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  1. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Hi, Think they only do washes that are quite dark, with hindsite I may not have used it on this model, but too late now so will crack on and see hiw it turns out in the end , whatever happens I'm learning lots and having fun...lol Alan
  2. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Hi guys, Tonight's exciting Installment ! This happened.... Flory wash.....then waited for it to dry.... Much panic happened...seemed to really struggle to take it off and to be honest not 100% sure I like the effect but there is not a lot I can do about it now....lol At least its toned down the sky colour as I was starting to think it looked too bright, anyway have a look and see what you think ? Did a bit of work on the exhaust, added a bit of shading and some blueing, I'm pretty pleased with how this has worked You can see in the next two shots how much the sky colour (and the others for that matter) have darkened down after the wash. Before After Think it might be growing on me ? Going to gloss again next I think then try some oils ! Time for a beer now it is thirsty Thursday after all ! Alan
  3. Fascinating background info !, love how the build is progressing, great idea on using the band-aid, not heard that one before.... Alan
  4. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Hi gents, A question for the great hive mind..... Thinking of weathering the bits before final assembly as I think the rigging will get in the way if I try and do it after. Going to give it another coat of gloss tonight...then do I Flory wash and gloss again or can I put oils on top of the Flory without another gloss coat ?, will put a matt coat on when everything is finally assembled. Does this sound correct ? Thanks Alan
  5. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Thanks for that Chris ! Hi CC, Have just taken delivery of some Flory washes and watched a few tutorials, looks like a fun process !
  6. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    oooohhh, thanks for that !, looks like my decal on the side of the nose is is the wrong position, never mind. The light on the lower wing looks very dark as well?, wonder if it was coloured ? Thanks again Alan Thank you Sir !
  7. Hi, Ha !, green fingers, glad I'm not the only one who does that !, love the way some if the seats seem to be scattered around the cockpit, very relaxed ! Like a mile high gentleman's club, pass the cigars old boy !. Impressive work so far ! Alan
  8. Hi, Loving the idea of using foil !, I've been saving the metal foil of wine bottle tops as it looked useful, may as well go full on stig of the dump and rescue pie dishes as well, the wife already thinks I'm bonkers....lol. That and retreading tyres !, we know how to live life on the edge don't we ! Great work ! Alan.
  9. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Good evening chaps, Not a great deal done tonight, give the old stringbag a semi gloss coat and managed to drop it, grrrrrrr detached some of the photoetch on the tail (now glued back on) and snapped off one of the breather tubes above the fuel tanks ( I'll replace this later with a bit of plastic hopefully) So after that excitement I decided to correct the colour of the gear casing to semi matt black and try to mix up a colour for the exhaust collector (thanks for the correct term Chris !). What do you think ? That's X9 brown, X10 gunmetal and a bit of X33 bronze, I'm pretty happy with that to start with, I'll hopefully try to add some variation when I get onto weathering..... You may have spotted a decal on there too, got them done as well Pretty happy with how they went on And that's it for tonight Bye for now, Alan
  10. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Thanks CC, Really enjoying it so far, looking forward to the weathering, not looking for war so much to trying to get the wings on straight....lol....will need the help of some beer, wine or spirits for sure with that !, my possible next build may interest you ! Alan
  11. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Good shout on looking at some reference photos, just remembered I photographed a Blenheim at flying legends last year Zoomed in it looks like And What colour do we think ? Alan
  12. Oh I'll look forward to watching this one develop , buy paint ....lots of it...lol I'll be at the bar with a bottle if Laphroaig if anyone cares to join me... Alan
  13. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Thanks for that Chris , trying not to stress too much about it being 100% historically accurate, but that should be an easy enough fix, other bit I'm in a quandary over is the front bit of the engine cowl....some look to be painted as part of the scheme and some look to be a dark copper colour not sure which is correct but think I might go with this as I think it looks cool Alan
  14. Quietstorm7

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    That's looking superb...the tank looks spot on now...well thought out ! Alan
  15. Quietstorm7

    Fairey Swordfish Mk 1 -Trumpeter 1/32

    Hi guys, I think my next step is give the Swordfish parts a gloss coat and apply the decals,finish the undercarriage and build the torpedo. Then I think I'll try and get it assembled, not sure if I should paint the photo etch stringing before application or after (leaning towards after at the moment) Fit the undercarriage, weather it, then lastly fit the torpedo ? How does that sound ? Night night Alan