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  1. Hi, that looks fantastic. Can I please ask what Tamia paint numbers were used for the exterior on this ?, I have one to build and love the look of yours Thank you !
  2. This was the closest I could find this morning so will give this a try...thanks for the tip
  3. Yes hope to start a WIP soon !, will make a change do going photoetch crazy on the corsair....lol Alan
  4. Glad to have you along..... Yeah I have abending tool but biggest problem I found was getting the bits to stick !, picked up some kicker at the weekend and that seems to be making things a little better ! Alan
  5. Ooooooohhhh I'm liking the look of this one, think I'll tag along if that's ok? Loving the work so far, I'm intrigued with the rivet making !, looks great fun !, very impressive paintwork so far too.... I watched the "Fury" film last Friday night and was in Hobbycraft with the wife on Saturday and saw this .... So had to buy it , I'm itching to start this lol..... Alan
  6. Hi guys, Sorry for the delay in updates life keeps getting in the way dammit ! I have been experimenting with some of the photoetch....is it me or is it really difficult ?. Managed to get a bit done on one of the wings as I want to perhaps finish the model with wings folded ! Will try and get some more photos up tomorrow of the flaps as I've fitted the hinges to these, but there is still more photoetch to do ! Ta Ta for now Alan
  7. Looks fantastic, I really enjoyed the oil process, think its because its such a flexible process..
  8. Hi guys, Just had a look at the resin wheels and tyres and again a stunning amount of detail.....flabber well and truly ghasted....
  9. Hi chaps, Today's thrilling installment..... In good news my swear box is overflowing that's to the photo etch......lol Bad news it took me about 3 hours of fighting to get 12 bits of photo etch to finally go where I wanted them. Instructions seem to say to fit them to the wings before attaching them onto the plane.....tried this and just not happening, wings seem to have too much flex in them and just as think you have a piece on place and reach for the glue.....ping off it goes across the room....grrrrr. So decided to glue the wings in place then try the photoetch, still very challenging but I got there in the end after much swearing and throwing things around...lol (my Mrs was laughing as she said 'I thought you started making models to relax?') Anyhoo..... It verked, we has vings ! And the stringbag has photoetch rigging....yipeeee ! Getting there now.....torpedo and rack still to do, and prop, machine gun and aerials etc. Then might do a few touchups and drybrushing. Bye for now Alan
  10. Thanks for the kind words . Yeah tried cutting on a piece of 25mm thick perspex and on a granite tile but its so thick !(will try to measure it later for fun), spinning wheel of doom is not so bad its variable speed so as long as you keep it off 11 its quite manageable...lol Edit Eduardo photoetch Trumpeter photoetch 3 times as thick !, told you it was tough...lol
  11. Beautiful build, must have a go at a 1/72 scale, can only dream of achieving this type of detail Alan
  12. Hi KelT It's really thick, I tried using a blade and all it was doing was breaking the blades, with the pieces being so long and thin thought if I tried some cutters it may kink the pieces so nothing left in the arsenal but to break out the big guns....lol Alan
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