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  1. Lookin good! Nice clean paint job. How'd you accomplish the rough edges on the DDay stripes?
  2. It was fixed right after Ratch's post. Sorry!
  3. Wings are on the Blue Nosed B of Bodney. Think I am going to attack the missing screw (from sanding) around the cowl pieces with fine drill bits. Got some on order as my set is missing a few of the smaller ones. Might do some searching for smaller hypodermic tubing tomorrow, maybe with that I can replicated the ring shape Tamiya has. Wings are on the Bluenosed P-51B by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  4. On this Tamiya P-51B........anyone have any thoughts on replacing the bolt/screw heads, say on the cowl area after sanding/cleanup? I thought about a piece of hypodermic tubing and just pressing in, but I don't have one that small. Lightly with a drill bit and call it good? They look like nothing more than a ring indentation in it. Ideas? Thanks!
  5. Sweet! I was gonna respond today and ask if you had any references for it as I hadn't found any yet. Probably have a True Details in the stash I could of ref'd. Assume this just mounts behind the seat/support bar structure. Thanks again!
  6. Cockpit is done on the A-36. Tamiya Dark Green 2 was the color of choice. Ultracast resin seat, early version. On hold for a bit until the Quickboost gun barrels arrive (somewhere in the mail world). The assembly of the cockpit just seems odd to me. Might be a little finicky on those two pieces towards the aft. A-36 Cockpit Complete by Jim Fox, on Flickr A-36 Cockpit Complete by Jim Fox, on Flickr A-36 Cockpit Complete by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  7. While bouncing back and forth between this build and the 1/48 A-36 Apache build I've managed to get a little more done on the Bluenosed P-51B. Did manage to replace the molded gun barrels with hypodermic tubing. Don't know about anyone else, but I always seem to beat up the molded ones while sanding the leading edges of the wing. So this hypodermic tubing should be tough to mess up too much. Got a little whoopsie on the fuselage that hopefully fixes easy, then I'll start assembling the wings this afternoon. Pre-wing assembly by Jim Fox, on Flickr
  8. Sweet! Always wanted to build one. Years ago I bought the conversion resin for one...........what was it............Just Plane Stuff? Then the HobbyBoss came out.
  9. No personal use here, only what I've read about. The gist on how to use is to say spray aluminum color, spray this over it, spray your top color, then start chipping away at the top color to reveal the aluminum underneath.
  10. Well............I'm just gonna go gather all my modeling stuff up in a pile on the lawn and light a match. I give up! Brilliant!
  11. What's going on with this one? Looks like it had cover over the exhaust for night flying.
  12. Nicely done! Like the NMF finish on it. What did you use for it? Jets like this (and 84, 86, etc) looks so much cooler than newer stuff.
  13. Should of written that differently. More or less, I could see their was a slight difference rather than you can see.
  14. Well, came home from work and picked up the pieces and made it work Fuselage is all glued up too. The top of the cockpit is just a tad bit to wide which is weird because all the seams touch. You can see that the canopy is just a tad bit skinnier than fuselage. Maybe it's the glass. But with a open canopy it shouldn't be too noticeable.
  15. Yeah, here I was minding my own business and bam! Idea put into my head! You'd think someone put free liquor in front of my face the way I jumped in! THANKS A LOT!
  16. Ok, call me crazy...........but I am going to dive in with #2 for this GB. What am I thinking? Accurate Miniatures A-36 with a few extra bits. - Kit cockpit, other than seat. - Ultracast Early Seat has two in the package so I will just use that for the seat. That way I don't have to mess with PE belts. - Superscale's 48-1090 sheet. (Ebay) - Not sure which bird yet, maybe #3. - Quickboost Exhausts (Ebay) - Quickboost Gun Barrels (Ebay) I'll at least get the interior worked up but may have to halt their until I get back from Vacation in Arizona because of Ebay stuff. Decal sheet
  17. I have had this bottle of Mr Color Flat for a quite a few years. Don't think I've ever opened it until the other day. I was surprised it wasn't water like. But then again I have never used it. It does have the cloudy look but wasn't concerned about that.
  18. I want to build the P-51B Bald Eagle in Blue too...........just to stir things up a bit.
  19. I might entertain such a build. Was just eyeing the stash after I got home from work last night. Need to find a decent scheme though......simple OD/Gray schemes don't really do it for me though. Not that their is much choice with that variant. Even if I could find something OD/Gray with a little more visual interest.
  20. PLEASE STAND BY Woke up early this morning still none to happy about the whole thing, but maybe with some less jaded eyes. Pulled it outta the trash and surveyed the situation. Everything seems to come off the rails when you try to put the instrument panel in. One side doesn't want to seat fully. So I cleaned out the offending side (more like removed) and I think I can salvage it. Rudder pedals are no more, not that you can see them anyway. One went flying under the propulsion of man after the side arm got bent enough and broke. The other got yanked off in disgust. PLEASE STAND BY Thanks @gingerbob for the offer. I might just be salvaging this thing yet. Everybody cross those fingers.
  21. That's me waving bye bye to the P-51. It's now in the trash. I'm done with it! Fought the Aires set for several hours, thought I had it fitting right. Forgot the two inner radiator parts, fortunately could still pry it apart. Fought me tooth and nail after getting those parts in. Oh well, thought the interior looked good too. Never using that set again! I'll save the other resin for another day. Might get another one, replace the seat (it's not in the trash). Not sure yet. Leave in a week for Christmas vacation so even if I got another Tamiya P-51B, wouldn't have a lot of time. We'll see. Got lots of Accurate Miniatures P-51s sitting in the stash.
  22. I could see the following being attempted.....depending how the foray back into model building goes. I really need to work on the house some more though. In the Navy GB - don't know what though. Have a 1/48 Hase F6F-3, 1/48 Hobbyboss F4F-3 (Late) in the stash already. I could dive into my first ship ever. Do have a 1/700 USS Minneapolis and a 1/350 Tamiya USS Fletcher with Eduard Photoetch. Spitfire/Seafire - maybe a Mk 1 as I just got the Iliad Designs 1/48 Odd Ball Spitfire sheet but no kit. I do have a 1/48 Hase Vb Trop sitting on the shelf. Might be interested in......but no ideas what they would be. Battle of Britain Vietnam MTO III The summer ones might be tough though. My sister and niece always visit in the summer for close to a month long and I'd have to go through their room to get to my model room. I could move it for the month. Plus, if it was like this summer, which it probably will be, every other weekend I'm up north camping, kayaking and drinking.
  23. My vote is the D, but that is only because I've never really liked the profile of the H.......that back lower portion being straighter just is "yuck" to me. But I also have issues..........so they say.
  24. Coming along nicely. About ready to assembly the fuselage and attach the wings on mine.
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