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  1. so more of an update, and I am regretting these metal tracks now....the clean up and hole drilling is turning into a nightmare....ive managed to snap two bits already so far, altho that is more likely cause of my hamfistedness. So no updates I am afraid or new pics for the moment
  2. I'd suggest a google of UAE Leclerc tanks. As with the majority of modern armour I suspect there aren't any significant changes outside of a paint job, but checking images will tell you either way. Good luck, will be interested to follow if you do a WiP thread
  3. Ah yeah! I can get at those, I also didnt glue those so can pop em off and on if I need to
  4. eeeerrrrrrrr......... Just had a panic, but on the RFM challie there is no way not to have an overhang? Unless you mean the armoured skirts, in which case they are separate and haven't been glued yet
  5. Bit of an update - got the rest of the model built, only thing left now are the tracks. I am very torn on whether I be brave and try and figure out some way of doing barracuda netting, or whether I leave it as not fully TES and just add some anti slip texture then paint.... Can't add any pictures, because one drive is being weird and not loading pics properly....
  6. Thanks! Any particular pigment you used, or did you just experiment with various?
  7. some people have been playing a bit too much ARMA 3 looks really interesting and would make an interesting challenge to paint haha
  8. This is fantastic. If I may ask, how did you get the lovely looking dust effect on the weathering? Mipps
  9. Ta Yeah, screw doing that much PE...I have had to give up on some elements, especially the piece that ran to the front of the side skirt Dorechester plate....that one just didnt work, had no bend points and resulted in me nearly ruining one of the key parts of the model. Might end up looking a little odd because part of the skirt has nice detailing on top and the front half doesnt....but nothing I can do about it now
  10. This is fantastic! Love the scenic base
  11. Cheers - quite enjoying the kit so far! For the metal tracks, do you ever secure the pins or do you rely on friction? Thanks
  12. Cheers for the info about the fuel cans. Had couple of busy days at work but managed to crack on over the weekend and get the lower hull progressed. Hopefully I am out of the "upside down instructions" purgatory! I was umming and aaahhing about cutting the little nubs that locate the suspension arms to allow some movement, but i figured that for a first model I wouldn't try a complicated diorama with funky suspension settings And, a most exciting/daunting parcel arrived....
  13. did a few mins at lunch after the PE advice and got the couple of PE bits folded and attached. They arent straight which is bugging me, but I don't know how visible that will be on the final model...also, the "upside down" instructions have been seriously messing with my monkey brain! Quesiton -Jerry and water cans, are these generally just the same Green as the rest of the vehicle (in the UK) or are they different? I am wondering whether to leave the Jerry cans off to paint seperately
  14. Correct, no bending tool as it's my first time - I will give it a try with other solutions! You mad man!!!! I looked at a review of the upgrade saw that it was individually building the bar armour and noped the hell out! Otherwise I had an evening of doing some build and it is very slow right now. Probably my lack of familiarity with these types of kit so things are being done one piece at a time as opposed to a warhammer kit where I snip all and go for it! Had 4 panic moments as my fat sausage fingers resulted in my dropping some teeny tiny pieces onto my biege carpets
  15. Thanks Haha, I am struggling with it now, so I can show you what not to do hah! Thanks, i really enjoyed your Chally Mk1 build thread, loads of great things in there, I can only hope I can get somewhere near what you achieved Soooooooo.....Time for my first question all. As a complete scrub I have run face first into my first bit of Brass etch, how in the hell do I bend these to shape? Also, I assume I bend in towards the score lines? So what tips can you share for keeping nice crisp edges and corners?
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