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  1. I got a weak spot for those old water planes. I wish more brands would make those. I am looking forward to your build.
  2. Slowly going forward. I did some work on the internal break flap system. I just need to ad a few things here and there, but that is when the painting is done.
  3. looking great , good job on the interior. Now that you have part of the crew in place, I noticed that the lancaster has only one pilot ? I always assumed large planes had a pilot and a co pilot with 2 control sticks. Is there a reason the lancaster did not have this ?
  4. Hello all. I did some work on the bottom stabilizer and brake flaps. The kit has a resin part for this, but I decided to rebuild this. My reasoning for that is because the model will be quite heavy I rather have a chemical glue bonding with the main hull, instead of a resin part that is hold in place with some CA glue. And also the brake flaps have a little surface area to attach them to the stabilizer, so here I also prefer a chemical glue bonding. The kit Is the X-15A-2 and that version has a short bottom stabilizer, because of testing being done with a ramjet engine. S
  5. thank you guys. Indeed my goal is not to go for a exact copy ( if that is possible al all ). My personal philosophy is the more realism and authenticity the better, BUT you can not put realism in at the expense of fun. So when I stop to have fun, there I draw the line. But that line is different for each builder of coarse. So I will not select one particular flight, my X-15 will be an interpretation of the real one.
  6. today It was a nice day out here, sunny, 18 degrees, no wind so I thought lets take my RC plane out for a nice flight after being grounded for the whole winter. It started nice, but about 1 min into the flight I lost control for some reason, could not correct and ended up in the ground nose first. So that was that for the day, better get back to my X-15 then ... I started on the stabilizer, I was a bit tired of the small parts of the cockpit and wanted to build some larger pieces. As you can see on the first picture the quality of the rivets is
  7. Ok, now I understand, I thought...or assumed that the NLG bay door was fixed and was only there to open and close. I did not now it could also move inwards. I think the X-15 is more beautiful with the NLG compressed, so I will see how much room I have to lower the nose when the fuel tanks are installed. Thx for the feedback.
  8. Indeed, that can be it. I compared the nose landing gear from the kit with some photos. And indeed on some photos it seems it is suppressed inwards quite a bit, and on other photos it looks longer. If this is a modification and a compressed stage I do not know. Maybe it has something to do with the external fuel tanks ? You can see one the first photo that the landing gear cover is further from the ground than on the second picture.
  9. Hello all, my work on the cockpit has continued. I think it is pretty much finished and ready for paint. With the PE and the resin it looks decent, but I added a bit of extra details. And the control stick was by for the worst. It was just a blob of plastic. I literately needed to cut and carve it into the shape it is now, and also I needed to add the buttons.
  10. I always found the defiant a curious plane, odd but beautiful in a way. And a lot of electrical items stuffed in a small plane. Good luck !
  11. Aha interesting. are you planning to build it soon? I am curious how you are going to approach the build, what version will you be making?
  12. Small progress, I added a bit of details to the cockpit. Drilled a few holes holes in the side of the instrument panel, added rivets and panel lines to the dashboard and side panels. Also I made a small oxygen hose (I assume) on the seat.
  13. Hi dean, thank you for the link. This will definitely help me, especially for the canopy what is basically a curved plastic sheet with no detail whatsoever. And 10 years ago ... that explains a lot. Hi Antti, Thanks for the tips, I will see what I can implement into the build. And sure post some photos. What do you mean with the NLG ? My plan is indeed to add rivets, I did some on the seat en I used the pin of a compass arm. I am just starting so I do not have a large set of tools ... I have to improvise sometimes. And indeed most
  14. Thank you guys. In the meantime I did some work on the cockpit. And by doing so I came to the realization that this kit would be quite the challenge, as far as the fitting goes and in the details. I start to wonder if it would have been easier to just buy a Tamiya as a first kit. But I will tackle the build slow and we will see how it goes. Everything you see besides the original plastic and the resin is scratch build. With Evergreen polystyrene and old photo Etch leftovers from back in the day. With the resin from the kit it looks better ... but still a bit to blan
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