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  1. Well I've run out of superlatives so what can I say!? Not bad, not bad at all!๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. Good morning all! I've some more of this build to share so here goes. The build is progressing painfully slowly but it's getting there. I noticed that the kit is missing this rear light (pictured below). It's apparently a spotlight used to blind a pursuing driver in the event of a car chase. No I'm not making it up! I've no idea how practical this would be. The kit has a peg molded onto the rear side of the fuel tank housing, below the towing hook, which corresponds with a black and white drawing of the car available online but the position doesn't look right. No light is included with the kit so it was possibly an oversight? A SU122 light from the spares box came to the rescue with a conveniently attached bracket. And in place. Next up are the alterations to the headlights and horn positions. The horns needed moving outwards to create room for the jerry cans that were sometimes carried in front of the radiator. I've removed the horns and cleaned up the rail and added new brackets with spare PE. The clear parts for the light lenses have no detail on them so I've added the light shrouds using Revell tape. (other brands available). The jerry can rack on some G4 examples is an extension made to the license plate frame. The kit parts are very heavy so I used them as a template to fashion new ones from spare PE. The new frame attached with gerry cans from 'Battlefield Models' to check the fit. The G4 has a series of vents running along the sides of the hood. The front two on each side open forward and the rest open back to provide additional ventilation. I figured this would be a nice detail to add on the closed side of the bonnet. I drilled out the front two vents and added the flanges. Two new vents cut and checked for fit. And glued into place with plastic rod stays. I think these vents were manually operated and not controlled from the dash? So moving on to paint. I had a go at weathering the underside which was a bit of a disaster when it came to sealing it with what was either a dodgy matt varnish or my impatience with letting everything dry?! I used AK dirt and dust deposits liberally and well it's ok but needs more work. I guess as it's never going to be seen in the end so there's no harm in experimenting. I think I'm done with painting and weathering the engine bay. I've forgotten to add the claxon! The last of the lines have been added. There is still the steering column and steering linkages to add but things are looking suitably busy I think. Lastly there's the Notek light. This has come courtesy of the Italeri Opel Blitz kit. There are two provided so the Blitz kit can still be completed without needing to make another Notek. I've added a few details as the light is quite prominent. That's it for now. Bon weekend and thanks for looking
  3. Really nice work. I think it's going to look great under paint ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  4. Good afternoon everyone. Some more on the G4. Finally got some paint on after procrastinating on how the best way to proceed with it. A final tweak to one of the kit parts was the radiator fan which in my haste to get it to paint I nearly forgot. As you can see the part looks like a ring of choc ices!? I tried to thin them and made a pigs ear out of it so more drastic action was required. Each of the blades was removed leaving a stub for the new blades. And with new blades. 0.4mm plastic card Trying to work out a paint sequence has been a bit of a head scratcher mainly because the mudguards are molded to the chassis. I've opted to paint all of the underside of the car in semi-gloss black Tamiya lacquer paint, including the underside of the mudguards. It's simplified masking no end and once weathered whether this is correct or not will be moot I think. The chassis was a semi gloss black on the cars anyway. I've opted to add as much as I can to the chassis at this point that has a black finish on it. According to the reference material I have, the two rods running from the wishbone mounts to the differentials are opposite to what the instructions indicate. An easy fix. I've laid down some base colours so don't be alarmed by the finish. It's really too much at the moment. I'll tone it all down with oils after it's been sealed with varnish. The steel is MIG metal acrylic colour and the pipes are brush painted Humbrol antique bronze. The engine took some creative masking. I cleaned it up and picked out details with a brush. I'm thinking that a grayish wash may bring out the details as a contrast to all the black? Any suggestions with this welcome. That's all for now and thanks for looking
  5. Triumph 3HW 1/9 aftermarket business in the offing!? APADesign.......๐Ÿคช
  6. Are the pannier frames scratch built?๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  7. A save is a save! Keep going! It's going to be epic once finished. No pressure๐Ÿ˜† Jokes aside, don't give up, surely this model deserves better than a dusty shelf!?
  8. I guess it's just about having a go. Aside from the wheels there just isn't any aftermarket for this particular kit. Everything I've added is as cheap as chips. Evergreen, sprue the odd bit of brass and stuff from the spares box. There's nothing to loose really, pocket wise. What is vital in these things is good reference material. Thanks Goser๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Thanks John. The lettering was incredibly fiddly but worth the effort I think ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. Good morning all! Here's hoping you're all well. I've been chipping away at this model and I think I'm ready for some paint in the engine bay. That will be the next post. I've come to the conclusion the only way to paint this model going forward is to use the hood and sides of the engine cover as masks before making any major alterations to them. So without further ado here's where I'm at..... The first thing to be tackled was the cars horn. The reference book I'm using has the G4 given to Franco in 1941 and according to the book is the most wholly complete and original remaining example in the world. The 'horns' on Franco's G4 look, to my eye, to be newer additions to the car which raises the question, although this G4 is as a whole completely original, has the horn been changed since 1941? I ask this for two reasons. The horns look more like something you would find on a Rolls Royce and the images I have of the G4 from back in the day show a Bosch FK12D 1 klaxon. This incidentally is what is provided in the kit. Yes I know, there is no turning back now! Full geekery has been embraced. A point of note is that Franco's G4 also has an air raid siren fitted to the engine bay. As you can see, there is room for improvement. This is the real thing. It never ceases to amaze what you can find on Ebay! And after some fettling. The exact positioning of the horn was the next question. I initially made a bracket for it using Franco's G4 for reference but the horn clashed with the exhaust manifolds so a rethink was required. Below is the first attempt. This is pure speculation. The firewall has some sort of bracket to the right of the left firewall brace. Pictured below. It appears to be redundant on the completed car. Combined with this image I don't think that it's beyond the bounds of probability that even if the horn wasn't mounted to the bracket it has something to do with it. It's interesting that the horn is not parallel with the engine block!? It's too low to be conforming with the shape of the hood so maybe someone was having a bad day? Second attempt below. I've just made this from styrene as the horn will cover the top of it. The white rectangle is the technical spec plaque. Next up the opposite side of the engine has had a little tweaking. The air filter has had a piece of spare PE cut to size and added with a styrene strip added to represent the retaining clip?, later removed because it clashed with the manifolds. The updraft carburetor remodeled. Far from perfect but visually an improvement. Some more detailing to the fire wall includes this return loop? of some sort that fills a space under the reserve fuel tank. The real thing has some kind of fibrous string wrapped around it. I've used Tamiya tape, 0.5mm brass rod and sprue to make this. Fuel pump with added PE bracket from spares. And finally because I like torturing myself some 1mm PE capitol letters courtesy of AccurateArmour. And everything dry fitted together. There are a lot of missing details on this side of the engine that you could really go to town on if you so chose but I'm going to leave it as it is. Bon weekend and thanks for looking
  11. I need to pay more attention to this part of the forum. I can't keep up with the output! A very nice model John. It's great to see a model that looks like it actually works๐Ÿ˜Ž
  12. Really nice work! I really enjoyed building one of Takoms big guns and judging by your efforts you have too. Inspirational ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  13. Good evening. A small update. I long session Sunday spent switching between the few images I have resulted in a scratch built thermostat. There was a lot of speculation as to the shape of the bottom of it and I think there should be a small hose attached to the underside. As I've no images to show where it might go, it's been left off. Constructed from the usual sprue and evergreen. The hose was made from heated and stretched sprue. Its overall length looks a little short but after the effort in getting it and everything else aligned, I can live with it. And all together Some additional bits to the firewall. No idea what any of them are for or why the hooks/hangers are at different heights. There is only a bracket for the horn to scratch build and the horn to add to the firewall on the left at this point. As this side of the engine bay will be covered by the hood I will do a little additional modelling but don't see the point in going crazy with it. Until next time thanks for looking
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