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  1. While waiting for a bunch of stuff to dry........pulled this kit out to tinker. Be forewarned that the engine portion if flat out awful! Didn't make it outta step 2 before putting it back in the box and reluctantly on the shelf rather than the trash bin. Two parts are mislabeled for sure. Glue locations you'd have a better shot throwing darts while blind folded and spinning around in circles. Maybe just have to build part of it, since most of it won't be seen anyway. And it's a weird plastic too. Wonder if Roden even tried to build the engine. Fuselage has no locating pins a
  2. Calling those that built the AMT P-40N. What did you do with the Reserve Fuel Tank, part A6? It fits, but there is so much slop side to side, more so at the front. So much that you can't even rest it on the provided tabs. The fuselage isn't bulged out to far because I can place the rear canopy on at it sits perfectly. Also I haven't found any good images in all my references..........but does it but right up to the back of the seat? If so, then it definitely won't touch the provided tabs. It's like I need to add some support in there for it to rest on.
  3. 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Razorback (possible conversion to a C) Eduard Brassin P-51 Bazooka Tubes (for a P-40 build......I hope) Rosie Riveter 0.75mm and 1mm 2 Iwata HP-C+ Needles (apparently I am a bull in a china shop with these needles) 2 Eduard PSP 1/48 Bases
  4. Sorry, its a reference to Trailer Park Boys and former Canadian TV series. Got lots of play in the US too.
  5. Thought about that, right now it has sprue goo in it which when dry should be pretty solid too.
  6. @Corsairfoxfouruncle May patience got the better of me so I went the route of slicing it opening along the seam on that fuselage joint where the wings attach. Went all the way forward and about 1/4" past the back of the wing edge. Then shoved some shims in there. Wing is back on now and I think will be ok for the most part. Any step is super minimal. Just some gaps to clean up. Which is to be expected for removing the wing from the fuselage. EDIT: Just looked again and just a slight ledge on top. Grrr........but way better over all. You can see how far fore and
  7. Coming along nicely. Don't forget the armor plate behind the seat. Built the A-36 in the Mustang GB. They are nice little kit. Really didn't think I likes OD mustangs, but after that I'm kinda digging them.
  8. Well I am a little perplexed this morning. What to do? What to do? Starborad wing fits perfectly. Port wing not so much. Got it glued on only to find a huge step between the wing and fuselage. The wing is taller than the mating location on the fuselage. So after a few drinks with dinner last night, I went and cut the wing back off just to see if I missed something. But based on the pics below, everything is pretty tight together. We are not talking a hairline step, it's a noticeable step. Like maybe 1mm or so. Fortunately it's on the underside so less noticeable if I were
  9. I also was watching Flory's recent weekly show. So wasn't all the time fixing. Few spots of relaxing here and there. I thought about something similar, changing the size of the tabs, but adjusting the slots might be easier. The port wing looks only slightly off on the front and pretty good on the back. Not sure about the other yet.
  10. Should have one of these sets here today. Phew! Didn't look closely at the time, but I think I'm about 1h 30m to 1h 45m into just the fuselage clean up and that's without even tackling the two front upper and lower inserts yet. Minus those two parts I'd say I'm at 90% cleaned up. Just some panel lines (circular to recreate) once the above set shows up. I'm a little worried about the wings. Seems to be a slight step. Debating if their is enough contact to remove the tabs so I can align it all up nicely. As is it, I think their is going to be a gap
  11. So in other words, nothing important being produced by them anymore! I know I know..............the world also has modelers besides us Aircraft guys. It's all good.......shame though, I enjoyed several of their kits over the years.
  12. Forgot I built several Mustangs as well. I remember the 47s having issues, what on the bottom of the fuselage?
  13. Granted I just started really paying attention only in 2019 after barely paying attention for probably 7-10 years. But what happened to Hasegawa? Looking at some things on ScaleMates and a few posts, seems like they aren't releasing anything new. Saw a lot of New Boxes or New Decals in the past few years. Always liked building their stuff. (2 - Spits, 2 P-47s and a Hawker Typhoon). For the most part, their engineering was pretty decent, not Tamiya or Eduard quality, but other than a few minor issues nothing major.
  14. Remember the online builds AM posted to their website? I still have them! SBD, B25, F3F-1, F3F-2 and GulfHawk.
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