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  1. Other than the markings carried periodically by the BBMF Lancaster, in relation to Lancaster nose art markings what seems to be the popular choices amongst modellers.? A strange question I know but I want to do a bit of a straw poll. Choices, Go!
  2. I iwll most certainly be watching this... What between you and Scotsman, we certainly will have some inspiration to follow.
  3. Folks. the first Kitsworld decal sheets are now available from the website ref kw132151 https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=6&SUB=2&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=516&STKNR=516&STRH=3927&ORDN=4559&RNZ=335433
  4. The cheap test kit makes perfect sense. It will allow you to find the method that is right for you. Both of my builds were grey primed so no need to remove it as ultimately it will not effect the finish. This is a photo I took at East Kirby. It gives you an idea of the sort of finish your after. you can see how the black actually isn't quite black and how it varies in intensity. I know this sounds technical but when you look at a model, a certain amount of light needs to reflect back to the viewer. Plain black just absorbs the available light
  5. Will if I may, Lancasters have a LOT of real estate when it comes to their paint schemes and the harshness of a pure black just doesn't look right and makes the plane look toy like and lacks depth using black as a camo colour is just too harsh, irrespective of how you build up the paint layers. . In a similar vein I wouldn't paint a F117 or SR 71 blackbird in pure black. Below are three photographs of my 1/32 HK Lancater build which hopefully demonstrate the how you can achieve a depth to the black. I used
  6. Perfect! can I ask what wash are you using? Chewbacca Not wishing to detract from the superb work going on this thread so ill keep it short. The kit has a resin intake cover which I originally used but after I dropped it, it landed squarely on its nose cracking the said resin part. The good thing about resin is that it breaks cleanly so I pieced it back together as best I could then covered the whole thing with toilet paper soaked in diluted PVA. left to dry then paint. The securing elastics are EZ line. The kit also comes with a representat
  7. Hi John, Iv'e asked that very question to Nigel in reply to the email. As soon as I know, I will let you good folks know. As mentioned there is a second sheet being finalised nest week, which one it is I'm not sure at least we appear to be moving forward eh?
  8. Although nowhere near the level of miniature engineering taking place here, I'm going to leave this image of my build for you to decide This is straight out the box with the exception of the rotor fold set, exhaust set and having been dropped on the floor and rebuilt.
  9. FOLKS, I have received a reply from Nigel at Kitsworld re the decal sheets. It appears contrary to our grumbling, things have been progressing Hi Dave, I hope you are well, We have finally completed the upscale decal set for the Buccaneer world operators, and will get the other sheet finalised next week. The sheets include airframe stencils...... As per the email it appear a second sheet will be available next week.
  10. Im sorry folks, I have nothing further to report on the Decal front other than I have submitted a further request to Fantasy Printshop to get their take on whetehr they would be interested in taking the challenge. I think the big issue with the decal side is the very limited "one off" nature of the requests. As far as a company goes I would imagine they would much prefer to to 20 of one sheet rather than a few of several if you see what I mean. I get the feeling that even at £35 KW wouldnt be making too much in the way of profit. That said,
  11. Hi there , I was just wandering if there was any update re the decals , I'm slowly hacking away at my Buc, and I can start to see the need from Decals in the next 2-3 months 




    Colin Ritchie 

  12. Im still waiting on Nigel to get back to me with that info together with what other sheets are to be enlarged. As soon as i know, you will know.....
  13. OK decal update, Nigel has just sent me these images of the first upscaled sheet that will become available with more on the way! I will pop these on as I am sent them. The bad news? each set consisting of 3x A5 sheets will cost £34.99 rather than the £25 first advertised. This first sheet is an upscale of this https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=5&SUB=23&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=433&STKNR=433&STRH=3808&ORDN=2585&RNZ=238674
  14. I'm back with a short decal update, Nigel i currently prepping for new years trade shows and as such has indicated he will finalise the details of decal ordering as soon as things calm down.
  15. Phartycr0c

    Happy 2020!

    Happy new year and decade to all, hope 2020's modelling is successful and may your stashes be forever plentiful!
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