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  1. *quickly scuttles over and registers at Landships II* - why yes of course I am a member The Dorset coast is lovely if that is where you are planning to settle. Good luck and all that! Thanks again.
  2. Doesn't sound like you are sponging at all; in fact you should be receiving your long service medal any day soon! My ex was away most of the time, so I brought up my two (one of each) a lot of the time alone. But I would not change that for anything. Those are times one never gets back. And as you, I had a 3 decade hiatus from modelling but then have returned to the hobby with much gusto and a little more patience - although not enough patience to convert the micro spheres into rivets as you suggest.. I don't have a water filter jug for the very reason you remarked on i.e. micro plastics in the environment, I live dangerously with raw tap water. Regards my modelling, I seem to be stuck in WWI and have developed a fascination for the technical progress that accompanied the period, albeit many laugh at it now. I had two grandfathers in that ghastly affair (and the Boer War before that) who both survived (err yea, obviously, as I am typing this) and I have had much pleasure in creating conversions from the inevitable Airfix AEC bus (battle bus, Pigeon loft and most recently a 3 ton truck) I have one bus left in kit form which I am guarding jealously, as I am sure I will suddenly happen upon a vehicle that the kit can be based upon. Apart from that, I have several armoured cars, 6 tanks, 4 GB and 2 French, Schneider CA 1 and FT-17, one Holt Tractor, a Tommy's War Crossley tender, an American Truck and ambulance, 4 British planes and one French, that lovely little Morane Saulnier. In the stash, I have 2 more planes, 2 more tanks, various Ford model T vehicles, some artillery, and then (all above is 1/32 or 1/35) a bunch of 1/72 models that may one day be used in a diorama. Oh sorry, I started to ramble, so I will shut up now. Thank you so much again for all your help, you are a generous person. I suppose at some point I should post some photos on here of my modelling; I discovered the other day there was a group build for Armistice Day. Sad I missed it. My 3 ton truck would have been entered. Good luck with your home hunting… take your time and get it right! If you are ever in Dorking, Surrey… give me a shout. A. McNab
  3. hi DA wow thanks, how do you get time to model, work, eat and sleep (plus other activities) when you spend so much time answering ignorami like me ? Having said that, I am a little disappointed that you haven't bothered to do the conversion for me… 1:35 dome rivets, sort of this big in real life (holds thumb and forefinger apart)thanks in advance Seriously thank you very much for leading me toward those marvellous looking mouldings, they will do perfectly. Just need to get my Vernier calipers out to check the relative size.
  4. They do look good, DA. I haven't bothered on mine I do have a question for you, though. You seem highly experienced in model making, and I have another question for you: Rivets? 1/35 scale? How do you make them (if you have?) and if not scratched, then where would you get them from ? I have looked and looked. Found some transfers but not sure if they are raised or not, or simply dots on paper… thanks in advance if you can advise
  5. btw there are no numbers on the Fruil castings
  6. Hi DA, thanks for your response. In fact, I wanted the tracks for my Schneider CA as well! I had built the FT-17 by Meng, and as you say the tracks were fine for the kit. But… as the Hobby Boss tracks were not up to scratch and difficult for me to build correctly, I wanted to use the metal tracks either for the FT if they looked good enough or the Schneider. They ended up on the latter mostly because I liked them on there. Regards the flanges, I soon found out about 1 minute after posting my first comment that they were supposed to be there. Thanks you once again for your detailed and informative reply; you are 'une bonne oeuf' as the drivers of the above vehicles would have said :>D
  7. Hi guys Hope you are all well and modelling away - as I am. Now, do any of you have any experience with building/fitting the above item for your baby French tank? My question is that there are two diagonal spurs on each of the track beds (is that the right word??? I mean the actual flat bit that contacts with the road surface) and I am not sure if they are supposed to be there or not. I have looked up various stock photos but cannot be certain either way. Thanks in advance if one or more of you can help me. Cheers for now AMN
  8. I have a resident at my place of work that raced these beasts back in the day. One of his more concrete memories
  9. McNab

    Varnish has cooked up.... HELP!!

    Anyway… after some umming and arring, and squinting at the problem from different angles, I thought well bugger it, nothing to lose, so I took some masking tape and used it to strip off the varnish. Rather like waxing a bikini line (or so I am reliably informed)Hey presto, it worked, and I am left with a largely rescuable (is that a word?) top wing with all it's acrylic paint intact and only a little renovation work to do. But cor blimey, no more of that Humbrawl stuff, not good for my nerves.
  10. McNab

    Varnish has cooked up.... HELP!!

    no unfortunately it has lifted off the surface and gone wrinkly I think I was probably the last… Still new to this hobby lark and I chose humbrol out of historical ermm, what's the word? habit from those decades ago when I modelled before
  11. McNab

    Varnish has cooked up.... HELP!!

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is where I post such a shout for help but as I couldn't find a 'HELP!' forum I will post it here. Problem: WnW early Snipe. Top wing, painted with Tamiya acrylics, then sprayed with Humbrol gloss enamel varnish. Transfers applied, then sprayed with light coat of Humbrol Matt enamel varnish. Like a hundred times before. Obviously, all normal time spans observed between the above stages. It's cooked up! BwaaaaaaaaaH! Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks in advance A very disappointed modeller
  12. McNab

    1:72 Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    Looks superb!
  13. She's a beauty! I built the same model and chose the same colour scheme but I have had some issues with the main transfers cracking! have you experienced the same?
  14. McNab

    1917 'self-propelled gun' photo

    Interesting looking vehicle… I wouldn't mind trying a scratch build of that one too! Update: In fact, I have taken the plunge and decided to build one in 1/35 scale… ok it will not be 100% accurate, but I shall do my best! It will be a lovely addition to my WWI collection of models.
  15. Nothing followed me home …. but last week I was ill with a stomach bug, and as my good lady was going into town I asked if she could pick up a can of varnish from my local porn store- I mean model shop. She did indeed bring the can home, but also surprised me with the Takom mk1 Female tank AND the Roden Holt 75 Tractor, both of which were on my wish list. ...do I really have to explain in detail how much I love her??