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  1. That’s a very good result. I like it. Proof that an nowadays ancient kit doesn‘t have to hide!
  2. I had a closer relationship with Revell Germany some years ago. Maybe due to the ownership changes some of the information mentioned below is obsolete but AFAIK Revell (Germany) HQ in Bünde only houses: administration distribution and warehouse product development (catalogue wise) and marketing department packaging mould archive one last injection moulding machine for testshots Actual plastic production is located as you say in Poland, whereas original Revell USA moulds are (AFAIK) mainly located or shipped to China and produced over there. Reboxes o
  3. That’s a very inspiring build! Which nozzles did you use in the end? Pavla‘s for Airfix or Esci?
  4. Great builds, for me personally one of the most interesting modeling topics!
  5. That’s a great Lightning, now I‘m a bit feared takin‘ hands on my Sword kits
  6. That’s a very nice result then! Can please you elaborate on your impression that this is „a really bad kit“. I have some of them in my stash, single seaters as well as twins. Sure, it’s short run and I see some missing location points and the need for strengthen the aileron attachment points but what was bad with yours?
  7. Jur, very sorry about your decal problems. But you are not the first who tells that about Print&Scale. If you want to stick with an orange HT-8 trainer, maybe somebody could share with you the decal sheet of Italeri‘s current Seabat issue: https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2695/2/7 I have two kits of them but I will again have access to them maybe in a couple of weeks.
  8. There are actually some good floats available from DF Helo Stuff https://www.sparks-scalemodelshop.de/p/bell-47-schwimmer-kraftstofftanks-floats-fueltanks-1-72
  9. Looks good! just to be precise, the decals included on the Print Scale sheet are for a HT-8 aircraft (helicopter training squadron) and not for an antarctic development squadron (VXE-6) Seabat. The orange could be FS 12197 „ordinary“ gloss orange
  10. For any reason, this combo-kit can’t be shipped to Germany (says the shop)
  11. Maybe this helps? Seat is from a German 53G https://www.ebay.de/itm/Sikorsky-CH-53-Bundeswehr-Luftwaffe-Heeresflieger-Hubschrauber-Co-Pilotensitz/362914993681?hash=item547f6b5611:g:unwAAOSwKFNeRsuY
  12. Yep - no re-release of the crappy Revell Choctaw/Seabat
  13. Apart from injected rotor blades: Isn‘t that the Extratech kit as with their VS-300?
  14. Plastic of AJ Model provenance, unfortunately nothing new
  15. Experience tells me: Be patient - maybe until next year or some time later...
  16. What a large innovation. Just the 48 scale schemes scaled down to 72 but finally they have the depth charges and their carriers also in a regular boxing and not just in a "speciale italia" one and the Tamiya rebox. The V-leg oleo is wrong for Italian a/c AFAIK. EDIT: But they supply both types...
  17. Hi Bjorn, I like your Mils! I don't see any thick decals on the Mi-2 in the final result. I also have some decal sheets made by DF HeloStuff and keep in mind that they have (unlike large scale production decals) a continuous carrier film which covers the whole sheet. As mentioned in the handling instructions, every decal item has to be cut out individually 2-3 mm around the edge of each symbol.
  18. True, think I mentioned it earlier. But as stated above, the engine cowling is only the more bulgy one with HH-65A and B which used Lycoming engines. HH-65C have the standard dauphin Turbomeca turbines and therefore have standard "upright" engine cowlings.
  19. Why should they? AFAIK, the HH-65 Charlie models run Turbomeca engines instead of Lycoming with tha A and B models. Therefore, with HH-65C the engine housing is the same as with any other ordinary Dauphin.
  20. completely true - the three tone camo was and is only on a/c with low-viz titles, numbers and stencils. For the earlier scheme, most stencils are missing on the decal sheet. Have a look at www.df-helostuff.de!
  21. That wouldn't help that much as the AB-204 the Bundesheer flew has the original Huey fuselage, based on the short UH-1A/B/C and its variations. The kit represents a long bodied "Slick", a D and/or H model.
  22. We have discussed this earlier. I can agree on that. In his EBay auctions he does not mention the true time frame, you may be right. Though he states explicitly that one has to be patient and if you're not, he kindly requests not to do a purchase.
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