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  1. That's a very nice build, well complemented by the diorama. Great work.
  2. That's a work of art. Absolutely magnificent. I doff my cap to you, good sir.
  3. That is absolutely gorgeous. Interesting info r.e. the canopy form, but it's not detracting for a luftwaffler like me - it's certainly good enough for the relative philistine. The painting is just spot on... how did you find the AK Real Colors?
  4. How absolutely lovely. Very very nice build - I've just picked one of these up, and having seen this am going to make a start on it today. Really very tidy build, and I like the subtle weathering. I think mine may well be rather more of a beater!
  5. That is tremendous. Really lovely build, and great paintwork. Nice to see something a little different with the flashes of colour.
  6. Thank you so much, everyone, again for your thoughts... It's only fair to follow up, I think: So - not too bad for a first attempt at this kind of modification I'm satisfied that it's just about good enough. The sliced hole was stuffed with plasticard, trimmed, sanded, filled, cured, sanded, filled, cured and finally sanded and polished. It's not perfect, but encouraging enough to try again, and possibly something a little more complex. Epoxy putty is on the shopping list... Again - thanks for the inspiration. I'll have this in RFI in the next w
  7. Buoyed by the general encouragement - off we go:
  8. What wonderful builds. Great job all round!
  9. Thank you all for such considered responses... I'm really chuffed you took the time to share your thoughts. The thought of surgery is a little worrying, as it's not something I've attempted before. However, I've just managed to scratch build a reasonably convincing (if slightly cartoonish) interior for Eduard's 1/72 La-7, and have rigged a couple of biplanes with no significant collateral damage, so perhaps it's time to take the plunge and break out the razor saw. Eeeek. On the other hand...maybe not. It's been great to read the differing perspectives you have, and am glad
  10. Hi BM'ers... Hope life is treating you all well and robust health abounds. So - a quick question/poll: I've had some time recently to dive back into the hobby, and have completed some nice-enough 1/72 builds - satisfying enough that I'll post one in RFI soon. As a treat to my braille-scale cack-handedness, I started building a Tamiya P-51 in 1/48, specifically the Korean War edition with the drop-tanks and rockets, that had been in my stash for a few years. I decided to get some decals to do a WWII scheme at the time of purchase, ideally a mix of NMF and eit
  11. That is extraordinary - just wonderful! I'm finally starting to enjoy WWI and inter-war modelling with some moderate improvement in my skills, and this is a true inspiration how far I have to go. Something to be proud of.
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