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  1. Well kids, I am not going to make this one. I'm close though. Decaling is in process, bottom roundels are fighting me tooth and nail. I've lost count as to how many times I've pricked, sliced, put softener (Mr Softer, MicroSol and Solvaset) on them. They are getting close though. But I will now be outta town for the weekend so no modeling time before the deadline. Look forward to seeing everyone else's when I return.
  2. Very nice! Like the scheme! Chose a blue Malta scheme myself. Get away from the camo'd Spits!
  3. Lately I do to......don't remember having nearly the problems like I do now. And I seem to struggle with multi part Masks too. Can't win it seems.
  4. Since my long hiatus I seem to have nothing but problems with decals no settling, weird bubbles, etc. Part of me wonders if it's paint/clear coat. In the old days it was Model Master Enamels and brushed on Future clear coats. Didn't seem like I had as many issues. Now it's mainly Tamiya, although after using some Mr Color, I might switch to that if I can find stock, it sprays way smoother. So basically these are my steps. 1. Dip decal in warm water for maybe 10 secs and set it aside. 2. Maybe after 30-60 secs I check if it slides. 3. If it doesn't slide I give it a quick dip again, 1-2 secs. 4. Spread some Micro Set (Blue Bottle) over the area. 4a: In the past I think I did water instead of MicroSet. 5. Slide decal onto model 6. Roll with a cotton bud to release air (usually it looks great, minus sinking into the panel lines) 7. Usually let it set 5-10 mins until it looks dry, them moisten with MicroSol (Red Bottle) Then from there it just depends. Pin gentleman's parts here, little slice here, some more MicroSol. Old timer told me to run your finger nail down the panel lines, so I do that before another application of MicroSol. I did an application of Solvaset last night as these Print Scale decals didn't seem to want to settle much. Got real wrinkly along one panel line. Trying to fix that now. I do have some of the Mr Mark Setter and Mr Mark Softer coming to try.......never have used those. And the problem usually with the bigger decals like Stars N Bars and Roundels. Very frustrating!
  5. Greeting! Where at in Michigan? Kalamazoo here!
  6. Coming along nice...........just wrapped up the camo painting on mine yesterday. Pretty decent kit over all, fit wise. Except these separate fuselage/upper cockpit pieces. Had to do quite a bit of work to smooth those out.
  7. Like this one.......less noticeable today, but it is still slightly visible. Had to get the right angle to see it better. I don't notice the ones on the wings. Just this one.
  8. Trying to finish the Spitfire before the GB end. Fortunately it does come with a 3 blade prop.
  9. Made some progress on the Typhoon over the past couple months, in between this and that. Today's progress while waiting for the Spitfire to sit a bit.
  10. I also got a question. I did some hair spray chipping on this, post pictures. I'm hoping the water ring that is left will go away with a clear coat? Please tell me yes!
  11. Been very lacking on pics for this build. Had some cockpit pics but what happy with them........photographically speaking. Only real issues I had was the trop nose piece and the wing to fuselage fit. The wing root need filling and rescribing. This is my interpretation of the Malta Blue, take it for what it's worth. I know, a big old can of worms when it comes to that. Mine was a mix of Tamiya Sea Blue and Tamiya Flat Blue. Think I started about 2:1 but I'm thinking in the end it was probably more close to 50/50. Then a lightened version to add some fade to it. Gray was Tamiya Sky Gray.
  12. I should of been more specific.........never totally happy with them photographically speaking. In the process of painting the fuselage. I'll take some pics here soon before decals go on.
  13. So is it bad that, other than the initial post of what I am doing for the group build, I haven't posted any updates? I did take some interior pics but never was totally happy with them so I deleted them. Guess I could cover only the painting process as I just started that.
  14. I would of skipped going outside and just called right there!
  15. Been gone all weekend and figured their is no way I was going to paint and weather by the 12th. Now I may have a chance if I can get some motivation!
  16. After building the Eduard 1/48 F6F-3, I had to have another one..........falls together. Also got a decent Ebay deal on a 1/48 Eduard P-51D-5 Profipak. Also got the Falcon 1/48 Canopy Set #31 so I can replace the sliding portion on my Hasegawa Mk V Spitfire.
  17. Yes, the upper cowl piece. It's one part I always struggle with. Lose detail everytime I clean it up. Looks like you handled it very well there!
  18. Dang! How do you make that nose piece work so well? It's one of the downfalls of this kit IMO.
  19. Glad the deadline is the 12th. I was thinking it was earlier. Struggling to work on this one. It's ready for a primer to check. Summer hits and my motivation goes right out the window. Hasegawa Spitfire Vb Trop in Malta markings. Haven't really taken any pictures yet.
  20. Sweet, a Spit/Seafire that's not Camo'd. Not that I'm opposed............just like seeing one not camo'd up. Thus why I am doing a Malta Spitfire.
  21. I made it, I made it, I made it! First one completed in time, granted this was only my 2nd GB. Missed the first one's deadline by a couple weeks. Eduard 1/48 Hellcat is quite the treat!
  22. It's a wrap.......well, before I mess anything else up I'm calling it a wrap. Teaser.....rest is in the gallery or on my Flicker.
  23. Calling this one done! What a sweet kit, minus the wiring harness on the engine (it's omitted on my build, lost patience with it). Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 Profipack w/ kit decals. Only extras are the gun barrels as since I tend to model with the "Bull in a China Shop" mentality...........they got broken off. Still need to figure out stars/bars or stencils. They still plague me. Blues are Mr Color, most everything else is Tamiya. Had the wings all done up nicely then had to touch up and lost the work. Didn't feel like fixing it. Full series of pics here on Flickr
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