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  1. There's nothing to find, because it never happened. And is unlikely ever to. Dragon probably decided the costs were prohibitive, and the company has greatly pulled back from plastic models of all kinds the last 5 years or so. Yeah they stopped all their marvel models which was a shame they were good fun
  2. 1/72 figures? Interesting will we get others scales for the various kits? Bandai 1/72 figures
  3. Ahh that why I was baffled I wasn’t searching Banday! I’m really tempted to get all the falcon bits! thanks guys!
  4. Hi all I recently purchased the Bandai 1/144 falcon and I’ve been looking into using the shapeways cockpit but I’ve never used shapeways before, does anyone have a link to them as I don’t even know where to start looking Sam
  5. Hi all I may have missed this but what is the difference between the two 1/144 falcons? Thanks guys!
  6. So I don’t know about anyone else but I was super excited about these kits I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pelican and the warthog especially after seeing their prototype models however after seeing them in my local model shop I almost wanted to cry they looked terrible! What is with Revell kits lately!
  7. There will probably be a phase 2 once the Last Jedi comes to avoid spoilers
  8. And I will be honest I'm still just hoping for uk distribution
  9. unfortunately I think the £280 price tag is out of my range
  10. Just saw this on Bandai's Facebook page they are looking for feedback and desired kits Bandai market research
  11. They did similar things with the 1/9 action heroes model they just pulled them and there hasn't been any since the Guardians of the Galaxy kits.. they also got a lot of grief about the accuracy not being great for their Star Wars prototypes especially being compared to the bandai kits
  12. Don't know if there are any other Halo fans out there but these kits look awesome! http://www.hobbytalk.com/bbs1/99-science-fiction-modeling/551817-revell-halo-kits.htm
  13. Posted accidentally post moved to discussions
  14. A while ago I mentioned an amazing Falcon build I wanted to use for inspiration, I finally managed to find it! I want to try something similar after Christmas!
  15. Awesome thanks! Although after a bit of research it looks like alclad doesn't work well with a brush is this true? As I don't have an airbrush and wasn't planning to invest anytime soon..
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