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  1. J ust spent the last 20mins sudying this build ,learning some excellent tips on the way, had never thought of looking for a paper model and using it as a template for plastic. Cracking job, looking forward to more installments and any future builds along these lines.
  2. Are you sure they are just new backgrounds, the new pics look really bright like a new paint job, they look fantastic.
  3. very nice pair of trojans you now have
  4. cheers Don will check them out, thought cobra had gone didnt know someone had the moulds
  5. Wow all your painting by brush, didnt think so looking at your builds, how do you get those soft edges on some of the camo jobs such as your vnaf a1-e.?
  6. Nice camo, did you airbrush or brush paint it free hand or mask it.?
  7. Hi gents, I recently found a long forgotten about matchbox skyraider in the attic, my initial thoughts were to sell it but these have now turned to building it. Doing a bit of research i see lots of builds were the front end, even in some cases the wings get swapped for those off a tamiya or a just as old monogram skyraider, what i havent found is why? So what is wrong with the cowling and the wings? and is it a major problem that needs the fix? Should add money is tight so buying a tamiya skyraider just for bits doesnt seem the right thing to be doing. Thanks
  8. Looks great, yet again it proves it doesn't have to be the latest kit on the market to look good with a little bit of effort.
  9. Excellent stuff, ive the marine version in the stash waiting
  10. Found my copy of the magazine, certainly looks sad packed up on oil drums. Anyone interested in the article let me know.
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