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  1. Hello, Beautiful work and collection it's rare to see this kind of car. The paint work ont the seat is suprising, very realistic, it looks like true leather. Great work on this cars.
  2. Hello, A realistic work on this pick up, rust is done softly. Good idea to create rust hole in the body. Fine work and good weathering. Cheers
  3. Hello, Very good paint job on this figure, original standing
  4. Bonjour Philippe,


    Sur le forum Mustang, tu as mentionné les produits Meguiars pour la finition des modèles . Pourrais-tu m'envoyer le lien vers les références précises auxquelles tu pensais?

    Comme tu l'as vu, j'utilise les chiffons microfibre très doux et épais de chez Auto Finesse (concurrent de Meguiar). Ils sont géniaux pour le lustrage (mieux que les chiffons Tamiya pour cette ultime étape).


    Merci d'avance



  5. Hello, An Aston Martin Vanquish Glass Roof build from a Piranha Models kit. This model doesn't exist in kit, I took a kit from Piranha models, cut the roof and rebuild the details of the dashborad. For the four rims I had the air valve, nuts and AM logo on the center of the wheel Cheers
  6. Hello, Painting body with open parts it's a hard challenge, it's harder on big surface, not an easy task. For sanding I use Micromesh (like you) Mr Hoby and last step Meguiars the scratch remover and polishing products (3 steps). Results are great. Good luck for resolving your paint problem. Merry Christmas Philippe
  7. Interesting subject one of my favorite car. It remember me the TV serie with Patrick Mc Goohan, The prisoner.
  8. Many details and a great work, the engine is empressive
  9. The T800 on his base : I had a great pleasure to build and transform this figure, very intresting
  10. Hello, It's one of my last figure finished at the half or september It's a bust of an exoskeleton of T800 from the film Terminator Genisys form River Horse The figurine is of a remarkable fineness with many details, but the big problem is the moulding of certain details. The pistons are buried in resin and for the majority and they’re not recoverable, so they had to be redone. Work on the arms Modifications on the bust and adding some new parts
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