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  1. A model of my wife's moped from 1986. Finally got this finished, pleased with the final result and is a good representation of the real thing, although lacking in a lot of detail in parts. Main thing is my wife loves it. WIP link
  2. I've managed to force myself back onto this and try and get it over the line. Back in the body shop for more priming ready for the creamy plastic colour, which I think I've made to creamy. A few more bit and piece's ready for fitting..
  3. That looks superb, the seat doesn’t look very comfy though
  4. Slowly, work and other stuff getting in the way.
  5. Nice work Stef, it looks the part ive been busy with work and decorating last few weeks. literally my spray booth has a chandelier in it today, not quite model friendly
  6. Great result, looks like a real one
  7. What colour have you used for the black vinyl on the seat, bike is looking bang on
  8. Got a bit more done, mainly painting, main body/frame bonded together and filled. I had to fit the stand and rear wheel to join the 2 halves so plenty of masking needed for the final red coat. its starting to look like a moped now...
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