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  1. Those wheels look superb, I have a few kits with wire wheels that I am avoiding because the spokes don’t look correct. im gonna have to have a go and what you have done.
  2. Thank you all, very humbling comments indeed right whats next in-line for paint and glue.
  3. My first fresh build for many many years, and many more to come hopefully. Final photos in various states of dress before it goes into the display case of "Marital Bliss" the WIP thread
  4. Very nearly done, an update before completion. As said above the blue seat decals I found to be impossible, so I masked off and painted X3 blue. The yellow number board decals also became a bit of a challenge, little bit of touch up here and there needed. All bodywork now klear Koted and flat blacked inside. Just a little bit of detail painting needed on the dummy tank, brackets etc, and the bodywork is ready to be fitted and its final unveiling.
  5. Looks stunning and those display cases are a great idea.
  6. I just seem to struggle with decals on lumps and bumps
  7. Had a go at the blue decals for the seat unit, omg, what a PITA, they’re like a Tom Cruise movie, and I don’t mean top gun. plan B, tamiya X3 appears a very close match so currently back in the masking dept.
  8. masked up and a lick of Italian Racing Red. a light rub down needed then on with the clear cote. A little tip I read on this forum, always in isolation until each piece is sprayed.
  9. Thx Stef, love that red paint, no clear Koat on that either, just the natural finish of the paint. i will be clear coating the other bodywork though, decals protection and all that. looking forward to doing those blue decals
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