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  1. I'd like to do one of these too. I was wondering if they ever used the silver/ blue post war scheme as per the 111 on the Junkers.
  2. I've had the same issue. It's better thinned with cellulose tinners like Mr color leveller, but it's not reliable. Pity cos it's flat as a pancake and sprays well.
  3. I'm glad to see this as I'm planning the same for a club BoB competition. How was the build?
  4. drdave

    Wingnut Wings

    Definitely the pfalz DIIIa. Easy rigging, no wood grain. Definite fit. Do as much or as little on the engine and cockpit as it can't be seen. Easy colur schemes, but very colourful. I echo the posts about the PUP, DVII and Tripe. They need some fettling to get right. I've done a lot now and I would day the Pfalz and Rolands are the easiest builds.
  5. They ain't Stew's. They's mine!
  6. Thanks mate. That's the Special Hobby M1c. These are all 1/32.
  7. Plus 3 shelf sitters that never saw the light of day!
  8. There's two sets of Montex masks out as well, for 4 schemes for the typhoon.
  9. Tremendous. Really tremendous. Would you consider joining the Dvii group build on ww1 aircraft models.com? The figure is terrific.
  10. There is a photo in one if the Stenman books somewhere, of the shark mouth running up. You only see the nose. The pilot was a modeller post war and recorded the details for IPMS. The bat came later, but hey use artistic licence. I did on mine! IIRC he painted the shark mouth, but they were due a visit from a CO, so off it came again in a hurry!
  11. Also, no guns were carried in the gondolas. This airframe was the test for a night fighter. It flew better without. Post war many Finnish aircraft didn't carry guns or ammo.
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