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  1. Nice build so far, I contacted Special Hobby too for the decal set too but they don't respond unfortunately. Good they came through for you.
  2. Good start for a new show, venue was close to me so was a no brainer. Enjoyed it and hoping for a re-run next year.
  3. Okay my mistake....please delete this thread...
  4. New release Mig-31BM for this year perhaps unless I'm mistaken.
  5. I think this laminate fibreglass version will win out over that vacuform offering in regards to accuracy. Would have liked to have seen a D tall tail version but this H is the modern take and given the DACO book I can see why they went with this one. Would look good next to a Revell 1/48 B-1B, all you need is a B-2 in 1/48 for a complete Edwards AFB lineup.
  6. Didn't know there was a variant with an underside turret. Nice build.
  7. Anyone who signed up for the pre-order at Telford get a invoice yet?
  8. Arkansas Traveller...Chico the Gunfighter........Steve Ricthie mount - Triple Nickel was it?
  9. Wasn't there a Hollywood film featuring the B-36? I think it was called Strategic Air Command or something with James Stewart as the lead/pilot. Look forward to seeing this at Telford. Tempting...
  10. If I screw up she might be up for grabs.....
  11. Thank you appreciate that, I'm refining the buck master and going to give it a go.
  12. No life got in the way.......she rests on the shelf of doom as i try and vacuform a new cockpit...
  13. Cool shots.. Especially the last one with all its junk hanging down/open- would look good replicated by the Italeri.....getting one..
  14. Fabulous, saw this in person at Telford and it looked simply amazing. Feathered prop nice touch. Wanted to ask where did you get the crew from please?
  15. Not unless i rugby tackle you to get ahead..haven't been this excited since they re-issued the cabbage patch doll......:-)
  16. Hey Chris


    F-100D Wheel bays safely in my loft!  Thanks package arrived safe and sound and very well packed.





    1. spruecutter96


      Hi, Sanjay. 


      Cheers for letting me know. Enjoy using them. 



  17. Second that.....would love a copy.
  18. Yes Indeed I did thanks. Thanks to all posting up other kits. Hoping mine arrives today and then the agony of cutting, shaping, scratching begins....
  19. Timeless Hobbies will stock it... http://www.timeless-hobbies.com/store/p3559/MLEV-5_Mars_Lunar_Explorer_Vehicle.html
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