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  1. Does anyone know if there is a model kit to represent a first prototype (T-10-1)?
  2. Trumpeter 1/144 F-117A has quite good USAF pilot https://www.scalemates.com/kits/trumpeter-01330-f-117a-nighthawk--149906 I must admit that I bought couple of these and then invested into blue stuff and green stuff and now have a good supply of the pilots in this scale
  3. Doom3r

    1/144 Su-33?

    Lot of times hasegawa egg planes are close to 144 scale on tail markings. There is a su-33 eggplane so wonder if you can use decals from there (the number under the canopy and navy flag could be bit oversized but I think that number could be reused from the trumpeter/revell kit and flag could be manufactured on your own.
  4. If you are using water soluble acrylics (for example Citadel) you can use wet pallete to keep your paints and paint mixes wet and ready to work with. The longest I had it was a week (actually I had one wet pallete laying around for a month, by the looks of the paint it looked still good but when opened it smelled like a mold got into it so it went stright to the trash can).
  5. Maybe something wrong with my elephants but the gaps are huge. Also in that article photos of assembled elephants for whatever reason positioned in a way that you do not see a join. At least on my elephant in the "rear" area the gap is quite big... I'll try to see if the article's suggestions are going to work.
  6. Hi, Picked up recently a pack of Zvezda's Roman Infantry https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zvezda-8013-roman-infantry--1083319 and a pack of Zvezda's War Elephants https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zvezda-8011-war-elephants-iii-i-bc--191655 ... Thought about making a diorama with those but hit the wall: how do I glue them? This is the 1st time I encounter substance like this. It looks quite soft and slick. I tried Tamiya thin but it had similar effect as water. Tried super glue but it wouldn't hold it together. Tried Green Stuff, JB Weld 2 part 5 minute epoxy, JB Weld KwikWeld & Waterweld. After letting it to cure for a 24 hours (vs 6 hours specified on the box) it doesn't hold too well ( I can get it off withas easy as sticky note) Am I missing something or it is just something that could not be glued? The gaps over there are just way to big to do not do anything about those...
  7. Can you post it somewhere else? Photobucket blurred it out so I can barely recognize Su-27 silhouette (not even mention any text).
  8. Well... there is one in a 144 scale from Eastern Express. From my experience they are hit or miss (and usually have a horrible interior). For example UH-60 is twice expensive than Hasegawa and in my opinion is twice worse (no interior wall details, seats are just a parody of the real thing, no instrument panel details(not even decals), crude cyclist and pedals with no collective, barebone minimum of the exterrior details). In addition to that it is quite rare to see a kit from HobbyBoss/Trumpeter in 72 scale where they wouldn't screw up on the research side: wrong tail numbers for a famous birds, typos and abracadabra in stencil data, etc (the most harmless I've seen was UH-1B medivac with grenade launcher and rocket pods).
  9. If you want to go for a cargo helo you should go for a true cargo helo: Mi-26. Zvezda have it in 72 scale.
  10. For a bad fuselage halfs joins I use sprue goo (a quarter or a third of a bottle of a tamiya extra thin with the sprue cut outs. extra thin melts the sprue pieces an you can use this stuff as a filler). Disadvantages: stuff dries for at least 12 hours and may settle so more than one application may be needed. Advantages: when settled it is almost the same plastic as the rest of the kit so you can sand and rescribe it with the rest of the kit and it would behave the same as the plastic surrounding it
  11. #4: Attention! Opens from cargo cabin. Do not stand under (cargo?) door #5 Open Closed #8 Cut (using axe) here #10 No step! #11 Fuel dump
  12. Doom3r

    Zvezda C-130?

    Do you know which version? H?
  13. Unfortunately I do not know of any specialized railroad hobby shops in my area. And the smallest people that carried by the hobby shops that I have in the area are HO scale so had to try online.
  14. Doom3r

    Zvezda C-130?

    I said "quite good range" meaning that they have a lot of different versions of C-130. As of the quality: I cannot start to build one I have b/c of the issues you mentioned. I really wish that Zvezda would make a new tool but realist in me says that it is going to be Italeri repack.
  15. Having hard time to picture it in my head. Do you have any drawings/pictures on how did it look like?
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