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  1. Hi DA. Glad things are slowly working out even if you still have the inconvenience of work taking valuable time and energy / as do I, which is most inconvenient. I know what you mean about losing the itch.I still stick with WWI but although I have aero plane kits ready to build, I have absolutely zero enthusiasm for them. Vehicles are still my passion, at least for now. Take care.
  2. oh yes, very much looking forward to building this and probably more than one variant. I did build an Airfix one in 2018, adding more detail and using real wood etc... but this kit looks really good. And yes, I like the idea of further versions ie pigeon loft, lorry, etc being produced as DA mentions.
  3. I bought this last week too. Its in the stash, and due to a current 3 scratch builds being finished, plus an OOB on the go, I wont get around to it very soon. So yes please. it would be great to see your build photos. Danke, mein Herr.
  4. oh yes please an Austin in 1:35 would be most welcome. It would save me having to attempt a scratch build...
  5. McNab

    Meng Models

    what about a cutaway model ----------
  6. Another fantastic build, Andy! Top marks and then some. cheers Andrew
  7. How’s it going, DA? Are you ok? I read that you were busy, but the lack of progress in WIP concerns me. I hope you’re ok. cheers Andrew
  8. Very nice modelling; and the subject is fascinating. I look forward to seeing progress! Enjoy! Cheers Andrew
  9. Beautiful, and very tidy modelling going on here! Your PE work if fantastic. cheers Andrew
  10. I doubt very much that l will be disappointed, DA. Perhaps the only disappointment will come from me comparing my efforts to yours cheers Andrew
  11. Hi Nick, the font, or not the font... that is the question l agree that much could have been hand painted and it isn’t unusual to see vehicles marked up in chalk or similar. So much is left to speculation - let us not get started on colours!! on my mind l have ended up just doing what looks right and what pleases me (me, me, it’s all about me) l suppose one could cut masks if one were able, but this one ‘ere isn’t! Far beyond my skills atm. But thank you for the letraset idea l may well use it in the future. cheers Andrew
  12. Thanks guys! I looked at Hannants but couldn’t find anything previously... it looks like they’re perfect for the job
  13. Hi everyone l have been looking for white capital letters and numbers in varying sizes for a few WWI scratch build projects l have in mind. I have looked until blue blue in face, but no luck so far. I work in 1:32 and 1/35 scale. please please help if you can! Thanks in advance Andrew
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