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  1. When I did my Su27 I looked at a bunch of pictures and found that there was a lot of variation from the very blue to the very green and everywhere in between. I just mixed blue and green until I got something appropriately hideous...
  2. Managed to get a couple of pictures in natural light today.
  3. I'll see what I can manage in the next couple of days. Unfortunately just my phone camera, and the pictures always seem much better on the phone screen than when I see them on the computer...
  4. Actually I think my largest impediment was running out of Tamiya primer just before lockdown, so I had to brush on Revell Aqua primer. The paint did stick though, so I guess it all worked out.
  5. I have many shades of 'metal' and I think I used them all. I think it was Tamiya gunmetal, Revell steel, aluminium and silver. I especially like the revell steel and aluminium. Brush painting the Tamiya acrylics can be a bit of a trial, it almost dries too quickly so you end up brushing 'soft' paint and getting brush marks and bad coverage. The painting/decal guide was a bit tricky as some of the panel lines on the model didn't seem to match the ones on the diagram. That and there is a decal that goes underneath the ventral tank but I didn't find out about that until I'd firml
  6. Well, it's as done as it's getting. Paints mostly Revell with a few Tamiya thrown in, acrylics all the way. Interior green was mixed from a selection of greens and blues until I ended up with something obnoxious enough. Main gray miced as per the instructions. Made a bit of a mess of the intakes/fuselage which means there are a couple of gaps in there, and a bit sketchy around the wing fuselage junction on the underside. Had to create one of the camera windows 'manually' with some hacking and micro krystal clear. If I'd realised earlier that it needed done I would have frilled i
  7. I would prefer something more subtle myself. The fuselage perhaps white/off white with the lightning bolt stripe red, then some kind of flag design on the tailplane seems sufficient. Or just keep the fuselage the same and just do something on the tailplane. Those wingtip upsweeps look ripe for a bit of personalisation too.
  8. Thanks. I looked at AKAN when I was doing my Flanker but had trouble finding a source without it being prohibitively expensive on the postage. With a bit of an assault on the front bulkhead I have managed to get it all together. Not perfect by any stretch, but can't blame anyone but me.
  9. I think I was a bit overzealous gluing the intakes into the bulkhead. I'll keep fettling (and following the order in the instructions...) And I should be able to get it all together...
  10. I could get the intakes on, but then couldn't get the cockpit section correctly located. I'm working my way through it a bit at a time. I now have the cockpit and intakes on, but the top of the fuselage won't sit down on top of the intakes correctly. I'll continue wrangling and I'll get there eventually. I am wholly willing to accept it is probably something I did wrong that would have made it all a bit easier. I did make a tactical mistake putting the nosecone on before I mounted the cockpit section to the front bulkhead, as it would have been easier to manhandle without the big pointy bit.
  11. Having had a go at piecing together the nose, intakes and bottom of the fuselage I can only conclude this model was designed by someone who hates people who make models...
  12. I went for the 50:50 371:374 mix the instructions suggested. Not convinced I got as much as 50% 374 in it, but I made a boat load, so I'll bash on anyway.
  13. Guess I'll need to bite the bullet and get mixing. Hopefully I can mix enough that it ends up at least all the one colour... Ish...
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