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  1. Thank you Homebee for the link, I hoped someone would produce one. Trouble is I will have to buy some more kits now
  2. I am hoping that an aftermarket decal manufacturing will produce an international decal sheet for the CASA Aviocar C-212-100, many nations flew them.
  3. That's good news for me, I will be interested in the boxing's that have Croatia, Brazil, Hungary and Lithuanian decals.
  4. That looks really nice, think I will be ordering this. It's great to see new kit companies/brands appearing. Many thanks for the post Homebee.
  5. A lovely built model and in unusual markings to Bad luck with the flu, I have it ATM. G W S !! Colin.
  6. Hi Jerzy, Just beautiful and interesting builds, you do spoil us with your wonderful choice of 1/72 Aircraft, please keep them coming ! Best regards Colin.
  7. I am very pleased to see this aircraft in 1/72 injection molded plastic, what appreciate it having Bulgarian decals to.
  8. Hi Martin, I would wish for one to, especially if injection molded and in 1/72. Let's hope we see one soon. Regards Colin
  9. Thank you for the confirmation of one in 1/48. If the 1/72 has Bulgarian markings in it I shall be very happy.
  10. Hi Bruno, A lovely build and in very interesting markings, I am enjoying your Helicopter builds More please.
  11. I will be very interested in the Aero 304. Wasn't their a 1/72 resin kit of one produced some years ago ??
  12. Hi Martin, I shall be interested to see these when built ! Can I point you in the direction of some Berna Decal sheets for African MIG's and a new decal sheet from Hi-Line on T-33 decals due soon ? Check out Hannants and Aviation Megastore for these items. Regards Colin.
  13. You need to be careful building this kit as there are numerous pieces that are not required for this particular version of the CASA Aviocar C-212-100 on the parts frame. Previous experience with the Special Hobby kits is essential.
  14. I have received my kit, it is in build, so far, it's going well...
  15. Bad luck ! But, may I congratulate you on your perseverance in getting the kit built, well done to you.
  16. Thanks Martin, Comments always appreciated from you. I found the Armycast Decals worked beautifully and withstood my ham fisted approach in application.
  17. Yes a lovely build of a Helicopter kit I haven't seen built up before
  18. A lovely built model in unusual marking to. I had forgotten about the Airfix kit, I have the AModel kit to build when I am feeling brave..
  19. Thank you for your kind comment. I always try to model my aircraft in unusual markings and then have fun finding the correct paint colours, glad you liked it.
  20. Good morning, Here is my build of the 1/72 Mastercraft Aero L-29 Delfin finished with the beautiful Armycast decals, in Uganda Air Force colours. The kit took me much longer than anticipated due to having to reshape the parts and much use of filler, however I am quite happy with the outcome. I hope you all like my build.
  21. Hello Martin, Another excellent build and Latin American country chosen for us to enjoy Sir ! Best regards Colin.
  22. Good afternoon Sir ! A very interesting aircraft you have finished for our delight, I like the painting and panel lines, more please Best regards Colin.
  23. Your welcome Sir ! A similar experience to building an AModel kit then ? I will give it a go, after building my Special Hobby 1/72 CASA Aviocar that is.
  24. A lovely build Sir ! Of this unusual aircraft. I am afraid to say my one is still in it's box waiting to be built. Best regards Colin.
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