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  1. No photos , but a black Toyota Celica ST165 Convertible passing throughthe village . Full drop top , not a T bar . Maybe an import as it had a stick on rear fog light . Gary .
  2. Thought the Ferraris owner must have been smuggling brake discs ! Good solution that though . Gary .
  3. Despite some hot and sweaty modelling conditions ( the glue drying before I could get the part into it ! ) I have managed to get the cockpit finished . This is a pretty simple affair but I have added some chromed wire along the drivers side to replicate some aero hose . I have reverted back to red electrical tape for the harnesses , using some spares box PE buckles for detail . I use the decals for the front facing belts , but managed to melt one of these in water that was too hot ! A steady hand with some yellow paint has rescued this . I wish you could actually see the dashboard dials like a camera does Ready for boxing up Thanks for looking Gary.
  4. Seat mounting points GRRRR ! Why they can't have proper secure mounting holes and pins is beyond me . And it's not just the odd kit , it's every one I ve ever built ! Right , rant over . The Ferrari is looking good . Gary .
  5. Nice result there , Pat . As you know I'm on with building the same kit and I have been worried about the bumpers being part of the body attachment system . Colour match looks good . I assume the stripes were the correct length , unlike my aftermarket items ! Gary .
  6. As you have found , it's always a good moment when you successfully unwrap a well masked up car . Gary .
  7. Ah the joys of masking tape and spraying ! Looks good though Gary .
  8. Thanks . I'd like the Cibies if your offering them . Gary .
  9. Hope the provided decals are the correct length , Pat ! I don't know about being a trail blazer , but I seem to enjoy sorting out problems that should have been sorted out pre production ! Thanks both Gary .
  10. Glad I cut them into workable sections , otherwise it would have been a bigger problem finding it to be too short and ready for applying ! Gary .
  11. After much pondering and wondering how , I have eventually started decaling . The Rothmans stripes around the front wings were the sticking point …. or how to tackle them . Well , I photocopied the decal kit then cut out the long side stripes . Then I marked them so I could cut them into sections , in this case three so they are easier to handle . In the end , they went on quite easily , plenty of hot water and cotton bud action smoothed out around the front wheel arch . I used the same method on the other side , but imagine my horror when I found the stripe wasn’t long enough . A small gap was left where the middle and rear sections should have joined up . I didn’t do anything different , so why each side stripe is a different length is a mystery ! I managed to save this disaster by carefully using Tamiya Titanium Gold ( which is a pale gold and matches the gold in the stripe ) and red to paint in the missing piece . Also , I hadn’t quite got enough Holts blue high enough so there was a tiny bit of white between the blue and gold . So I decanted a small amount of the blue , held my breath and carefully painted in the gap . The finish is not as sharp in that area , but it’s better than leaving it . All the stripes around the car done now , the front bumper will be attached later . Thanks for looking Gary .
  12. Just been thinking though , some of my last builds , including the current 911 , are all done using aftermarket decals . So maybe offering an unsponsored car and then offering an array of different decals is the way forward . At Nunu / Beemax prices obviously ! Gary .
  13. I agree. Good subjects , but no decals at that price is a bit naughty . Thanks for sorting me out with ghe link thingy !!! I'm not the most technically minded when it comes to t'internet !! So I'm pleased there was nothing to interest you when you had a look !!! Gary .
  14. Thanks ! Always helps having a decal next to a spray colour to hide things ! Gary .
  15. Where do you buy those large pencils ? Seriously though , amazing detail in such a small scale . Gary .
  16. The Porsche is a relatively easy kit , however painting the famous Rothmans colour scheme has been giving me some pondering moments . First off , how to get the correct curve on the front and rear wings . Well , I photocopied the supplied decals , I then cut out the curved part of the decal and used it as a template on a strip of masking tape . Drawing around the template and then carefully cutting this out gave me the correct curve shape on the masking tape which I then placed in the correct position . I repeated this on all four corners where the decals will follow the shape of the body . The only reference for a straight line to mask too cuts annoyingly through the door handle recesses . Up or down an half an inch would have made model makers lives easier ! Then it was onto wrapping the 911 in masking tape Sprayed using Tamiya TS15 which immediately I could see was too dark . As I have mentioned previously , I used this colour as it was recommended by Tamiya in their Porsche 956 group C kit . But comparing it to the blue in the decals for my 911 , and reference pictures , it is definitely too dark , for the rally cars at least . So , rather than re- order more paint and wait for it too arrive , me being impatient , I had a ride to our local motor factors ( Motosave ) , with the decals and matched them up to the tins of blue spray paint they had on display . Holts HDBLU02 was the nearest match . Once home I re sprayed the 911 and the results was instantly better . This is the car unwrapped and finished in Holts HDBLU02 , the difference with the darker TS15 on the test bottles clear to see . I think Tamiya TS51 racing blue would be equivalent to the Holts if anyone is building Rothmans machinery in the future . The patches of over spray will be hidden under the gold stripe . The camera makes the car still seem too dark ! The rear end of the 911 ; it seems strange building a car with a rear engine , such simple suspension too . And finally for this update , the Circuit of Ireland decals have arrived from Spotmodels . Despite the postage cost the service from them is first class . I’m not on commission ……. Thanks for looking Gary .
  17. Had a newsletter e mailed to me from DM Models with some new resin rally car kits . Far too expensive for me but here's the link. dmmodelkits@gmail.com Gary .
  18. I've read , while researching , that different shades of blue were used for the Rothmans hue . I've seen the pictures of Prodrives museum 911 and I'm hoping the Tamiya TS15 will be the correct match . The kit instructions suggest to use a mix of blue , clear blue and clear red , all Mr Hobby paints . Gary .
  19. Many of the cars had been lovingly restored to better than new , but others had been mildly done . Top marks to everyone who has saved these cars that were so familiar not so long ago . I enjoyed looking around these more so than ranks of 911s , Lambs ,Ferrari's etc . Gary .
  20. I visited The Festival of The Unexceptional yesterday , my first time there and I must say it was like stepping back in time . No supercars , just old cars you would find in everyday life . It amazes me how the cars on show have been kept this tidy , and the amount of young folk showing these normal cars is encouraging for the future of the classic car scene . Of the huge amount of exceptional unexceptionable cars on show here are some that took my fancy . Datsun Cherry Coupe Fiat Strada Convertible Opel Monza Talbot Samba Convertible Toyota Tercel 4WD , ahead of ifs time and on MR2 wheels ! Citroen BX’s , a good few on show too Datsun 120Y and Toyota Corolla Renault 30 V6 and Peugeot 504 Alfa Sud Gary .
  21. I visited a car show yesterday and there was two Bond Bugs on display . I took some photos , they may be of use to you Hope they are of use to you Gary.
  22. The masking over the front wheel arch is scaring me ! But low ride and tarmac tyres are what I need for mine ! Gary. Thanks
  23. I will be adding the bottom spotlights, yes . I have some left over from another build , but they don't have the Cibie branded covers unfortunately . Gary .
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