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    I have just been looking on Amazon France to buy an Optivisor, I see I can get a 2,75 ,x 6" for 28€, or a 2 x 10", for 27€, which seems to be half the price of Amazon UK. However for some strange reason the 2,5 x 8" is 178€ , so that puts that one out of the question. If I go for the 2,75 one is the 6" depth of field rigid, or is there a couple of inches extra either way?. I go along with Mike, been told nothing else compares to them . http://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?__mk_fr_FR=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=optivisor
  2. I have been a confirmed vaper for a year now, and yes the empty bottles are excellent for paint, and whats more the dosh I have saved over cigs in that time will but a lot of paint to go in them!!
  3. I am no expert but after watching fake Britain and they amount that are flooding in, it does make me wonder after seeing those pics if this is not one, I thought Revell put blue caps on all there products also the one on the right doesn't seem to be a safety one,. Can i ask where it came from Ebay ?
  4. This seems to be a problem with a lot of acrylic varnishes including woodworking ones , I go along with Steve and use Alclad now. The acrilic that I have found the best is Pleobo matt but it dries just too dead flat for my liking
  5. The seller stated the he couldnt say if it was complete , surly that could mean anything, what comeback would you have if there was just half a dozen parts in the box, what come back would you have ?
  6. Dont know if living out in the sticks too long has put me out of touch but this was a new one to me. running out of masking tape last week I went on line to order some more and found these, they come in a pk of 5 , 25 x 18mm in size , are paper backed, and gridded with 1mm lines. They cost 6.50€. , now without getting a measure and calculator out i dont know how the would compare inch for inch with normal tape, but considering how much can be wasted overlapping to cover large surfaces I think they are excellent value. Doing some complex masking today i have already seen the advantages cutting some 1mm strips, and also laying tape on the worksurface is prone to picking up dust and grit that can spoil the masking line. Quite impressed. Also in the pic is a set of Astromodels sanding films which are plastic backed, so that they can be used over and over again with water. They cut realy fast, the finest grit is 1 micron.
  7. I was beginning to wonder if this was the real deal until I saw the photo setup. Inspirational !!
  8. Awesome !! They have turned me on so much that i have just had a look at the Airfix website, they seem to be in the Black Friday sale,I am very tempted at those prices Four stroke £7.99 Paddle engine £8.99 Tempted
  9. Spokes shouldnt be to much of a prob, looking at work in progress there seems do be someone there who enjoys re doing them!!
  10. Well thanks for all the advice, i have just got back from a rare visit to the nearest model shop, apart from a good range of Tamiya paints he hasnt got much else but he did have one solitary bottle of alclad on the shelf which just so happened to be chrome, I have just tried it out over some gloss black rattle can I found in the local supermarket for 3 and a half euro. I am totaly gobsmacked with!!. I have also tried the humbrol which is also very good, and does have the advantage over alclad that it can be applied with a brush. Liveing in France, what with postal charges and restrictions its best for me to buy here, with a recomendation from a BM member I now get most of my supplies from these http://www.oupsmodel.com/mr-hobby-pots-de-peintures/7750-peinture-maquette-mr-color-super-metallic-sm01-super-chrome.html With the strength of the pound against the euro at the moment it might be worth a few of you over the pond to consider them, their delivery service is second to none, and also offer a fidelity points system, and reductions on future orders. But if your out there Mr Oups please can you replenish your stocks of Alclad pleeeease !!,. I also found this useful comparison vid on utube Will post a pic of my results later.
  11. These things take me back nearly 50yrs to when i finished me CSEs at school ,for the remainder of the term the class was split into groups depending on merit to do projects, I was green with envy because the cleverest group got one of these to make and they didnt have a clue!!. it was in a huge box full of plastic and loads of nuts and bolts etc, if memory serves me well it was made by Monograme. In the 70s i had a go at a revell one if memory serves me well, with not much success cause the ex binned the instructions half way through, They are great fun though
  12. Thats exactly how i feel about it, such a shame because i find it quite a beautiful looking car in a strange sort of way,, the original people carrier !!.
  13. Searching for a car project to make a change from aircraft I came across this model and there is something about the size and shape of it that has blown me away, http://www.icm.com.ua/news/326-typ-g4-with-open-cover-wwii-german-personnel-car.html, I know very little about the history of automobiles, but this car seems to be classed as military, but i m only really interested in civilian cars, could this be turned into one,?; I have read one review on the kit and it seems to be very detailed Cheers
  14. What a lovely Christmas present !! I have been using my H&S evolution fps for 5 years now and apart from replacing a couple of nozzles and needles it has served me well, having never used any other than cheap Chinese ones i cant really comment on how they compare with other name brands. What i do know is that like a good fountain pen or the woodworking tools that I have used nearly every day for over 40years they become an extension of your hand. Nine times out of ten when the brush plays up it is a user fault, and I have found that the biggest culprit is cross contamination with after spraying acrylics then using lacquers, the latter picks up a tiny particular and dissolves it and it ends up blocking the nozzle with what looks like a tiny blob of maskol . I seem to make the same mistake over and over again, so because of this i would dearly love another so i can keep the 2 types completely separate . What i do like about mine is the interchangeable cups and the ability to regulate the air pressure from the brush. Its a bit like the never ending camera dispute which is the best Canon or Nikon, my advice is what ever system you go for just stick with it.
  15. I read somewhere a long time ago that Ammonia was the stuff to use, wanting to strip some chromed parts myself, I went in the workshop this morning , found a bottle that had been kicking about for ages, and gave it a try. Well apart from being nearly knocked out on opening the bottle, it did the job perfectly and no mess at all, just dip the parts in it for about 15 minutes and there is no trace left of the chrome .
  16. Well with work like yours that has inspired me to have a go at cars that i know absolutely nothing about , then i better take your word for it and give it a try . Certainly a bit cheaper !!.
  17. Can any of you recommend a good chrome paint for a car i am building. I seem to have a problem getting hold of Alclad at the moment , so have just been checking out Mr color super metallic, but it does seem quite pricey, is it worth it ?. Also will I need black primer ?. Thanks for any advice,
  18. I have had this problem quite a lot with humrol and revell enamels namely the latters no9 anthracite black which i use for painting tyres; Because i am only useing a small amount , now when i use it I dont stir the pot but take a lump out of the bottom of the tin with a toothpic and thin it well. Being no expert on the matter i have got a feeling that different pigments react differently with the dryers. Here in France the DIY stores sell a product called Siccatif which is a paint dryer, to be on the safe side i now add a drop or 2 of that to the mix.
  19. Brilliant,!! Looking at your work takes me on a time warp, any chance of building a bright red early 60s Ford Thames van like my Dad had ?
  20. Thank you very much for that, i have been following your Pocher builds with interest, and would love to build one but there is just no way i could afford that type of money, I have seen it on Amazon France for 169:96€, so as soon as my back dated pension comes through i might just treat myself to it. My local garage has got a fully restored one there which could be handy for reference pics.
  21. Now whenever i want to buy anything technical i often go on Amazon and look at the reviews,especially with photographic equipment there can be scores on just one item and some can be so contradictory that it can leave me more confused than ever,I used to find this when i read photography mags as well. So now if I find that about 75% of them are favorable then the product must be good.
  22. I have just been following a thread on chat about the quality of Italieri kits, well any of you who are interested in making this model, i can assure you that the fit of the parts is as good as anything else i have made. i did have a bit of a headache about how to go about fitting the wings, in the end I decided to glue the outer struts to the fuselage and the central to the wings lightly spot gluing the other ends to line it all up, then taking the 2 components apart to do the painting and finishing. Because you cannot realy touch up Alclad with a brush I put on all the sticky out bits on before painting,so the hardest part of the construction was just handling everything very carefully. Miraculously apart from 2 antennas i seemed to get away with it. Well done to Italieri for not just reboxing old kits but actually remoulding them.
  23. Well thankyou for your kind remarks, but i thought the error would have been spotted strait away, so i better come clean, The exhausts are on the wrong way round Must have had one too many when i did that step.
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