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  1. hahah, I absolutely hate figure painting,.. but those guys are now painted at last. Thanks Johnny
  2. Thank you very much mate. Cheers bud. Much appreciated. The Might 8th certainly had some fine looking aeroplanes. Surprised me how big the Jug is to the P38s.
  3. Hello modellers. Thunderbolt and Lightnings Another 1/48 diorama completing the trio (excluding the figures). This one is featuring a P47D of 78th FG, Bofors gun and another 'follow me Jeep'. Just because you can never have enough black and white checkers. The two other diorama feature P38s of 20th FG. The runways edges are supposed to link up to create a bigger scene.
  4. That's me in a nut shell. Excitement. LOL. Thank you Alpha Juliet Thank you John. Much appreciated. Could't think of another aircraft type other than the trusty Lysander that would allow for such a compact battle and aircraft combo. Will certainly try and get some better photos soon.
  5. LOL. I was joking mate. Thank you. Appreciated Cheers Steve. Thank you.
  6. Thank you. Technically No. 19 Squadron used Spitfire's at Duxford until 44. Then based at Peterhead they had the Mustangs which is what the Sign was originally made for,... that diorama didn't go to plan and now the sign has found a new home.
  7. Erm. Lol,... two ways I can take that comment. Hopefully I can take it as compliment.
  8. Not sure if this link will work, but heres is the fire working.
  9. New guy arrived from Germany this morning....
  10. Thank you John. Arghh didn't know that! LOL But thanks for the info. His caravan fell off somewhere on the autobahn
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