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  1. Hi guys Hope you are all well and modelling away - as I am. Now, do any of you have any experience with building/fitting the above item for your baby French tank? My question is that there are two diagonal spurs on each of the track beds (is that the right word??? I mean the actual flat bit that contacts with the road surface) and I am not sure if they are supposed to be there or not. I have looked up various stock photos but cannot be certain either way. Thanks in advance if one or more of you can help me. Cheers for now AMN
  2. I have a resident at my place of work that raced these beasts back in the day. One of his more concrete memories
  3. McNab

    Varnish has cooked up.... HELP!!

    Anyway… after some umming and arring, and squinting at the problem from different angles, I thought well bugger it, nothing to lose, so I took some masking tape and used it to strip off the varnish. Rather like waxing a bikini line (or so I am reliably informed)Hey presto, it worked, and I am left with a largely rescuable (is that a word?) top wing with all it's acrylic paint intact and only a little renovation work to do. But cor blimey, no more of that Humbrawl stuff, not good for my nerves.
  4. McNab

    Varnish has cooked up.... HELP!!

    no unfortunately it has lifted off the surface and gone wrinkly I think I was probably the last… Still new to this hobby lark and I chose humbrol out of historical ermm, what's the word? habit from those decades ago when I modelled before
  5. McNab

    Varnish has cooked up.... HELP!!

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is where I post such a shout for help but as I couldn't find a 'HELP!' forum I will post it here. Problem: WnW early Snipe. Top wing, painted with Tamiya acrylics, then sprayed with Humbrol gloss enamel varnish. Transfers applied, then sprayed with light coat of Humbrol Matt enamel varnish. Like a hundred times before. Obviously, all normal time spans observed between the above stages. It's cooked up! BwaaaaaaaaaH! Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks in advance A very disappointed modeller
  6. McNab

    1:72 Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    Looks superb!
  7. She's a beauty! I built the same model and chose the same colour scheme but I have had some issues with the main transfers cracking! have you experienced the same?
  8. McNab

    1917 'self-propelled gun' photo

    Interesting looking vehicle… I wouldn't mind trying a scratch build of that one too!
  9. Nothing followed me home …. but last week I was ill with a stomach bug, and as my good lady was going into town I asked if she could pick up a can of varnish from my local porn store- I mean model shop. She did indeed bring the can home, but also surprised me with the Takom mk1 Female tank AND the Roden Holt 75 Tractor, both of which were on my wish list. ...do I really have to explain in detail how much I love her??
  10. McNab

    Oil paint for wood effect.

    ha ha yes I seem to have one of those annoying little bathplugs in my head too, Beardie. And it is NEVER satisfied...
  11. McNab

    Rigging material

    The Uschi rigging is extremely fine - at least the two types I have. .005 and .003 inch. Actually too fine for me in 1/32 or 1/35.... plus the eyes aren't quite as sharp as they once were.
  12. You will enjoy it, Ted. I also built the Bristol M1c which turned out nicely, and I have the Nieuport Bebé waiting to be started sometime in the future. More resin parts in the latter, but the detail is nice throughout all 3 kits. I cannot think of any issues I had with the MS type N, but if I do I will give you a heads up. Have a nice weekend.
  13. nothing followed me home today, but I have built the MS type N from SH and you will not be disappointed! Great little kit and a great little plane albeit prone to overheating!
  14. McNab

    A late introduction

    Hi everyone. I joined a few months back, and only now have I noticed a new members section in which one can present one's credentials... as it were. I seem to be far from alone when I say that I left modelling alone for several decades, and only mid last year picked up this splendid hobby again. Now approaching 60, and with my wife an avid golf fan (me anti-fan) I have been left with an amount of spare time. Well, the original plan was to model whilst Mrs McNab was golfing, but we all know how modelling takes over - including the dining table at times. Having said that, HRH Mrs McNab's sowing machine invariably lives there too. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I said to her that I fancied modelling again, but didn't want to do war machines and weapons of mass destruction.... so yes you guessed it. I am utterly bitten by both Allied planes and AFVs plus trucks and other transport from WWI! I am not quite sure how I got there, but so pleased I did. So... hello to you all! I love the forum, it is a wealth of info and great people.
  15. McNab

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    Hi DA; what scale are these in? Thanks in advance ... I should expand my query, as I have been looking at the resicast Holt tractor for some time, only 2 things put me off. 1. The price. 2. It is resin, and I am currently struggling with Tommys War Crossley in resin, of course. I have returned to modelling after several decades' absence, and the plastic kits I have finished (are they ever REALLY finished??) have gone fine along with some conversions involving a fair bit of scratch building parts. If the Roden Holt tractor is 1/35, and in heavenly plastic then I shall be scuttling off to get one or two!