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Found 68 results

  1. Recommended brand/kit

    I'm just beginning to start painting figures. I have avoided it up until now and stuck to armour, but fancy a change. I'm particularly interested in British WW2 figures. I usually stick to Tamiya and always find their kits to be great quality, but I'm not sure about figures. Could anyone recommend a brand, or maybe even a set, which would be a good starting point? I'm looking for something not too expensive, about £10ish I suppose, but high mould quality.
  2. 2006 Nellis AB airshow

    Just found this- I think there's something here for just about everyone. Enjoy! Love the USAF Heritage Flights! Mike http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircraft/AirShows/Nellis2006/Highlights/
  3. RAF photo collection

    Howdy y'all from sunny south Texas! Just stumbled upon these while looking for 25 Sq. Javelin photos for a friend- don't ask me how I ended up here! Some you have undoubtedly seen before, but many are new to me, I hope you enjoy them. Some neat modeling project possibilities, to be sure! (Mike, if this post is inappropriate, please delete it.) Mike https://www.flickr.com/photos/39411748@N06/6362707689/in/photostream/
  4. It was only recently that I came back to plastic models since my childhood as I have my own children now and they are into planes. I've built a few of late and I really needed somewhere to stick them (as well as their bedroom ceiling) and as I have never made a diorama before, I felt it was about time I gave it a try so here goes. Bear with me as it may take me some time as I work full time and have 2 young boys to entertain. I value opinion at any level so please feel free to comment good or bad. The theme is a generic WW2 fighter base/Airfield around early summer 1941 and is going to be as much about developing different techniques and processes as I go along. Hope you enjoy how this progresses. Deano
  5. Hi all, I'm after some assistance please. I have done a fair amount of searching today and my brain is fried with me barely any further ahead than when I started. As well as scale modelling, I play a ww2 miniatures game and figured I would combine the two hobbies. I am wanting a USAAF aircraft to support my Winter American troops. I like that the Americans adorned their craft with nose art as this has the potential to let me create something with a bit of colour on it, compared to the rest of my scale models being their typical camouflage or light grey. It needs to be something with ground attack capability, and flown during the Battle of the Bulge ~December '44 - Jan '45... and of course American. My searching has turned up an engagement during the early days (Dec 17), while the weather was atrocious and had grounded most aircraft. Two P38 Lightnings identified a German battle group with ~3500 men and ~150 tanks in Belgium and these were promptly halted by an attack from P-47 Thunderbolts from 365th and 368th Fighter Groups. The trouble I'm having is finding any reference to what version P-47s these would have been, and what serial numbers would have flown. This is mostly down to my lack of knowledge on the subject, this being the 1st time I have ever researched USAAF aircraft at all. The USAAF structure itself is throwing me, let alone the sheer volume of different aircraft they flew during the war years, and then number of versions of each is staggering. (I'm sure it's not too many more than the R.A.F. but I've been interested in that and absorbing information for a few decades now!) I'm waffling now. The gist is that I'm not set on it being a P-47, and am after a nice kit, with aftermarket decal options for some nice nose art, possibly even push the boat out with some pin-up nose art if I find the right one, but I'd like to know it flew sorties over winter Europe at the end of 1944. Really appreciate any help. Cheers all. James
  6. Camouflage help

    Ok i know the RAF Dk. Green, Medium sea grey, Ocean Grey was the follow on to the Temperate land scheme of Dark Earth, Dark Green over Sky or a variation of grey. What was the Dk green, Med Sea grey, ocean grey scheme called ? I cant for the life of me remember ? And when the RAF went back to camouflaging jets such as lightnings, Phantoms, Harriers etc. What was the scheme called and were they the same colors or similar but different ? Any help as usual will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Dennis
  7. Half way through but is anyone interested in seeing the remainder of this? It's been on the go for months and has been a of a build...
  8. This is a video I found on Youtube, thanks to a post at Hyperscale. Very moving for me. I hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvBfTEPUu24
  9. I was chatting on the forum after posting some pictures of a finished project when I was asked ‘What next?’ I explained that I wanted to do a detailed diorama based around the Revell 1/32 Fw 190 F-8 having been inspired by a diorama on the LSM forum by a gentleman with the on-screen name of Colt6, it’s well worth a look if you’re over that way and I thank him for the inspiration. The comment, 'I hope you're going to do a WIP?" is responsible for what follows! So, what am I planning; the title means ‘Brake over, back to work!’ or at least I hope it does as I used an online translator. It is based around a FW190 F-8 undergoing minor servicing in the field, the crew are taking a break and having a quick game of cards and are caught by the crew chief and pilot. The basic layout plan is this: The main elements will be: · The Revell 1/32 Fw 190 F-8 Kit augmented with: o Eduard Brassin Engine o Eduard Brassin Cockpit o Eduard Brassin MG131 guns o Eduard Brassin Wheels, prop and spinner. · Italeri’s 1/35 Kublewagen · Dragon’s 1/35 Kettenkrad · Verlinden Productions diorama accessories of: o The Luftwaffe Service Cart o The Luftwaffe Power Cart o The Luftwaffe Bomb Trolley · Various other diorama bits and pieces including MB and Verlinden Production figures as well as some scratch built stuff! I am breaking considerable areas of new ground with this diorama and my aim is to show how an average modeller copes (or not!) with something new and challenging. The aim being to encourage other modest modellers to ‘have a go’ and stretch themselves. I have started some elements of this build so I will catch them up in the relevant areas as per Forum instructions. I think this is probably enough for the first chunk though, I’ll be back here soon with the build of the VP elements listed above.
  10. I am building this kit for inclusion in my first attempt at a comprehensive aircraft diorama the details of which are in the Diorama WIP here. To complement the kit I have obtained the following: Eduard Brassin FW 190 F-8 Set Part 1 comprising resin and PE replacements for: The cockpit The MG131 mount Landing flaps Eduard Brassin FW 190 F-8 Set Part 2 comprising resin and PE replacements for: Wheels Bronze undercarriage legs Engine Propeller Canopy Masks. All of this will be a substantial challenge for me ‘cos I’ve never done it before! My models have utilised cockpit PE and belts but never wholesale replacement of chunks with resin bits! In addition, I’ve decided to open the radio hatch and scratch build the radio. In for a penny……. I have started on this before I decided (it was suggested) I write this WIP topic so over the next couple of days I’ll post my progress so far. I am hoping that the trials and tribulations that I face will help and encourage other not so experienced modellers like myself to have a go. Subsequently I intend to describe briefly how I’ve done things and hopefully the experts out there will say ‘No it’s easier than that try this”. Also, when I hit a wall, hopefully someone will turn up with the wrecking ball! Watch this space.
  11. Another Telford purchase, I'm building this one to break up 1/72 felixstowe build as I like to have a couple on the go at one time. Ive used eduard seat belts and stretched sprue for the wires with a heated pin making the hole as drilling was a bit fiddly. The straps for the pedals are tamiya tape. I'm going to button it up and do it out of the box as the plane in question is unlikely to of existed, I've seen the pics of the nose but it doesn't look as though it was ever used. I'll also add the remote rockets as well as a plausible what if. The plan is to do it as a fighter version and leave the nose in an unfinished state so it looks like it's been bolted on in a hurry (e.g. No camouflage added to it), anyone have an idea what colour that would be I'm thinking rlm 70 or it could also be 02 and even aluminum I guess? The gun sight is mounded in plastic so I cut it off and put a clear piece in. I used the decals for the instruments which went on fine.
  12. Here's my new (let's say ) model of Heinkel 111 P-2. Episode 1 - Review Episode 2 - Fuselage Enjoy!
  13. My grandfather was a navigator on Halifax bombers. One of his activites post war was reading war diaries, many of which were by German authors. I have quite a few, so many that a friend of mine refers to my bookcase as 'the National Socialist Lending Library'. :-D One of the books that I love most in my life is I flew for the Fuhrer. It is well written, accurate, eye wateringly honest (my 1953 1st ed. pulls no punches in his admiration for the Nazi system or his beliefs) and very enjoyable. I am sure most of you on here are aware of it, but for those that are not it is a really good window into the otherside of the air war over Germany and a vivid description of what happens to you when air superiority can no longer me maintained. Much like J.E. Johnstone he is honest enough to acknowledge that his survival was due in part to missing the Battle of Britain. I have re-read it countless times, and along with Desmond Scott's 'Typhoon Pilot' feel it is one of the outstanding books of the 2nd war.
  14. So I'm calling this finished, with the one exception of mud on the tracks, which I'll do at a later date as I'm not sure how to do so yet and I don't want to mess up a model I'm actually happy with! This is my second RFI in armour and I'm happy with how this has turned out. Paints used were Tamiya acrylics and Windsor and Newton Matt varnish. First few photos are before I recalled I needed to put the antenna on! I've done a lot of hairspray chipping to the entire tank which is new to me too. I chipped away at the suspension,wheels and other parts which worked well.
  15. So I'm on to my next build which is the M4 Sherman by Tamiya. Apologies for the lack of pictures from the beginning I kind of started it then thought about the wip following a conversation with a very nice friendly member on here so, the box art The upper hull all primed and ready for a coat of brown. You heard me right, brown. The method behind the madness is I'm doing a brown base coat which is coated in hairspray then used as a chipping layer. Such as this done on the lower hull.
  16. Hi All This is my fourth build since returning to kits after many years and I'm really enjoying it, very relaxing and therapeutic! Well this one is the Hobby Boss M4 High speed Tractor which I just fancied the look of to be honest. It was a great kit, excellent value with the included PE, chains, paint masks, colour chart etc. great value. This is my first play with PE, god it's fiddly isn't it! I still have a lot to learn with regards to weathering especially rust effects which I tried, binned and gave up un but practice makes perfect? Overall I'm reasonably happy for a fourth attempt. It was painted with a Tamiya rattle can and brushed Vallejo acrylics but have just invested in my first ever airbrush for future builds! Mainly OOB except for some spares box weapons and accessories. I scratch built the tarpaulins and weapon slings using thin lead sheet and bought a set of Verlinden 1/35 WW2 US maps and documents. Anyway I hope it's ok and thanks for looking!
  17. So my first armour RFI is here. Paints used were Tamiya and humbrol Matt coat for the varnish. Weathering included hairspray chipping on the muffler and various areas, and some oil paint that streaks were added in. I'd love to hear some feedback on this!
  18. Can anyone help me with Good paint colours for a ww2 para jacket. Thanks Rio
  19. Tamiya 1/35 JSU-152

    Hi all, I have here the last of my bench clogging builds that have been collecting over the past two years. Now this build had been started nearly a year ago but for some unknown reason I boxed it complete and stashed it with it only requiring it's track and tow cable, only for me to find it about a month ago expecting it still packaged but actually built... the words 'brain-fart' come to mind there... Besides, I placed the tow cable on and decided against both the link and length track and the rubber bands finding myself having to spend a few evenings drilling my fingers friul track out. The track turned out pretty well once submerged in track burnishing liquid. Upon painting the tank I used the Hannant's Enamel Xtracolour Russian Green to give it a relatively convincing Russian finish. I then decided to abandon the decals and try painting the decals for myself in some hair-brained thunk but this build was relatively lucky for me and so far everything was going as planned and I was rather happy with the white band, it's streaks and the crude Russian stars which were a mix of me trying to be historically accurate and my less than brilliant art skills. Moving onto the weathering stage I took to the brown paint and packing sponge on a stick to replicate heavy chipping which I might of over-done on the reserve fuel tanks but everywhere else went alright. A Klear coat was applied to seal the enamel paints in so I could then get to work with enamel thinners and oil paints to create first a dark orange filter and then a series of streaks using similar dark oranges for rust, raw umber for grime and a watered down mix of scarlet and raw umber for diesel spills on the reserve fuel tanks. A graphite stick was used on the road wheels to show the metallic nature of them. I also used a mix of Humbrol's 29 Enamel Dark Earth and Humbrol's Model-filler to create the mud paste that I seem to enjoy too much making and stippled it all over the mud guards and running gear. I didn't go overboard however as I believed that as this is meant to show a tank trundling round Berlin, although it would be in an environment of nothing more than hard-core and rubble I just wanted to show what was built up to be that of rubble and dust that had been made into a slurry by rain etc. Thanks for looking! Sam Just as an Add-on, the flag was milliput rolled around a mutilated toothpick rubbed in raw umber. Although the 'flag pole' is way too large I thought it would make more sense that the crew would of rustled up any format of stick to hang the colours of their beloved motherland on. Again, thanks! Sam
  20. Dear all, I'd meant to post this link some time ago to the website for Puddletown bookshop in Dorset. There's a great stock of books on subjects of interest to Britmodellers, such as aviation, military history and so forth. A large number of the books are contemporary with their subjects and go back to the start of the 20th century. Having mentally spent several hundred quid there I thought others might find this of interest http://www.puddletownbookshop.co.uk BTW I've no connection with the place, either commercial or personal. Regards to all, Tony
  21. Pilot's Notes source online

    Dear all, In the process of doing some Meteor research just now I found the following source of pilot's notes for most of the main British WWII aircraft: http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/170185-british-aircraft-pilots-notes-also-commonwealth-aircraft-too/ It seems fairly comprehensive and all credit to the original uploader there for scanning and making available these historical documents. There's also some engine manuals for the super-detailers in our midst... Regards to all, Tony
  22. Hello! I've got this kit asa bitrhday present to 18th from a friend, so I was must do it right. There were such things on the "to do list" like replace an intake hole, create a landing light, etc. First I started it went wrong, so its a semi-demolished model. I bought the Airwaves PE shiets but sadly I seen these were much more expensive than useful. The parts were often oversized, but a lot of thing were duplicated. Musch details are made after the Eduard pro-pack guide. First step: Adding details: The grills are simply not fit. Lot of sanding and scribeing. A little of pre-shading: Also, antennas are on: Warning! Painting guides give by Italeri are fictive. Looking up photos aout the exact plane took prety long. Done: Finally I openned the cockpit. Placed in a company: The real thing: Camuflage colours are from the Model Master II line, stencils are printed by a guy. I made a lot os faults during the work, but I tried to dont show them. I duno, what else should I say, any questins are wellcome
  23. Yamato

    Hi guys i know its not a plastic kit but I did build a model in 1/96 of Yamato if you like I am happy to post phot's of it if it's appropriate. Cheers
  24. Royal Navy WW2 Colours Lifecolor I’ve been trying these paints out now for the last couple of months so thought it was about time I wrote up the review. I won’t reiterate what Mike has already said about Lifecolor paints HERE. These two sets have been out for quite a while now, but they have only just arrived at BM’s London offices. Fortunately though, I have already used some of the colours on my builds and they do work very nicely. My normal media is enamel but every now and then I like to get the acrylics out, particularly on cold days when I can’t have the patio door open. The first set covers mostly the greys used by the RN, and include:- UA631 – Dark Admiralty Grey 507A UA632 – Medium Admiralty Grey 507B UA633 – Light Admiralty Grey 507C UA634 – Light Grey B20 UA635 – Medium Green-Grey MS3 UA636 – Dark Blue-Grey B5 The second set covers the rather more garish and unusual colours, but also some of the most commonly used:- UA637 – Hull red UA638 – Western Approaches Blue UA639 – Western Approaches Green UA640 – White UA641 – Semtex Green UA642 – Corticene Whilst most of the colours have looked to be just about spot on when used, I found the Hull red a little too brown and dark, there should be a hint redder in my view. Detail painting using a brush proved to be a delight. The paint going on well and drying to the same tone as the sprayed paint, which I’ve found is not always the case when using enamels. For those times when you've left your airbrush uncleaned, or even the brushes you've used, then this new product will be just the job for you. It's designed to be used in conjunction with tap water, much like the paints, and all you have to do is give the brushes a rinse in water, before using the cleaner until the hairs are devoid of paint, when you give them another rinse in water and dry. For airbrushes, you will need to disassemble the airbrush and place in a carton to soak fro between fifteen and twenty minutes.Once cleaned, reassemble the airbrush and spray water through it. It might be an idea to use this cleaner in an ultrasonic bath, should you have one. Conclusion These are great paints, easy to use and with good colour density. The pigments are quite fine and definitely need to be thinned before using in the airbrush, although I found they didn’t clog as much as some. The cleaner is another handy item to have in you paint collection, especially as we don't always clean our airbrushes or brushes as well as we should. The cleaner is just the job for those times when we haven't cleaned our airbrushes or paint brushes as well as we should. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of:
  25. One build on its way after my BoB Bf 109 will be finished. V-P EDIT 240915: I´ll describe in this opening post what I´m about to start building this weekend as the BoB Messerschmitt is finished. I´ll update the build as usual below in new posts. BACKGROUND: In late 1943 the loss rate of Bristol Blenheims and Dornier Do 17:s used in high altitude photo reconnaissance exceeded level of tolerance. Finnish Air Force submitted European aeronautic defence and space contractors, those that were available in those political circumstances, a tender for a fast recon plane in rapid delivery. The German Junkers Gmbh offered an off-the-shelf Junkers Ju 188 F taken from their air force, The Luftwaffe production order. The Junkers and The Luftwaffe had got into a nasty fight as The Luftwaffe had become suspicious that The Junkers had falsified their emission reports. The Junkers had claimed that "if The Luftwaffe won´t buy our planes, someone else will". Large scale export contracts to The Soviet Union had already been signed, despite The Luftwaffe opposition as they protested the export of weapons to a totalitarian country that was in war, and to make things worse, in war with Germany! Luckily they had found Swedish arms dealers to act as front men to make the deal internationally acceptable. The Luftwaffe had then put their order on hold, and the already finished planes were waiting for their instrumentation to be transformed to cyrillic alphabets before delivery to East. To this point the lucky Finns became with their tender and within weeks of acceptance the first plane was delivered to Finland. By that time winter had come and the first thing to do was to paint the Junkers in Finnish warpaint. That consisted of light blue undersides with black and green topsides. For the wintertime camouflage the green was replaced with white. Planes also had the eastern front yellow recognition band around fuselage and wingtip undersides. BACK TO REAL LIFE, eh, back to modelling miniature warplanes, that is... When I was a real kid I was very tempted by the Matchbox Junkers Ju 188 boxart. It had the sense of speed and showed the elegant purposefulness of the plane. I will build the kit out of the box, legs up as it would be in flight. Sadly I don´t have the original Matchbox stand left so will use an old Frog one. My kit may also lack its crew but in that case I have an almost-dumped-to-the-bin Airfix Ju 88 that can spare its tiny figures. As the plane was purchased for high speed and altitude overland, it won´t need external bomb racks or fuel tanks. Thanks to Matchbox oversimplifying things I shall do my first experiments with Microscale Klear, if I try to open the ventral gunners windows that are solid plastic in the kit. Likewise the camera openings too. I haven´t taken pics of the kit yet but here´s a copy of InSCALE 72 decal sheet instructions that shows what kind of Finnish warpaint I shall apply to Ju 188 (JK:s 268 and 260). The greens will be white for winter camouflage. I thought I´d alter the plane code to JJ-something as there has never been such code in use here, though it might have retained the JK-code too. Regards, V-P