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  1. Hi everyone I have been trying to find a guide to runway tarmac. How do you guys do yours? Any suggestions are welcome. Thnx J
  2. After airfix's 1:24 scale Spit km.Vb I am finding a 1:72 scale Gnat T1 a bit fiddly!

    1. modelfreak


      Sorry I meant Spit mk.Vb

  3. 18 Wow that is a great achievement. A group photo perhaps? j
  4. Looks Great. Not a colour scheme I have come across before. Good Job. J
  5. For my washes I tend to just use a watered down acrylic, just add water until you get the consistency you like and brush it on not too little but not too much as too much it will pool. Watch it as it dries and make sure no pooling occurs if it does occur dap up the excess with tissue. The colour I would suggest it matt black. Hope this helps, J
  6. You do not know how envious I am, of you Uncle Dick, looks great. Hope the build goes well.
  7. Great job! I love the dulling effects on the bright colours. J
  8. If I was you I would go for the KC-10 as I am a fan of 1/72 scale large military planes. Hope that helps, J
  9. Brilliant pics. I am (or try to be ) a photographer but I find planes especially difficult as they move so fast. J
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