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  1. I’d love to build a OIF / Iraq 2003-onwards era Chally 2 to go with my Warrior. Sticking in on this thread. Just a word of encouragement, you’re doing great and the PE looks just fine. Keep at it. PS nothing wrong with 40k!
  2. Can relate in a different way. Ive just got back into the hobby after three decades out and one of the things that sticks with me from when I was a ten or eleven year old modeller was that I never had any money. We were pretty poor and seven pounds for a Tamiya kit back in those days was a rare, couple of times a year sort of thing. I couldn’t afford the good paints, tools, gear etc let alone the good kits. No books save for what was at the library (not much) so very much winging it in terms of what things were supposed to look like. It was all brushed Humbrol enamels using the cheap
  3. Hi all, Wondered if you could advise on whether there is such a thing as 1/35 aircraft? I’m a 1/35 military modeller, thinking about a diorama “somewhere in France” with a Luftwaffe flak detachment of a 37mm and 20mm teams set up, having an ammo delivery, Kubelwagen, half track etc, while the rest of the lads sit around playing cards etc. I’d like to model an FW-190A or BF-109G taxiing past them, canopy open, pilot giving them a wave etc which would make it a really interesting scene. Do such aircraft kits exist? Any hints, recommendations?
  4. I’m finishing the Academy one as we speak, and have done some research. What I have found is that few of the Wirbelwinds photographed had camo painted wheels and running gear and that the scheme seems to center around green vertical or diagonal lines moving upwards with some examples also having brown lines. Much of the box art I’ve found is of both brown snd green camo lines but I’m only doing green, and even then heavily filtered and weathered as I find the full shebang of filters and washes etc over both green and brown makes the model look a bit dark and overdone.
  5. Oh mate. I took your advice and gave the Tamiya acrylics a whirl and they went on like absolute poetry. There’s no comparison to Vallejo, they are absolutely different level. It’s literally amazing, thank you so much for your advice. Sticking to Tamiya for airbrush work now. Amazing. The Wirbelwind was so ruined before that I stripped it back to the white primer with an oven cleaner bath and it still came out ruined so I broke it down for spare parts. Suffice to say I resurrected it today and you wouldn’t believe the Lazarus style comeback. It looks sensational
  6. Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate the help.
  7. Silly question but are Tamiya paints acrylic or enamel?
  8. I’m going to do a lot of practice with the AB to improve the skill level and then I’ll know it’s the paint or pressure that’s the issue. My feeling is it’s just a case of trial and error as there are a lot of variables. No substituting for experience I guess. 20 psi worked fine for the base coat etc but I’ll do some experimenting. Re the Tamiya paints, you could be right. I like the Vallejo paints as they mix well and blending is really nice. But I’m struggling to thin them correctly for airbrush use. Either too thick and the AB clogs very quickly, or too thin and it doesn’
  9. I’ll give it a whirl, thanks Jamie.
  10. Believe it or not they don’t sell BluTack here in the NL. It’s annoying, they don’t sell Gillette Gel antiperspirant either. No idea why not. I have to buy it off EBay and gave it shipped. Would I be right in thinking BluTack masking is what it sounds like, ie: rolling sausages of the BluTack and using it to create the lines for the patterns to spray inside? Presumably it needs to be properly flush with the model surface to stop it seeping away? Anything else I need to be aware of? Anyway I’ll give it a go, thanks.
  11. Ok so I had a really nice Wirbelwind build, all was going fine and I was pleased with the primer coat and base layers. It looked great. This was only the second time/build I’ve used an airbrush and all my experience on painting camo on models has been with a brush more than 30 years ago. I tried it on the Wirbelwind, Vallejo model air grun green with a dash of olive grun added to simulate fade. New Vallejo/H&S Ultra brush, 2bar/20psi and being gentle with the power. I figured it needed to be quite small, tight lines that I’d only need to go over once. I stated spraying and it was
  12. I was in Halifax NS last summer, lovely people, fantastic beer.
  13. That Maiden Spit is epic. You’re a super fan like me then. Its funny, was just saying to my Mrs the other day when we heard Churchill’s speech on a documentary I can’t hear him say the words now without expecting THAT intro. My Powerslave tattoo - https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/902040/436DB239-E228-4C36-8199-8CA83F52F222.png Danke schoen Andre
  14. Thanks mate - where in Western Canada are you hailing from? Vancouver is one of my all time cities. Amazing city, amazing people. I’ve been a Canucks fan ever since.
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