handles. The rear under canopy panel receives new rails and panels whilst the rear bulkhead also receives new fixtures and fittings. The ejection seat are fitted with new firing handles, pipework and head box fittings. Seatbelt Set (32864) I wish Eduard would include the seatbelts with the interior sets, but no, they’re still separate. I guess it does give the modeller more options. This single sheet of pre-painted tinned etched brass gives the modeller everything to make two very detailed ejection seats. Since some of the seat details are contained in the interior set, this set only provides the seat straps, lap straps and the all important leg restraints. Whilst not overly complex, items such as the buckles make the job of assembly rather fiddly. The time taken though will pay dividends and you will have some extremely good looking straps, and all without the need to paint them. Exterior Set (32387) Another two sheet set, which, whilst described as an External set and is pretty comprehensive. The majority of the parts appear to be concerned with the detailing of the various open panels with lots of new ribs and frames for the internal structures. The arrestor hook bay receives new internal panel work, whilst the chaff and flare boxes are fitted with new end plates. There are also a large number of parts to super detail the inner and outer wing fold panels, with pipework, ribs, brackets and panels, along with a very nicely detailed new Ram Air Turbine. The undersides of all the pylons get the Eduard treatment too making them much more realistic, particularly if you want to have your model bare of weapons. Talking of weapons, there are parts for these too, such as the Rockeyes, Mk82s, AGM-84As and AGM-45s. Undercarriage (32388) This single sheet set may be named after the areas it’s designed for, but in fact it covers more than that. Yes there are new panels, fixtures, brackets and other items for all three bays and their respective doors, but there are also new fixing rings, tie down points, pipework etc. for the main and nose wheel oleos. The main wheels also receive new brake details whilst the access doors/step interiors are almost completely replaced with new frames and steps. Conclusion These sets provide a superb level of detail for the big A-6E Intruder. The etch work is excellent and even the pre-painted sets look great. Just choose how much or how little you wish to add. I’m sure a Big Ed set will be released soon, providing all the sets in one package which does save a little money if you want to go the whole hog. I’m more than happy to recommend these to all, although, you will need to have some experience of working with etched parts, and even in this scale they are quite small. Review samples courtesy of
  12. Hi all, I've just released my latest product: a set of MB Mk. GRU5 seats for early Intruders in 1:48. The seats were used in all A-6A and EA-6A aircraft as well as in early A-6E until the mid 70's. The seats are designed to fit the HobbyBoss cockpits. I haven't tested them on Revell of Kinetic kits so I can't say whether they fit without modifications. The seats have individually placed harness straps and hose detail and come with a pair of drogue gun rods for each seat as well. Here are some photos: Direct link to the product: https://www.hypersonicmodels.co.uk/product/martin-baker-mk-gru5-ejection-seats Cheers Jeffrey
  13. After its Grumman A-6E (http://www.britmodel...866&hl=intruder), Kinetic is to release a Grumman A-6A/E Intruder (ref. 48034). Source: http://www.cybermode...s/kinetic.shtml The US Kinetic distributor announce this kit for January 2013. As usual forget the US SRP and have a look at the (future) Lucky Model appropriate link: http://www.luckymode...em_no=KI-K48034 V.P.
  14. Grumman A-6E Intruder Eduard 1:48 The Kinetic A-6E Intruder kit has been out for a little while now and seems to have been well received. But there are always areas on the model that can be added to, and Eduard have picked up the baton with a selection of sets to detail the most important areas. Since the sets have been separately released the modeller can pick and choose which sets best suits the level of detail they wish to take their creation. Interior Set (49597) Contained in Eduards usual packaging this two sheet set, comprises a pre-painted self-adhesive sheet of size 70mm x 80mm, one bare brass sheet of equal size. The pre-painted sheet contains the replacement instrument panels and side consoles and control handles for the pilot and navigator panels, rear bulkhead circuit breakers, and coaming details. The ejection seats are fully detailed with a complete set of seat straps, leg restraints, ejection and seat separation handles, head box details and scissor shackle. The details on this sheet are very finely done and beyond what most modellers would be capable of reproducing. The second, unpainted sheet contains more details for around the cockpit including replacement instrument boxes, panels, rudder pedals, canopy bulkhead panels, rear deck panels and boxes, for which the kit details will need to be removed beforehand, more coaming details, windscreen surround, canopy rear view mirrors, centre canopy details and side rails. Interior Zoom Set (FE597) This zoom set contains only the above pre-painted sheet and allows the modeller to build a well detailed cockpit without the hassle of bogged down with detail that might otherwise be deemed superfluous. Equipment Bay (48730) This single sheet set provides a complete equipment bay to add that special touch to the completed model. Before using this set the bays hatch needs to be carefully removed from the fuselage parts. The hatch dome will also need to be removed as this is required for the completed bays outer panel. The area inside the fuselage will also need to be boxed in with styrene sheet and if references can be found, detailed with the various pipes and electrical leads/connections. The equipment bay is built up of the outer framework and external panel, onto which the kits dome is attached, along with the etched chaff and flare dispensers, hinge brackets and reinforcing strips around the dome. To the framework, the equipment racks and shelves are inserted with their associated black boxes. The whole assembly is then attached to the underside of the completed fuselage of the kit. Exterior(48733) This set consists of two equally sized sheets, each 138mm x 70mm. The first sheet, contains replacement parts for the wing tip airbrakes, engine exhaust and intake discs. The cockpit access ladders are enhanced by new steps, internal structure and hinge. There are numerous new access panels for the fuselage and wings, aileron hinge panels, exhaust reinforcing rings, wing fences, airbrake/wing internal structure, airbrake hinges, and fuselage slime light strips. Sheet two contains the internal structure and new panels for what were the airbrakes on earlier marks of A-6, and which are equipment bays, more access panels, pylon rails, TRAM turret details, missile exhaust rings, bomb arming vanes, and drop tank access panels. Wing Fold (48732) This small single sheet set completely replaces the outer wing fold mechanism, hinge point cover plate, with optional parts for spread or folded wings. Additionally there are parts for the exposed wing structures and further folding mechanism details for the fixed part of the wing. Conclusion Eduard are renowned for producing very interesting and useful sets for the most fastidious of modeller and these sets are no different. Whether you choose just the zoom set for the cockpit or go the whole hog and buy the lot, either individually or as a Big Ed set you can’t really go wrong. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. Hi, I have a 1/72nd scale Revell A-6E TRAM Intruder that according to the box was made about 2002 and is a lovely kit. All references that I can find to a Revell intruder seem to be about a rather nasty ex-Hasegawa kit. Looking at other kits, the Revell kit I have seems strikingly similar to the Italeri kit. Does anyone know if these kits are one and the same? James :-)
  16. The future 1/48th Kinetic's Grumman A-6E Intruder is available to pre-order by Lucky Model. http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48023 V.P.
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