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  1. I have to say that, as there has been discussion about the various types and also the Roden kits, l am currently losing the will to live as l am battling with the 1914 version by Roden.... ghastly kit. It makes the BL 8” howitzer kit look like a dream by comparison
  2. That looks really really good! I stick to WWI stuff but l love surfing on here and seeing what other people manage to accomplish
  3. Beautiful work there, superb modelling. I don’t do anything other than WWI but l am very taken by your model and the level of workmanship. Excellent!
  4. Actually, it’s not that bad at all. You should have a go! Cheers Andrew
  5. Beautiful and very professional work! Smashing stuff cheers Andrew
  6. Fantastic modelling there, Andy! Beautifully done. Massive thumbs up! cheers Andrew
  7. Obviously l was being very silly as l know you completed an extremely fine job on your scratch build. But a link to it would be appropriate for this thread
  8. It could be worse. Over here, we have Brexit welcome Jordi
  9. Hi Ben and thanks. I know WD and thanks for the reminder! Andrew
  10. Call me shrewd, but l reckon you could probably produce a very fine German tank (WWI) in 1/48 with a bit of work. I know you want to.
  11. Hmm. It’s not that my post was so interesting that it needed to be posted twice. Any how, a heads up for people building the type 2 truck. The radiator seemed to arrive off the line in many forms, so feel free to search and choose. Also, if you are choosing the second livery option , be aware that the ‘number plate’ transfer is extremely fragile and falls apart very quickly. Cut out, and slide onto your prepped backing plate... if lucky, you’ll get it all or most of it to transfer. cheers Andrew
  12. Hi Steve l agree, some British lorries ( not trucks ) would be great to see. Especially at the prices ICM can put them out at. I am currently building the series 2 Liberty. Goes together perfectly as usual. Cheers Andrew
  13. Hi Badger I’m looking forward to this little kit. I have a load of WWI 1/72 kits that l am supposed to work into a diorama at some point in my life... but in all honesty l think possessing said kits is the furthest l may get as l normally work in 1/35 or bigger. Anyway, possession is good, and one can bury oneself in the kits and gloat over them nothing wrong with a bit of gloating cheers Andrew
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