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  1. All dressed up with no place to go! Ready for some color, first coat is light grey. After a day to dry, masked for the dark red. Forgot to get a pic of the grey but it wasn’t very exciting anyway! So, on to the red. And, since I couldn’t stand it I had to unmask her! Kept telling myself to wait overnight, but that little guy on my other shoulder wouldn’t let me wait more than about 8 hours! I have a couple spots to fix up but overall I’m pleased. Cheers, Geoff
  2. I’ve only read about two P-38’s that landed in Portugal on their way to North Africa. One was flown by Jack Ilfrey, who landed due to low fuel. While showing a Portuguese pilot the finer points of the aircraft, another P-38 landed for similar reasons and distracted those around Ilfrey’s aircraft. This gave him the chance to fire up the engines and high tail it out of there and proceed to Gibraltar, while the other Lighting pilot was not so lucky. That aircraft was the only P-38 held in Portugal and is the example I’m building here.
  3. Far from flawless I’m afraid but thanks! I applied a layer of satin black for a base coat, then a Tamiya rattle can coat of aluminum but did not like the result. So, I then sprayed a layer of AK Extreme Metal polished aluminium over that which turned out quite nicely. There are a couple of spots to touch up but I’m happy with it! Also used a little SnJ aluminum buffing powder to brighten it up a little and secure the finish. Plan a clear gloss coat, then mask for the grey and red areas. Geoff
  4. My 1/48 Tamiya P-38F work in progress. Sprayed the dull coat yesterday, time to get busy with the weathering! I don’t plan to get too crazy with it like the picture I’ve seen but that’s ok. It’s for me! Geoff
  5. Very good thanks for the insight gents! I did check j-aircraft website but didn’t find anything specific about early biplane interiors. I’m not in any huge rush so I’ll sit tight and see what info may get posted here. I have a slew of other projects waiting to be finished! Geoff
  6. Good day! I picked up a couple of the new A.B.&K. Models kit of the A2N3, and what a beauty it is! While looking over the paint instructions, I noted they call for the entire interior to be painted metallic blue/green, as one would have seen on later aircraft wheel wells and panel interiors. This struck me as somewhat odd, considering most of the aircraft is fabric covered. My thinking is, would the interior fabric areas have been silver grey, similar to the exterior, with only the aluminum/metal areas painted blue/green? Or would the metal areas have been painted black, as the blue/green may not have been used yet? I’ve looked through Ian K. Baker’s Aircraft Colouring book #36, Japanese Navy Aircraft, but it begins around 1937 and I believe this aircraft was used in the early 1930’s. He does mention that Nakajima used a light green for their interior color, but again that may have been started with closed cockpit all metal fighters. I’m not saying A.B.&K. are wrong, I’m just wondering if there are any other thoughts out there about this that might be different! Thanks for any input! Geoff
  7. Oui oui! Count me in please! And thanks for the invite! Geoff
  8. So just a quick update! About ready for some color, or at least a base coat. Clear glazing has been attached and spent a couple hours masking. Sprayed a layer of grey for interior color, then plan to spray a black base for the metallic finish. May have to do a little touch up around the glazing but it’s not too bad. Maybe more tomorrow! Geoff
  9. Made some progress the last couple days. A little cleaning up left to do on the fuselage, it’s just sitting on the wing for now. I also need to do some trimming at the wing root to get a little dihedral. Carry on!
  10. Got started on some interior painting the other day. Been a bit under the weather so lost some momentum, but hopefully can get back to it tomorrow. Tamiya P-38 in progress.
  11. Spent a few hours this weekend cutting and cleaning, test fitting where I could. Detail is adequate and maybe a little overdone in a couple places. Plastic is incredibly soft so care needs to be taken when cutting and sanding, but it should build into a nice model. Heres a pic of the decal sheet and side views of the three options. They are very nicely done, thin, and separate which is a nice feature. Thinking I’ll do SE-CAD. Here is a link to Rebell Hobby: https://www.rebell.com/saab-91-safir-b-promotion.html
  12. A little late to the party but thought I might join in with the SAAB 91 Safir from Tarangus. I found a nice set of decals at Rebell Hobby of the Safir from IPMS Östergötland showing three B model promotion types. This kit has been on the disposal pile for the last couple months but this GB has given it a new lease on life! Not sure which one I’ll attempt yet but hope to get started on it soon! Geoff
  13. Keith, I have one I would sell to you if you are interested, I’ll probably never get around to building it! I live in the USA so shipping might be pricy, but you can contact me off board if you’d like and we can discuss. I'm not a hobby shop, just a knucklehead that has far too many kits and not enough time to build them! If posting like this is frowned upon my apologies. Let me know and I will delete! Cheers, Geoff
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