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  1. Depends on when you notice such thing: before you build the model or after applying final coat of varnish.
  2. If you are going to go with F-105 from Trumpeter please check the reference materials before applying decals: not sure if they corrected the decals today but 3 years ago they had wrong tail codes and profiles for the planes so I went with 3rd party decals. Cybermodeller's review of the kit has details on that. PS: Accuracy of Trumpeter and Hobbyboss color profile research was always something that made me think few times before getting their kit. For example on their 1/144 Tu-95MS on the Russian flag they used white-blue-yellow colors (they corrected this in the recent editions of the kit but I've got the one that had wrong colors)
  3. I did not do the new Aeroflot livery, however when trying to find out S7 colors I came across the link which recommends Revell 54 or Akan BS-108 for the new Aeroflot http://airliner-models.org/forum/topic/3193-цвета-авиакомпаний/
  4. Star means an air to air victory not just the mission.
  5. How many engines on both? Would be interesting to see the results...
  6. What was the quote in the "Inception"? You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger. ? That's GE90 for you. PS: Btw, looks like this 747 was used to test GP7200....
  7. Nice build, however I disagree with you on the look of A350: every time I see it I think about raccoons and those are cute. Unfortunately haven't had a chance to fly those since the airport in our city doesn't fly anything larger the B737-700 or A319.
  8. Очень хорошая и аккуратная модель. Мне кажется или полностью рескрайбнута расшивка? Ну а если покраска всей модели кистью, то я просто снимаю шляпу...
  9. No, does not really makes any sense to me, however if you want to go with a rude interpretation you do not need to change anything in the default spelling since the word rhymes and lot of times used instead of the very bad word.
  10. I would say go with your heart. To help you with the choice you can get the assembly instructions off the scalemates as well as peek into some of the boxes at super-hobby (they have sprue shots in the product description)
  11. I think the problem could be that glow in the dark paints usually should be applied quite thick. However I wonder if somebody makes the decals like this. For example it was one of the selling points for one of the F-14 kits: http://ka-models.co.kr/?product=172-f-14a-plus-tomcat-santacat&ckattempt=1
  12. Revell 1/48 F-14D set with glue and paints. Saw it in the toy shop however parents were bit skeptical about me being able to build it. When my father showed up in my room next morning to "help" me with the build he was surprised to see that I progressed quite far (I woke at about 6 and started the build) and did not need any help. Built it as VF-31, however painted nose in silver instead of black... But what would you expect from a 7 year old?
  13. This name is really good food for thought: it was 13 years between Phantoms and there was nothing common between them, however it is almost 50 years between Eagles...
  14. Usually Kitlinx prices are quite good, however I would wait until it would show up on Sprue Brothers and Mega Hobby since lot of times Kitlinx special order such items thus prices might be a bit higher if the model is not in stock in US. If those prices are quite high on a few occasions I found myself it could be way cheaper to order on the evilBay from a seller in the original country (Zvezda airliners are usually almost twice cheaper in such way).
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