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  1. Ya, Alclad, it's nice but you have to be gentle. I used spaz stix chrome and it's quite good and durable, a bit more durable and you get more for the same price. Same method as alclad, but it only comes in chrome.
  2. I've had tamiya tape take a bit of the metallic off, jut not as bad. This is a good topic. I wonder if a coat of some kind of clear on the silver first. I know it's a problem if your doing chrome or polished aluminum.
  3. Never thought of doing this. This looks great. I have the complete 3D Electra waiting to get made as well as two Contrail sets. Are you going to be using the second wing you have for anything? I'm looking for one to use for making a turbo Connie.
  4. I'm always looking for junkyard lots. I have more fun restoring a model than building a new one sometimes.
  5. Blue looks pretty good to me, remember it'll change a bit the more it's used unless you want a new car.
  6. There's a guy on yt named junkyard dave, he took a Magnum roof and spliced it into a Charger. Put all the best factory high performance suspension parts into it and made his own tube subframe. Said he's making the one Dodge hasn't. It's yet to be driven but looks good.
  7. I'm sure the falling into mud part must have happened.
  8. Forgot to say, glad your saving it. Most plane modellers I know just through these in the garbage, I know, I don't mind rebuilding models.
  9. This should be interesting. I'm renting right now a new Charger RT with the 3.6 VVT V6 in it and it goes like a scalded cat with all the torque you want. Couldn't imagine how 425 hp would be, I'd be in the ditch pretty fast.
  10. Has a nice '50s showcar moonmist fade. Looks good so far.
  11. Neither does the mechcanic who put six tyres on the front.
  12. Real nice work, glad these pilots were able to stop a war back in '86.
  13. Put'erin low and giver, great work.
  14. Pretty good looking. Is the windshield frame decal that different from the molded frames?
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