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  1. After building the Eduard 1/48 F6F-3, I had to have another one..........falls together. Also got a decent Ebay deal on a 1/48 Eduard P-51D-5 Profipak. Also got the Falcon 1/48 Canopy Set #31 so I can replace the sliding portion on my Hasegawa Mk V Spitfire.
  2. Yes, the upper cowl piece. It's one part I always struggle with. Lose detail everytime I clean it up. Looks like you handled it very well there!
  3. Dang! How do you make that nose piece work so well? It's one of the downfalls of this kit IMO.
  4. Glad the deadline is the 12th. I was thinking it was earlier. Struggling to work on this one. It's ready for a primer to check. Summer hits and my motivation goes right out the window. Hasegawa Spitfire Vb Trop in Malta markings. Haven't really taken any pictures yet.
  5. Sweet, a Spit/Seafire that's not Camo'd. Not that I'm opposed............just like seeing one not camo'd up. Thus why I am doing a Malta Spitfire.
  6. I made it, I made it, I made it! First one completed in time, granted this was only my 2nd GB. Missed the first one's deadline by a couple weeks. Eduard 1/48 Hellcat is quite the treat!
  7. It's a wrap.......well, before I mess anything else up I'm calling it a wrap. Teaser.....rest is in the gallery or on my Flicker.
  8. Calling this one done! What a sweet kit, minus the wiring harness on the engine (it's omitted on my build, lost patience with it). Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 Profipack w/ kit decals. Only extras are the gun barrels as since I tend to model with the "Bull in a China Shop" mentality...........they got broken off. Still need to figure out stars/bars or stencils. They still plague me. Blues are Mr Color, most everything else is Tamiya. Had the wings all done up nicely then had to touch up and lost the work. Didn't feel like fixing it. Full series of pics here on Flickr
  9. Back to this issue I have with masks. It's amazing the problems you solve (sometimes) while taking a shower. Even though I haven't tested the theory, I think I have figured out how to paint stars/bars before the rest of the plane is painted. Paint insiginia blue covering the whole area of the insignia, and then some adjacent area. Put the mask down, pull the white areas and paint the white. Then you can use Tamiya tape to cover up the white area before painting the rest of the aircraft. And boom.....Bob's your uncle! The issue I have, at least with Maketar Masks, is picking up and putting pieces back down. If you were to do Stars/Bars after the whole plane is painted, you'd have to put the whole mask down, including the outside square perimeter, pick up the blue border and white areas. How do you do that and get all the proper pieces to come back up? The masks always seem so sticky and getting the inner portion up seems to fight me and usually ends up ruining the mask. Then you have to lay the center portion down and only pick up the white portion. What's the secret? Alignment is still an issue, but I think with horizontal and vertical tick marks at the corners of the bars and some practice will help with that. Basically, I'm finding, once any portion of the mask is down it's down without major effort and mask damaging results to get it off.
  10. I was thinking more of................when something goes wrong for the umpteenth time, what stops you from dragging you gear, tools, kits, decals, paints........basically everything modeling related..........out into the yard and lighting it on fire? I'm like a bull in a china shop when in comes to knocking fiddly bits off. Then having a hard time getting them back on cause the glue won't stick. Only to knock them off 20 more times. Messing up paint jobs trying new things. Dropping a newly dipped canopy on the floor and having to clean it and start over. Misplacing a tool you were just using. Only been back doing this since what, October and many times I've wanted to take everything to our club meeting and tell people, it's free, take it, I'm done. I've taken a month of breaks (in total) with vacations. Unless it's dealing with photo etch in a cockpit, I actually enjoy the process up until painting and then usually it stalls. On this Hellcat (STGB) I actually was loving it until I screwed up on the weathering trying new things. Once something happens it seems like it's a hassle until the end with less than stellar results.
  11. .........douse it with gasoline and light in all on fire? Modeling wise of course.
  12. The weathering on this Hellcat (Navy GB) is eluding me. Didn't help that I wasn't really thinking when I sprayed Gunze Mr Color over my chipping layer. Harder to chip that stuff back to the chipping layer. Doogs did a great video yesterday on using oils on wing roots and what not. I have now wiped my attempts off 4 times. Everytime I try it and try to blend it, I end up with no texture or variations in tones (guess blotchy for a lack of a better term). I know it takes multiple colors over multiple layers. I'm wondering if it's too glossy? The Mr Color went down so smooth and then with a gloss coat it's smooter than a baby's you know what. Wondering if it isn't enough texture and that's why it ends up being so uniform rather than varied. I don't have the ABT oils he is using, so I am using Winsor Newton Oils, which should get me there in the end. Any thoughts?
  13. That's a good idea. This is one kit that it will definitely work with. Other than the painting and decal issues, this build has been a easy and blast. Just falls together.
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