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  1. Just picked this one up, been painting a 1:1 scale house so not been on lately! I would agree with Bruce and Steve, go fine with the wet’n dry and definitely ditch the Plasticote! My son, who scratch builds sci-fi models now and again had the same problem , final coat crinkling up. I have used SATIN Plasticote over Halford’s primer with no problems but this was on a wooden ship model. Never had a problem with Halfords shake the can paints, you can decant for the airbrush if you want a finer finish and a can goes a long way! Dave
  2. Matt, I assume you have respoked those wheels, how? Dave
  3. Does anyone know of a set of drawings for the Bar class boom defence vessels. I have a profile rigging diagram but can’t find any general arrangement and lines drawings. My father served on them at Scapa Flow during the war and I would like to model one for my grandson. Any help appreciated. Dave
  4. Old Mull


    Can you explain how PMs work, can’t find any info on the site, but there again, I’m a septuagenarian so I.T. is all smoke and mirrors! Anyway! Dave
  5. I’ve used Halfords rattle can clear without much problem on some die cast refurbs. It does take a bit to get it right, suggest trying on an old model to see how far away etc gives the best finish. I find a light mist, let it flash off then a fuller coat to finish. Moving onto a couple of 1/24 plastic car kits, have ordered the appropriate Zero colours but am wondering if anyone has tried Halfords clear over the Zero paint rather than their own 2pack? All suggestions gratefully received, especially if it works! Dave
  6. Oooerr, after seeing that, think I might leave mine in the box! Cracking model, well done.
  7. Cheers chaps, I’ve now got somewhere to start. I have found in my 1/43rd collection, a solid model of the car, will see how that matches. Thanks.
  8. Anyone out there got a paint match for the yellow used on these cars? would prefer a Halfords match or if all else fails, Zero!
  9. Cracking model, brings back ancient memories. I've a photo of me, age 11, sitting in one at RNAS Anthorn! That's a good few years ago. used to watch them at junior school doing mock attacks on the local steelworks, yes, that's how old I am!
  10. Thanks Jamie, you’re welcome. I usually use Halford’s primer, flatted off. So I guess that will be ok, advice much appreciated. Graham, thanks also but I think I will leave it as it is, your posting was more than adequate, you also provided the info, thanks again.. Dave
  11. Thanks for prompt response guys, Colourcoat yellow ordered today, together with quite a few others that I had in humbrol but now defunct. Nice model, Duncan, quite like yellow wings! Any advice on airbrushing Colourcoat, thinners, pressures, primer? By the way, sorry not spelling ‘paint’ properly, been painting a 1/1 scale bathroom all week, so blame it on the fumes, or the couple of stiff whiskeys once the brushes were cleaned! Cheers, Dave
  12. I am rebuilding a Hasagawa 1/32 Boing F4-B4 and would appreciate any info regarding a piant match/mix for the yellow upper surface of the wing. I have seen it shown in various shades of yellow from lemon yellow to orange yellow. Help based on actual evidence would be appreciated. Dave
  13. Old Mull

    Old Mull

    Dan, just picked this up. Yep, some crazy stuff, most of it out of control, crashed and burnt! Well, the fllying models until I realised what they were costing, before proper RC and ARTF. Been a bit of a butterfly with modelling, mostly planes but boats, static and floating, cars 1/43 and 1/24. Some 54mm napolionic figures. First model? Was a cardboard Viking ship with the old man , I got to paint the shields, at 8 years old. Cheers, Dave
  14. Old Mull

    Old Mull

    Anyone out there know of any drawings for Bar class boom defence ships? My father served on them during the war until he was transferred to minesweeping trawlers and spent two years in the North Sea dodging JU 88’s and FW Condors! I have a profile rigging plan but deck plans and lines would be useful.
  15. That Sea Balliol looks great ‘in the air’. Of course, if you build seaplanes you don’t have to worry about the undercarriage!
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