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  1. I generally don’t build anything faster than my 90hp automobile, but I think I’ll buy this anyway. I’m sure some future nephew or somesuch will want one someday (I plan to try to get them all into the hobby!).
  2. Lovely models of the, in my opinion, maybe most visually pleasing Japanese design. I hope this will sell well.
  3. I’ve made several orders from Ukraine in the last month, from ebay and hobby shops. I considered whether this was a good idea, but they all had a big ”Note!” saying they are in business, so I they obviously want the orders. Expect delays in transit though.
  4. Being so near completion it would be strange otherwise - Clear Prop also has the advantage of their location. I would be extremely surprised if Arma releases any sort of Yak though.
  5. That would sell well enough to be worth it economically - however there are certainly other subjects that are more lucrative
  6. Torbjorn

    WNW HB W.29

    Page 7 in the instructions has a close-up photo. I expect it to be closed on top, not perforated. You should be able to get a fairly decent dimension estimate based on the colour profiles and images.
  7. Thanks for that Graham, duly saved. Abbott’s article can be found on Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/doc/3806146/The-Camouflage-and-Markings-of-the-Albatros-D-II-Aircraft
  8. No idea about those brands, but I find them quite like new Eduard models in terms of quality.
  9. There is a Val-shape hole in the modern model catalogue of Japanese types. Maybe they want to deviate from making fighters?
  10. I lost interest in writing a progress report - I would have deleted the thread, but it seams impossible. I did however build them, so for completeness sake, here’s the results: The HR model kit was finished as number 0124, a pre-Air Force Dront, in the camoflague of the Army Aviation Company on Malmen. The exact colours are unknown but were shades of middle green and light and dark brown. Below is a contemporary photo of a mock dogfight between two army Dodos, ca 1920: The resin kit was finished as an E 2/A 1 in F4 wing livery. The number 626 was later changed to 458, but initially it was still 626 as evident from a film documenting bombing exercises on the frozen lake also housing the island where F4 was located (about two minutes in): https://www.filmarkivet.se/movies/flygvapnet-25-ar/ Despite both kits being boxed with Swedish markings, they both needed some work to be moulded to Swedish versions: HR models (E 1): -ailerons completely remade -engine is mirrored regarding intake and exhaust -Observer cockpit coaming (0124 did not have a gun mount) -Almost all hatches moved around -markings were masked and painted - flag on the rudder from Bluerider decals (note: kit decals are fine, but I wanted an earlier version) Choroszy (E 2): -Ailerons replaced - centre wing section should stick out in front where the radiator is -The parts of the two wing tanks that are underneath the wing are missing, including lots of piping -Section in front of engine was entirely different and was completely made from scratch -kit decals were used, except rudder bands which had the colours reversed -Scarff gun ring from Eduard. I suspect the Swedes copied it based on British surplus equipment. The gun is a Swedish copy of the Browning machinegun, I used something from the spares box.
  11. Yes, it could be considered taking sides, but also consider: 1) the war is in Ukraine, not in Russia. It’s Ukrainian cities that are being levelled to dust. 2) if you do consider it taking sides, it’s not exactly a controversial choice, considering the UN vote yesterday It’s up to the mods of course - that’ll be my last post on the topic.
  12. It’s a show of support. Not “oh cool a new war to make models for”. edit: to reinforce that, I’d propose a special rule of no models of subjects in the current war. If so I’m in.
  13. Maybe, but my guess is that the margins are higher on 1/48th kits. Pure speculation on my part.
  14. Braking by undercarriange during dive bombing was used with e.g. the Vindicator, but I haven’t seen any other types actually designed for it. Designated dive brakes seems a bit more.. controllable and won’t give innecessary drag while not braking. Dive bombing fell out of fashion shortly after anyhow.
  15. Latvia? Silly me always assumed they were Arizona-based.
  16. Hehe, not really - I love their kits and got plenty but the decals are plain awful. Too late now anyway because I built it. And yes, the decals were just as translucent as sroubos promised, I filled them in a bit with a paintbrush. — Does one dare to ask whether there are any news by the way? Since it’s being bumped anyway
  17. There is only images of a DH9a too. I’m guessing the A just got dropped by accident rather than an intended mention of the different type.
  18. Thanks for hosting and thanks to all participants for making this enjoying. 2023 sounds good (though I’d never recognize the Macchiavellian thug Gustav’s ascendancy as a marker for Sweden becoming a nation ). Till next time!
  19. One last contribution from me: a Myrsky II of 2/TLeLv 12 at Joroinen, flown by Lt Hemmer in 1944. Special hobby kit 1/72. Unfortunately I do not have the gear doors. Maybe I’ll find them one day, but as far as I’m concerned she’s finished.
  20. Now for something at least quite different, a Thulin D in 1/72 scale. The Type D was a modified Morane Saulnier parasol, built on license but with a pirate-copied Le Rhone 9C engine. Two of them were donated to Finland during their civil war, and bearing the swastika emblem of their donor gave the forst insignia to the Finnish airforce. My model represents a Swedish machine: the S-mark was a short-lived insignia of the Swedish air forces used until 1915. The model is scratchbuilt with a Smallstuffmodels engine, thread:
  21. The insides are ok; the engine and cowling mount is the tricky party. First you have to cut the base of the resin engine, but following the measures in the drawing I found I had removed too little. After some trial and error I eventually got an ok alignement. Nating the propeller with the engine also needs a bit improvisation since they have provided too male connectors. I ha e some touch-ups to do (for example the cowling ring should be one-piece but I cracked the nicely puttied seam while mounting it so I’m redoing the filling) I seem unlikely to get finished though since I can’l locate the gear doors. Time for a Great Christmas Clean-up of the playing corner perhaps.
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