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  1. Thanks for the comments all. Toftdale, your build is looking way beyond my efforts. I might have a go at your coke can approach for the bonnet. It looks so much better than the plastic moulding. If you’ve not seen it before, I found the photos of this full size car that was for sale useful as they show plenty of details underneath and in the engine bay. http://www.manorclassiccars.com/vehicles-for-sale/1961-lotus-seven-s2/
  2. My first post on here after lurking for sometime. Having not built a car model for many years, I've recently got back into it and this my latest effort. It's the Tamiya kit built pretty much straight from the box with just a few bits of additional piping/cabling in the engine bay. It's an older release of the kit that I think I must have had in my stash for around 20 years, so it didn't have all the additional etched detailed and turned aluminium parts of the latest version. Finish is Zero Paints BRG and AK Extreme Metal Aluminium with MR Colour Super Clear on top. I found the kit to be tricki
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