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  1. Would be nice if we could do something with all the sprues. i use nits of them but have a large box full and don't know how to melt them into anything. Where I am, the recycling takes so little and is very picky. Certain plastics and bags don't get collected. One store collects bags, that's it. I also find it interesting that car and truck modellers will sell off their parts, junk models etc. as junkyards, but so few airplane modellers do. It all goes in the garbage, parts are very valuable. I have one guy in my model club who had a bunch of models given to him through an estate. I asked him for a 1/72 super connie. but he threw it out because it smelled like cig smoke. Well, plastic can be washed, but then he's a throw away type.
  2. This is interesting. I always fancied these and other Mopars although never had a ride in one. Maybe someday. I have a friend who I call a Mopar nerd and ask for details of these for models. These kits take a bit to make them very correct and this definitely is doing good.
  3. Never know it's 144. Very nice redo and dio. These were on the ground every so often.
  4. I will, won’t be right away. Be neat to see how they compare.
  5. Interesting to see this conversion. I got parts off a guy on evilbay which are quite nice.
  6. Think you should be given a promotion to the dept. of something for building this.
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