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  1. Not sure how much you can trust Italeri in this matter but they had an option for this color scheme in one of their kits: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/OA-10A-WARTHOG-1061148.html#gallery_start
  2. It just shows that EE prices are not reasonable. Especially since Revell prices are similar to Zvezda. I just wish that there were more companies in this area (for example Trumpeter)
  3. Nice builds. However isn't Revell MiG-31 is actually from Zvezda? If so how is it? I am thinking on starting one right after my current build and wondering how bad/good is it.
  4. Fantastic models! Is there a WIP for one of these? Would be really nice if you could share a process of creating slats, flaps, breaks and reversers of older (like on DC-9) and newer (like on Poseidon) engines
  5. Sorry, but the first thing I thought when I saw the cutouts on the Tristar was that in the real world Langoliers actually caught up with the plane Nice build of one of my favorite planes though.
  6. I've come across the post with few airline colors including Aeroflot when long time ago I was trying to reproduce S7 livery: http://airliner-models.org/forum/topic/3193-цвета-авиакомпаний/?hl=цвета%2Bавиакомпаний&fromsearch=1 . Basically poster suggests that for modern Aeroflot for a base color you need to use any grey color that looks right to you and then put a very fine pearlescent white (for whatever reason google translates it to the "WHITE fine mother-of-pearl") over it. Btw, it would be interesting to see your results b/c I have one in a stash that I put out few years a
  7. Isn't it a standard SIOP scheme? http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/resource.php?r=camo_usaf#siop
  8. Did you try to use spray booth? It can have a really nice filter to filter out all these nasty fumes and even better if you are close to a window it can vent them using nice extention majority of those have.
  9. @mcribas I usually thin Mr. Surface Primer 1000 (or 1500) with Mr Level Thinner somewhere between 1:1-1:2 for my 0.4 mm a/b and spray at low pressure (~15 psi), however if you have a different nozzle size or spray at different pressure you would have to figure out ratio on your own. Other stuff is getting thinned depending on what are you trying to achieve, however I usually thin it to the level that paint does not separate but quite close so I can attack model with multiple thin layers. "Skim milk" is a good starting point but you are going to figure out your own over the time. Another t
  10. Doom3r

    1/144 B52

    Their Banshee (as well as B-47, B-58 and I-16) are old Hobbycraft kits. Good for the time they were released originally but should not be compared against their latest releases like Crusader, Phantom II, Super Hornet or B-1B.
  11. Doom3r

    1/144 B52

    Yes, Minicraft did B-52D/E/F boxings (in both Vietnam war and SAC markings) which are nice, however I meant new releases (GWH & Academy)... Though after checking unboxing video on the Youtube of the GWH model it looks like a marginal upgrade from the Revell one and not a huge leap ahead from the Crown one. The biggest difference is that it has bomb bay, few bumps, pods, latest weapons and gunless tail. What really surprised me is that even they try to do full interior you'd better get crew into those seats that look even worse than Crown's. However it is a welcome addition and hopefully th
  12. Doom3r

    1/144 B52

    Do you know if currently somebody produces NB-52A conversion sets and how to get those (as well as decal sheets)? I am currently have latest repop of this in SAC markings that I would gladly convert to the balls three (since I already have early H built in using old Revell decal sheet "Dear Rocky...") Well, I was trying to be "realistic". However it would be really great if somebody would come up with those in 144 scale.
  13. Doom3r

    1/144 B52

    PS: It is really sad that all these manufacturers think about only latest and greatest H model (with the exception of Minicraft) instead of iconic high tail early model... Not even mentioning "B" model "balls 8" or "A" "balls 3" with X-15...
  14. Doom3r

    1/144 B52

    1/144 Revell B-52H(and G) is out of production ( https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-4584-b-52h-stratofortress--187428 ) and is quite nice model that represents late 80th-early 90th B-52H (and there was a G repack as well). It has nicely detailed wheel wells, vortex generators, rear gun and acceptable for 1/144 scale approximation for pilot's cabin and a modern for that time loadout of AGM-86. People who measured it against drawings say that it is a bit too narrow for the real B-52, however it does look good when is built. 1/144 Minicraft B-52 taking it's roots all the way in 1970 and
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