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  1. Absolutely superb! I really like the red coat, really struggling to get my red uniforms to look natural, so will be looking at this work for reference for a long time. Really great, thanks for sharing.
  2. That's an amazing job. Love the detailed panels and the cockpit is superb. Thanks.
  3. Hi Jean, yes I have been 'creative' with the grey and white limits. I just couldn't get another boundary to look right. There were so many different paint schemes that I bet there was a straight line somewhere and thought I'd get away with it! Ha! It looked such a good kit in the bag that I couldn't let it pass. I've not done US jets before, but at the Bovington model show last weekend I found a Dragonfly, Voodoo and a Phantom! Not that I need anymore kits in my collection. Thanks. Geoff
  4. I've just finished this model that I found at the Poole Vikings model show in Spring 2018. I've found out that the sculptor was Maurice Corry in 120mm. A Rifle Brigade officer from the Crimean War of 1854. I must admit, I'm quite happy with this one. This is the first figure model I've completed for a number of years - well, 35 years to be exact. I used to spend all my schoolboy pocket money on Historex 54mm models in the mid-1980s and now, as my teenage son has got into Airfix, I've found the bug again and really enjoying it. I used Windsor and Newton acrylics for the colours and the Vallejo Model Colour face painting set. I now have a growing set of Vallejo Model Colours as I think they are great acrylics for brush work. I have invested in a good set of sable brushes, but the best investment has been the head-mounted LED magnifying glasses - eyesight not what it was when I was 16 years old! I struggled with the eyes for a while and will try and work on not having such a startled look. Only practice will help here, I think! Have a look at Dan Capuano's site for an amazing example that I used for reference and inspiration! http://dancapuanofineminiatures.blogspot.com I also saw this photo from the Royal Collections Trust of a Major Woodford in the Crimean War. His pose and uniform look a great reference for the sculptor.
  5. Stars and bars upside down! So they are! What a schoolboy error!
  6. First completion of 2019, an old Airfix 1/72nd F14A Tomcat. I chose the 'Top Hatters' decals from the newer Airfix kit as the original decals were far too yellowed. I found this kit in a freezer bag, under a club table at the last South West Model Show that was held in the Fleet Air Arm Museum a few years ago, only a few pounds.
  7. This is amazing work and I think my favourite so far this year. I can't believe it is only 54mm! So accurate. Thanks for sharing.
  8. This is great. I too really like the glossy tone of the windsheeter or rain mac. I also like your use of a lighter green on the mac, adds impact and will stand out on the shelf.
  9. Excellent figure! I like the detail on the rifles. Superb!
  10. Superb! Shading and panel detail are excellent. Great photography too.
  11. Coming along brilliantly. There is so much more detail in this kit than the old Airfix one I'm doing.
  12. Looking really good. I really like the plasticard idea, never thought of that before, I've normally been quite free with the putty. One thing about the Tomcat I like is that there were so many different variations of paint schemes both afloat and on shore-based stations that no one can say your scheme isn't historically correct, if it's not quite as the box art. Ha!
  13. Looking forward to seeing this progress. I'm making the first issue (I think) Airfix 1/72 Tomcat (white sprues) but with the second issue 'Tophatters' decals. Just can't seem to get it finished though and making silly mistakes. Thanks.
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