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  1. Hi guys yes thanks, I’ve tried Jadar but they’re sold out of the set I need cheers Andrew
  2. As it turned out, Black Lion had the right package but the wrong decals were inside. Not BL’s fault, rather NPD’s packing error. so if anyone has a set they don’t want or know someone who may do then please pass it on to me thank you ! cheers Andrew
  3. Hi ganevender are you addressing me? If so, then l relied on photos of the original vehicle and then did what l thought looked ok on the interior. As a kerbside model, mine came out ok. But wouldn’t stand up to historical fact! Cheers Andrew
  4. like so many others have said, I’m really and truly enjoying this thread. Your daughter has real talent, and the intimate way you write the thread makes us all feel like we’re there lending a hand ...how big is the shed? Would we all fit in? Thanks so much for sharing this heart warming and ongoing story with all us model nutters. I’m also a bit jealous as none of my children had any interest at all in modelling! Cheers Andrew
  5. Excellence seems to be your standard. I’m running out of superlatives , so I’ll just say brilliant job! cheers Andrew
  6. That’s fantastic too, Andrew oh crap italics. Too lazy to change it now l build everything from WWI but I’m very taken with this little chap. Really nice, well done ! cheers Andrew
  7. Andrew S. Hello that’s a superb job done there! I love the chosen colour scheme, and l will shamelessly copy it! Love it love it love it!! Cheers Andrew
  8. Hi John yes me too... but maybe one may come soon in 1/35? Now where was that box art for a railway wagon, with an Austin AC on the previous wagon? Hmm. cheers Andrew
  9. Looks great so what’s next as they all are saying cheers Andrew
  10. Hi Andy That's fantastic as always! Loving it's 'look'. Cheers Andrew
  11. Your model is possible to sum up in one word: PERFECT! well done, I love it Cheers Andrew
  12. Good afternoon to you what a great little model. I scratch built one in 1/35 scale, the thread is around somewhere; I absolutely love the nutty vehicles that were produced around this time and concentrate on them as model projects. I recently finished (I think they're finished, when do we really know?) 3 more scratch builds. One of a Pierce-Arrow armoured lorry with anti-aircraft gun, a chain driven Wolseley-Peerless armoured truck also with AA armament, and lastly another Pierce-Arrow armoured truck with revolving turret housing a sort of 3 or 6 pounder gun. I will post them in Ready for Inspection when I get around to uploading photos etc. All in all, I am delighted to see another modeller who is interested in this period as we seem to be in the minority on this forum. Keep up the great work! Cheers Andrew
  13. Nice. Got the bus for Christmas, this lorry will certainly be added!
  14. Duh, just realised I’ve been looking at the wrong batch number. They do have them! Thanks again for pushing me in the right direction. Cheers and happy new year.
  15. Thanks very much. I’ve tried Black Lion, they don’t have any as far as l can see. I’ll try the other company you mentioned. Thanks again for your time. cheers Andrew
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