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  1. Im sorry folks, I have nothing further to report on the Decal front other than I have submitted a further request to Fantasy Printshop to get their take on whetehr they would be interested in taking the challenge. I think the big issue with the decal side is the very limited "one off" nature of the requests. As far as a company goes I would imagine they would much prefer to to 20 of one sheet rather than a few of several if you see what I mean. I get the feeling that even at £35 KW wouldnt be making too much in the way of profit. That said, ill keep chasing.
  2. Hi there , I was just wandering if there was any update re the decals , I'm slowly hacking away at my Buc, and I can start to see the need from Decals in the next 2-3 months 




    Colin Ritchie 

  3. Im still waiting on Nigel to get back to me with that info together with what other sheets are to be enlarged. As soon as i know, you will know.....
  4. OK decal update, Nigel has just sent me these images of the first upscaled sheet that will become available with more on the way! I will pop these on as I am sent them. The bad news? each set consisting of 3x A5 sheets will cost £34.99 rather than the £25 first advertised. This first sheet is an upscale of this https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=5&SUB=23&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=4&PICFILE=433&STKNR=433&STRH=3808&ORDN=2585&RNZ=238674
  5. I'm back with a short decal update, Nigel i currently prepping for new years trade shows and as such has indicated he will finalise the details of decal ordering as soon as things calm down.
  6. Phartycr0c

    Happy 2020!

    Happy new year and decade to all, hope 2020's modelling is successful and may your stashes be forever plentiful!
  7. I am attending a photoshoot with the Buccaneers at Bruntingthorpe on 22nd Feb if anyone wants / needs specific photos. Ill try and spot the curves as discussed above. On decal note, I asked Nigel about methods of ordering / payments for the sheets discussed and whether the gulf war sheets are an option. I am awaiting a reply but I will chase him up after the Christmas holidays
  8. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great happy and healthy new year
  9. In relation to the Gulf war sheet, Again I asked about whether it is viable to produce in 1/32 and again await a reply. As to which one I'm not absolutely sure it will matter only whether upscaling to 1/32 is in itself viable. I will of course let you know of any replies, that said i'm conscious of pestering Nigel Too much on the lead up to Christmas.
  10. I have asked about payment methods and await a reply. I feel it will be direct with Nigel at Kitsworld once he allocates a stock number etc. I dont know about lead in times or when they will become available etc I will try and find out.
  11. Hot off the press. Nigel has done some upscaling work for the two sheets outlined. The upscaling process produces 2x A5 sheets for 7 aircraft options in the case of sheet 137 and 5 options for the sheet 140 The Sets will be priced at £25.00 each. I have also asked about the gulf war sheet option being produced and await a reply.
  12. 5, Im looking to do the Grey White red test aircraft.
  13. By way of a short update, My initial comms with Nigel at Kitsworld went off radar, he has apparently been away for a few days. He has stated he will contact me this week to update me on how to go about producing some markings for this great kit. Watch this and other spaces (LSP)
  14. Hi Alan, and all Britmodellers. I was fortunate to pick one of the Buccs up at Telford and have to say, what a great piece of work it is. Many thanks To Alan for spoiling us with this huge kit of an iconic aircraft. On the subject of Decals. I have made an approach to Kitworld who are looking into the possibility of upscaling some of their 1/72 sheets which include some RAF subjects, Gulf war pink aircraft and radar research aircraft. I am collating a level of interest for this so I ask 2 questions 1. how many have the kit / have one on order 2. how many would be interested in the markings offered by KW. Alan, I hope this will take some of the pressure off you in having to sort markings from scratch (i know what goes into them) KW already have the artwork its just a case of scaling up and producing the sheets. I hope this helps.
  15. Don't forget Alan, as you are at Telford, there is the TSR 2 at Cosford for you to get a good look at.. I would most certainly be interested in this one!
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