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  1. No I don’t know any specific ones. I’m just lucky to have two radio stations that play it. One is a multi cultural station so it has a mix.
  2. Been listening to Punjabi type stuff lately, not bad good for backround.
  3. and what's her name (they're both good looking)
  4. That's my problem to. Although I tell the one I'm building for just that. I have a near full time job and a small life outside of models. Plus I want to get my own stuff made. I think I average 2 cents an hour, I can complete with south Asian countries. :) I don't advertise, just my name got passed around amongst the trucking community.
  5. I build anything, trucks, buses, cars, planes, want to do some ships and farm tractors, oddball stuff. Really like propliners and early jets and early jetliners.
  6. Hi, welcome. Guess you could say what interests you have?
  7. what about fothrewice, close? (just made that up, four, three, twice)
  8. may contain nuts, bwahaha (a funny comedy show made in Alberta)
  9. Either that’s a lot or rain or they’re scared of it.
  10. revolution won’t be televised
  11. Winnipeg weather report. Was raining last week, Monday and Tuesday were very warm, 20 degrees c. It then rained until after 3 am Thursday. When I woke up this morning, there was almost a foot of snow. Still snowing and will for a couple more days. It’s winter now. Everything slowed down, some trees were broken from the heavy wet snow, but we’re still functioning.
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