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  1. I have this and you can just unscrew the whole cap which is much easier
  2. It's ok it's not you It's a very new feature most people aren't aware of this but I think it'll be more common and easier to do in the future as more sites support it
  3. I see we have very similar tastes! For me I'm re-listening to Murder Ballads - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  4. Sorry forgot to say - on iPhones you don't get a popup - but since iOS 11.3 you can click share then Add To Homescreen like this I don't believe there is any support for MacOS on desktop (yet) but on Windows Chrome & Firefox you can open the settings menu and choose "Install ModelShade..." which does something similar. Almost all modern Android devices give you a popup.
  5. Just to jump back a bit - it kinda already is an app. It's a Progressive Web App which might not mean very much now but in the next few years we'll start to see more of these pop up. It's like an app you don't need to install through the app store. That's what the "Add To Homescreen" message does, it adds it to your phone as if it were an app. Also I have no interest in making money from this, I have a job and I get money from that. You wouldn't pay money to download a PDF conversion chart right? Then I don't expect people to pay money for this thing I made which achieves basically the same goal And with regards to adding other product lines to compare to - there are a few I intend to do but it's worth pointing out the target audience I have in mind with this. People who are buying kits with paint codes and are building up a collection with another manufacturer. So that doesn't really cover a lot of the more "specialist" ranges and paint ranges that are all about finding the exact colour paint. Conversion charts and apps like these will never find you the exact colour so I'm not even going to tread into those waters. I'd rather do a simple thing well than do a complicated thing badly! Also I'm only really looking to add product ranges that publish conversion charts - it means I don't have to rely on the colour matching algorithm entirely which, as nheather pointed out, can be a bit inaccurate sometimes. Especially when trying to compare, say, a metallic coat to a matt coat. I have some weighting built in for that but it's not perfect.
  6. Yep I'm going to add Model Air a few people have asked for it. Also what is SCC? The only thing I found on google for it is a link to this forum! I will definitely add RAL and FS searching at some point though just need to work out how to add more features whilst still keeping it easy to use
  7. Awesome cheers! Yeah I really wasn't sure which paints people used most so I just took a punt at the products. I'll keep improving it though. Also yes I was worried about pimping a product and I read the Ts & Cs but I'm being straight up with this, it's just to help people out
  8. Hi everyone, my name's James and I'm relatively new to model making but I've learned so much from this forum that I wanted to give something back to the community. I made this conversion chart out of frustration at trying to convert a paint colour only to find that either an equivalent paint wasn't listed - or that my local model shop was out of stock. www.modelshade.com will fall back to using the CIE94 colour matching algorithm and show you a bunch of other possible matches, based on swatches I scraped from manufacturers websites. Each match is rated out of five stars, matches that are on an actual conversion chart will be first - try it out and let me know your feedback It works on mobile too and if you select "add to homescreen" you'll be able to use it offline just like any other app. Email feedback/criticism to the address I set up just for this modelshademail@gmail.com or message me on BritModeller (it's also worth pointing out I don't plan to make any money from this so be kind) www.modelshade.com Also for you Brit Modellers I added a language switcher in the top left to spell "colour" correctly. That took me hours to code so I hope you appreciate it
  9. Hi everyone. I've just got back into building models as an adult. Like lots of people seem to do after making kits badly as a kid and now wanting to use the magic of YouTube and internet forums like this to do a much better, more adult, job of it. If only this forum existed when I was 12 - I might not have messed up so many paint jobs!
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