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  1. I was looking for the model pictures! Surely thats real??? Incredible. Well done.
  2. WOW! That is excellent. Love the detail. Great work. Have you considered a roof or partial roof like mine? HURR-1 Any close-ups of the posters scattered around the work shop? They look very interesting! LOL
  3. Yes mate. Sorry, forgot to say,.. you need to use water. I really water it down and use a broad brush. Best of luck and look forward to seeing you results. Good luck
  4. Hello Carlosee. It could work..., but if I was you, I would experiment with fine sand with a few different grades of grit mixed with Polyfilla. Thats how I did this one. KITT-1 Also, you might try replicating Marston Mat as that was commonly used. Lots of scale options replicate this but I haven't tried any yet. Good luck. Google image search 'Marston Mat' for some nice pictures
  5. Love this diorama. So much going on and so many details. Really nicely done. On a side note,.. I really hope a train doesn't come through anytime soon. Good luck clearing that little lot away in 5 minutes,.. heh heh.
  6. ....this is one of those situations where I feel woefully inadequate at modelling looking at the level in this diorama. Its quite amazing the detail and skill thats gone into creating this. The roof space and interior just blows my mind. Well done. Completely amazed!
  7. Love the look of those Fiat G.91's. So many interesting colour schemes to choose from,.. not to mention the Tiger Meet Fiat's. That nose really suits Tiger/Shark teeth. Look forward to seeing more.
  8. Thanks Riley. Much appreciated mate. The concrete is roofing felt. Glued it down to some plastic 5mm foamxboard and stacked some bricks on it for about 2 weeks (did a whole bunch of them at the same time). Cut the panels line with a craft knife and preshaded, weathered etc. Watch out for the black tar. It gets everywhere. Same technique used on some of those pictured below. (P51, P47, P38, B25) Portfolio---Model---Diorama
  9. Thanks mate. Most people like the Mosquito one the best. Much appreciated
  10. Thanks Homer Much appreciated Vinnie, Very kind sir.
  11. Thank you mate. Same here, aircraft particularly with wheels down seem to want for a little scene to set them off. Even just a tuffed of grass paints a bigger picture.
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