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  1. Israel

    Meng Panther A Late

    Great progress, LLoyd. How's the fit so far (apart from the road wheels)?
  2. Israel

    Meng Panther A Late

    I've got mine for 25 Euros. That's pretty good for such a large, newly tooled kit. I went for this one because I don't need the full interior Takom and RFM offers.
  3. Israel

    Meng Panther A Late

    Definitely valid points. I would be happier if Meng throwed in one of their zimmerit sets instead of the metal barrel. However, just look at those beautiful rolled armor plates: a lot of effort went into something that supposed to disappear under a coat of zimmerit (pretty much the trademark of any late Ausf. A). It only makes sense if there are other, non-zimmerit versions will follow. I'm pretty sure we'll see a few, non-zimmerit Ausf. Gs in no time. Two of the jerry cans supplied with the kit by the way, carry British War Department stamps: a hint about the captured British Ausf. G called 'Cuckoo'...?
  4. Israel

    Meng Panther A Late

    This kit most likely will be followed by a full-interior version with extensive clear parts included - that could be an explanation for the apparent over-engineering. As for the rather odd approach applying zimmerit, my guess would be that this kit will be the base for other, non-zimmerit Panther variants.
  5. Israel

    Meng Panther A Late

    AFAIK, there weren't many without. In other words, yes, there were, but IMHO would be a mistake to represent it without as all photos of late Panther Ausf. As seem to have zimmerit applied on them.
  6. Israel

    Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    Great work so far! The road wheels with the holes are in the wrong place though. They tougher (and more expensive) than the solid ones, therefore when they're were used, they're were always mounted right after the drive-wheel where stress on the road wheels is the biggest. You can see the location of the special road wheels on these Merkava 2Bs, one of which was painted in an experimental three-tone camouflage...
  7. Israel

    Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    I'll be happily following this one too...
  8. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    Well, it really doesn't matter, just thought I would mention it since I had quiet close relationship with Merkavas. As a matter of fact, just ordered the brand new 2B from Takom myself...
  9. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    AFAIK, the regimental shield should be applied onto the front-left rubber mud flaps and rear-right fenders (just above rubber mudguards); the squadron/battalion markings should be applied similarly on the opposite sides.
  10. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    Looking sharp, Lloyd. Did you apply the regimental shield decal on the front-right fender as per the instructions?
  11. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    The color is spot on. Did you use the recommended Tamiya mixture?
  12. Israel


    These might help with your build. I'll be following this one, good luck!
  13. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    The baskets themselves should be in the main color; the covers are actually in the main color as well, but I would paint them in a slightly different shade just to create more interest. Having said that, I saw much lighter, as well as much darker colors too; depense on the state of the canvas.
  14. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    The Mk.2B just came out. I wouldn't be surprised if Takom threw a 2D into the game as well. Keep up the good work, looks great so far. Cheers, Israel
  15. Israel

    Takom Merkava MK1 Hybrid IDF MBT

    The thingy attached to the left rear basket. It's a foldaway stretcher: https://iweapons.com/product/iweapons-field-stretcher/