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  1. Atlantis models just brought out new replacement tyres for the 1/16 funny cars. As you may know, these tyres all shrivelled up. https://atlantis-models.com/funny-car-tires-only-1-16-scale/ $10 u.s. is quite good and shipping is decent. Just want to pass this on to anyone who wants drag tyres.
  2. I'm making what would have been a daily driver back in the '70s, ''80s Something that I faintly remember seeing but heard lots of stories of. Big boots(rear tires), jacked up in the rear, stereos badly installed. Some supped up or replacement engine, wild paint, rust. I'm using the parts car for my Jim Morrison's car, https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235099517-jim-morrisons-67-gt-350-blue-lady/&tab=comments#comment-419658 This is the AMT '68 GT-500 Shelby kit that will become a GT-350. The engine is from the Monogram 429. The engine isn't correct for this particular car but who cares. The original blew up while racing and this 429 came from a junkyard. The interior was put together before painting. Another problem is the seats that come with the '68 Shelby kit, they are tiny. Using the seats from the Monogram kit instead. The ones shown here are the small ones. I plan on making this look like a beater that was thrown together for cruising during the '70s or '80s time. The under hood detail is horrible so I made new inner fenders and rad cradle. I had to make a new brake booster and master cylinder and removed the so called heater motor. The front and rear valence were added before painting because the fit isn't great and needs filling. I decided to paint the car with dark jade, the very close or same colour as the Bullet Mustang.
  3. I'm a bit late jumping in on this GB. Kind of a filler project while working on other projects. Decided to make Jim Morrison's '67 GT-500 Shelby. I'm using the AMT '68 GT-500 for the base. The '67 model is a GT-350 Shelby has the small block engine. I'm "borrowing" the engine from the '68. Although they are both AMT kits, the '68 is the old kit with the old detail and the '67 is the much improved kit. I was going to just swap engines and decal sets but I have an different plan for the '68 which will also be posted here. I test fitted everything and decided to glue on the front nose, rad cradle and rear body valence. Added the scoops and trunk lid. They needed to be fitted, blended and filled, no way to make it look nice after painting. The alignment pins on the back of the front mask are useless because of how thick the fenders are. The interior and chassis still fits with them added. The interior has the same issues, mostly around the rear behind the back seat. I had to make new motor mounts on the engine that does fit on the frame's original motor mounts, just had to trim the little nibs off the mounts. I did get the PE set from Model Car Garage. I did see a picture that shows the grille opening should be deeper and the grille should sit kind of a third the way from the rear of the opening. The PE grille is large and sits behind the recess. I added two small tabs to hold the grill so I can glue and hang the two grills on after painting. One will be put on from the top and one from the bottom. Here's the '68 https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235099518-68-mustang-beater-driver/ Here is the blue on, beautiful blue in person. The blue is Nightmist blue, Dupont 4780 1E from a spray can. I'm not a fan of the Dupont company but there's a bodyshop supply close to me and the service in the store is very good. This is single stage acrylic enamel. I for once got no boogers in the paint. I still want to get some polish and shine it up a bit more, mostly to trim and orange peel.
  4. Got my laptop back from the shop so now I can do some updating. Have the paint on. The colour is called wheat. The colour is Dupont B8421 1E, well that's what was found. I don't like the Dupont company much but the store is close by and I get good service there, what do you do? I don't the code off the actual van but I think it's correct and I'm not changing it. Did a light spray under the floor and weathered the frame a bit. Might do a better weathering later but I won't be putting mirrors underneath. Here's the stripe masking. There are two stripes and one is feathered. The space between the two looks less than and inch so I masked the two separately. This is the first solid line. The first stripe on. I got two new airbrush tips also for this, a fine and super fine. I have an old Badger 155 DA. The colour is Testors 1133 brown. Here's the second feathered stripe unmasked. The finished paint, well except for the roof which is white. I had a couple of spots to touch up but not as much as I thought. Mostly the wheat came off a little at the bottom but was an easy touch up. Got lucky this time. Thinking I'll have to gloss the whole van. The center is a bit on the dry side side. The space between the two brown stripes is a bit larger than I wanted but I'll live with it.
  5. Here's some pictures of what flew over yesterday. I posted about this a page before this. Take note of the oil streaks under the fuselage on the Tiger Moth.
  6. that’s the daytime crowd (haven’t been in Wally world for several years)
  7. Not a problem, take your time learning English, it’s not the easiest and I grew up with it. I figured out what you said.
  8. Earlier about noon a Tiger Moth, Cornell and a Fairchild 24 were all flying a circular pattern quite low. All restored in Bcatp colours. Later I found out a Harvard and T-28 joined them but then they moved south and didn’t see them. No airshows anywhere today.
  9. You know a guy’s serious when he dresses like that. Never heard of this line. Great work on the plane
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