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  1. Great- thank you for taking the time to explain and expand all the markings.
  2. Thanks for the link- really helpful and have managed to avoid putting the incorrect markings on the missiles.
  3. Thanks for the gen Seawinder, the later C version were the grey coloured version. I could not find any thing on the coloured bands but is good to know as the scheme I was doing intercepted Mig-25 Foxbats off the Libyan coast can’t imagine training rounds would have been any good to them…. Many thanks for help
  4. Good afternoon all I am about to start building the Tamiya F-14A Tomcat in the VF-84 Jolly Rodgers BUNO 160414/AJ201, USS Nimitz 1981. I’m looking at the AIM-54A Phoenix Missiles which the DACO book instructs are all white in colour and the Tamiya instructions say the nose cone is Sky Grey- any ideas? Also the coloured bands vary in colour from Blue to yellow to red/brown. These are the ones that run round the missiles in each section. Does anyone know what these mean and also which ones I should be using for the jet I’m looking to build? There is very little information on this on the net or the books… Any advice would be great - I have the DACO book by Danny Coremans and the Haynes manual. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  5. Tin_Bitz


    Afternoon all Not sure that this is the right place for this.... I'm in the process of putting some washes (pin washes) on my mid production tiger. I have got some Abteilung rhinners and some Newton & Winser oil paints. I have mixed thinner and paint loads. I'm putting the pin wash on and as it dries it almost looks like it's separating put when it starts to settle, anyone else had this ? It looks all clumpy/crazed I have mixed it as best I can.... Does it work better with white spirit ?
  6. Arrrr, thought as much. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hey Thanks for the information, that shows it perfectly. Who is the book by? Any chance you could post an image of the front cover?
  8. Hey I'm currently building Tamiya's 1/32 mid production Tiger tank. There is a head lamp positioned at the front of the hull in the middle. My question is that of the electrical connect to the lamp. Does anyone know if this is an external lead going to the lamp or is it internal (out of view) ? I was going to replicate this if it can be seen with fuse wire. Any help in this would be great. Seeing as I have put a hornet head, made the zim and used the Eduard etch set I may as well add some of the other small details
  9. Tin_Bitz

    Tank tracks

    Thanks for all the fee back seeing as I have cut and filed all the plastic individual links with the kit I am going to give them ago.
  10. The microscale gloss does it just dilute with water and airbrush on?
  11. I got my razor saw from hobbycraft and has always served me well. It's the only one that they do. When dealing with any resin bits I use a couple of sheets of newspaper, disposable gloves and plenty of water on the parts. I also wear a resperator/vapour mask. Once all done the newspaper and gloves go straight in the outside bin. Bit over the top?
  12. I was thinking of glueing it all together and priming it all. Then painting, it's iust going to be quite tough painting the tracks under the skirts and the rubber on the wheels.
  13. Hi all I am going to be building Tamiya's 1/35 mid production Tiger. I have built a handful of tanks but none with individual track links. I also have the photo etch kit from Eduard for it so will be replacing the angled side skirt with a brass one. I have no idea on How best to go about doing the tracks and road wheels etc... Has anyone built this kit or anything similar? Do people paint the individual links then glue them together ?
  14. Great thanks for the advice, I will give it a go. I have seen people paint it like paint onto tanks and stuff, any ideas what that may be about?
  15. If you can go to Hannants in North London it's worth a trip. They have loads of kits and can get in all the after market stuff ordered in. They have well built models in cabinets. The RAF museum is next door, they have one of the only Bf 110 left and a Ju 88.
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