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  1. Indeed that is what I thought. Once it is done I have no doubt it will look magnificent, but for me personally it is to invasive. I have the same undercarriage set, but I will pass on the resin engine, otherwise it will become to expensive for me personally, but they look really REALLY good. To navigate around the PE grids and lack of engine details on the original kit, I am planning to build my SR-71 with engine and grid covers like on the photo. And it gives a little more color to the model. Oh and Pete. If you like, I would be happy to buy the excess PE engine exhausts from you.
  2. Hi peter, looking good, it may take some time but it is well worth it. I am curious how you are going to do the PE grids, they look hard to install, that is why I hesitate to buy them. But you need the set to get the PE jet exhaust nozzles ... so yeah bummer
  3. Hi Jeffrey, thank you for your interest. The ejection seat is not finished, I need to add a bit more parts to it. I put it in there to have a more complete look on the photo. The nose wheel cutout is also added, I just did not made a picture of it yet
  4. I have the same one in my stash, with the same detail set. I am curious at your result. good work so far.
  5. Ok thank you guys for the response. The J and C variants have quite a bit of subtle, but noticeable differences it seems. Some of them could be changed relative easy ... not sure what to do here. The goal is to make a competition model so it can not be half and half, I am going to let this marinate for a while.
  6. So I started to paint the cockpit. And it did not go well ... I use Vallejo model air to paint everything and it went good, better that I anticipated. Did my pre shading and all, let it dry and put some satin varnish on it from Alclad so I can give it a wash afterwards. The varnish was very yellow when I bought it, but I did not think anything of it, it airbrushed with no problem and I did not get a yellow color on my parts. So I let it dry, did some chores around the house and a few days later I wanted to continue. I grab the cockpit and it was still sticky, sticky like that fly trap tape sticky ... so obviously a big fingerprint and dust on all of my parts, was the varnish bad or something ? I do not know. Frustrated I put the parts in a bag with oven cleaner on it and let it rest, then I ordered varnish from Vallejo. Cleaning the parts was not easy, the Vallejo paint is really hard and not easy to remove. Strangely the layers of varnish peeled off very easy. So, demotivated and reluctant I tried again. Used only Vallejo paint and it went great, did some wash and weathering. see pictures. The seat turned out a but to green but I wanted to change that. So I was ready for the next step. The cockpit was glued and properly secured, so I taped it off to prevent damage and dust from getting in. Then joined the two fuselage halves, did that like the back section in 3 steps because the fit is not that great. Sanded everything and added the rivets, but when I took the tape off from the cockpit I noticed that my glue entered the corners of the cockpit and ruined the paint and plastic, you can see it in the pictures. I cloud not sleep with that mistake in my mind and in plane sight, so I had to break the fuselage open to take the cockpit out and start again ... I love the model ... but for my first build after a more then 15 years I should have gone fore a A brand. This model is more work than I realized. we will see what happens, for now I will let the model for what it is and try to motivate myself again. Glue damage Physical damage
  7. Hi all. A question, I recently got from my dad an F-4J phantom, from tamiya in scale 1/32. Complete with a resin cockpit set. I always wanted to build a phantom ... but the scat phantom from Robin Olds, and that is a F-4C. Now, except from the obvious visible difference on the nose cone, what are the other differences between the J and C variants. Is it just the nose cone that is different and is there a conversion set available. If the rest of the differences between the two is some rivets more or less, it may be reasonable to change the nose section. Or are the differences so big is it just better to wait and buy a F-4C. thanks.
  8. Wauw, stunning. I see that in the camo, next to the rivets and panel lines you have a nice and subtle weathering. Do you use oils or water color pencils for that ?
  9. Gorgeous model, I think I need one to It looks like a big model, what is the size of it ?
  10. Looks promising. And I see that you implement 3d printed parts, how awesome is that. What program do you use to sketch it ? I only use downloaded designs and slice it with Cura, but I also want to learn to sketch my own designs.
  11. A small shout out to Specialhobby. While working on the X-15 I noticed that one part was missing. Half of the metal dome construction was missing, I misplaced it or it was not in the box ... I don't know. To do a parts check before I start to build did not occur to me. So I contacted the customer service trough the website, and got in touch with them. I explained my situation, included the barcode from my box and a photo of the missing part. And yes 9 days later I got a package in my mailbox, free from charge withe the desired part. So and now I can continue with my tail section, awesome. Maybe there is someone here who can explain to me what this metal dome is ? I have no clue, and much info on that specific part I can not find.
  12. Hello fellas. the work continues and I did most of the rivets on the front section. The rest I will finish when the two halves of the model are connected. I also opened up the maneuvering thrusters in the nose section. And I started to work on the fuel tanks, they fit poorly so I had to do a lot of sanding. Next up is the painting of the cockpit, I am always reluctant to do some airbrush work. overall I like building more than painting.
  13. The work continues,I finished some of the smaller parts. The landing skids and the front wheel cover, both those parts needed some love, but all in all it was not that much work. And I also started to add rivets on the front section of the X-15. A lot of rivets done...and a lot more to go.
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