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  1. in the freezer section (food just magically appears in the superstore)
  2. AITM is now being handed over to Keystone Aluminum Models, https://aitruckmodels.com/ https://www.kamodelminis.com/ AITM's Dave Natalie makes very good resin older type resin truck cabs and Keystone makes very nice 3D printed trailers. Service is great from both.
  3. Good thing you got your when you did. I bet they'll wonder why sales dropped off on these so much.
  4. I like the paint and subtle weathering, not overdone or huge panel lines, it looks like the photos of the actual planes I saw. Nicely done.
  5. mosquitos prefer standing water
  6. I'm glad they made the markings with the leaf separate, usually HC decals are a bit off register. The lighter blue on the US decals was never that light was it?
  7. Nicely done. The CF-18s have become good canvases for colour schemes like this much like the F-4s were.
  8. shedding tears, missed bus
  9. while playing the scorpions
  10. freezer hiden from police
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