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  1. Stunning build as always Spadge! Needed a mojo kicker and this was just what I needed. Have I ever told you it's your fault I got back into modelling (Lancaster build)? Lol
  2. Looks like a tasty build. If you haven't yet heard the song Night Witches by Sabaton then I would highly recommend it. If you don't mind hard rock of course.
  3. Glad to see that this build is still ongoing! Good job bud. And glad to hear you're recovering well
  4. Just twigged that this one is actually from the IL ANG I believe. Build looks fab so far mate
  5. Lovely build of the Fulmar there bud.
  6. Lovely work so far. I must admit that seeing the ill-fitting nature of this kit is enough to leave me content with the other sanding sessions in a box I've already got to build!
  7. Oooh I'm in! Sounds like just the right inspiration for my AW109! Whilst not a Babcock aircraft, we do have a locally based NPAS chopper and they do have a lot of riveting on them but are kept in extremely good nick. Could only tell when I zoomed in on the photos I took!
  8. Very impressive work! Apologies for missing out on several updates. I got stuck over in Audaxland as some fool put a lovely plane on display but didn't arrange any transport! Just a quick question, you keep mentioning an abbreviation when you talk about sanding. What does it stand for? Or is it just gibberish?
  9. Well if you hand design the parts to build the nose from 3D printing that's still scratching it in my book! Either way, loving the build. Just finished reading your CA Vampire build!
  10. This is pretty much a carbon copy of the first model I made when returning to the hobby. XA160 painted with Citadel White and Humbrol Emerald. Albeit, I did make mine wheels up and mounted it on a coat hangar. I left mine gloss in the end as I prefer that look for display purposes (satin/gloss)
  11. I'd be fuming with that resin set pal. Did you speak to the vendor about it?
  12. Sorry to hear about the surgery. But the build looks good at least!
  13. A fantastic looking build so far. I had the pleasure of seeing a Wessex today and the similarity is striking!
  14. Modelling anything that depicts the Holocaust or Persecution of the Jews is a risk that requires good execution. Whilst I am not familiar with the story at all, I think the quote on the base makes it very clear as to the intent. If you don't feel anything when seeing dioramas like this, then the problem isn't the builder. As a vignette, it evokes emotion and that is evident of a well thought out scene. @diehard I like this diorama. The execution, in my opinion, is to the point and well done. Good build sir. But expect the more sensitive of souls to not like this purely based on the subject.
  15. A big buff? I'm in! Looks great so far!
  16. Any issues with them attacking acrylic paints?
  17. Hi all, I love the ergonomics of the Tamiya TET style bottles. Does anyone know of somewhere I can order this type of bottle including a brush? It'll be used for Set & Sol if I can find them. Cheers all!
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