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Found 75 results

  1. Aoshima have publically acknowledged that they're doing the Exeter: LINK. Early shots: Either the hull's a bit bendy, or the surface it's sitting on isn't flat! Looks not too bad anyway - it can certainly gives a better basis than the old and difficult to find Matchbox kit. Trumpeter have announced that they're going to do both the Exeter and the York in 1/350, so this pre-empts any possible 1/700 kit from them. Also fits another trait for many of the non-Japanese subjects in the waterline range - sunk by the IJN! Mike.
  2. Well, I'm calling this finished. This is the Revell boxing of the Dragon USS Independence CVL-22. This has been hanging around for many years waiting the opportunity to get it finished. No major modifications were done to the basic kit except for etched details from the Gold Medal Models set for USN CVE/CVLs. The model is finished with Lifecolor acrylics. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi all, New month, new project. This has been rattling around in my head for a while and I think is sort of picking up on the stalled Gundam-wreck-in-desert thing I started a couple of years ago. I'm starting it now because I think it'll be quick, and it gives me some cutting and sticking to do as well as a break from painting and weathering. I got some board game pieces from Kickstarter last year (for Cthulhu Wars) and one of the freebies was an extra copy of most of the miniatures. One of them (the Bhole) looks rather like a sandworm, and I liked the idea of using it as one. It's moulded in some kind of horrible vinyl/resin/restic stuff which is a bit bendy, but the detail is fine. I started by hacking it off the moulded base (with a full-size hacksaw, no less!) and giving it a wash since I'm pretty sure it'll have been covered in mould release gunk at some point: (click for bigger) Modelling: It takes you to strange places. Open wide! I thought of just basing it up on its own, but I reckon a small diorama will be more interesting to photograph and should make it clearer what kind of worm it's supposed to be. So I started fiddling around with some Bandai add-on Gundam parts and some other spares to get the start of a spice harvester: The wheels are thrusters from the MS Marine set, each one needed the propeller cutting off and the four blocks paring off the "tread". I then sanded the blocks smooth and cut new grooves to join up the ends and match the existing grooves. I haven't added hubcaps yet but I suspect something from a tank will do. The left hand wheels are unmodified, the right ones are almost ready to use. I found some sprue which fitted them so I could get an idea of how it'd look: This is also made from some Gundam aqua backpack parts from the MS Marine set. It's not supposed to be a model of the David Lynch harvester, but should have some echoes of that design. The right hand side is the back and should have some storage tanks sticking out. The left is the front, I haven't decided how to do the harvest-ey bit yet, but I like the idea of the control cabin being up above like the Lynch model. The round holes are going to be hatches, with a little platform under/around them. It would be better if there was only one on each side so they might end up changing, not sure yet. Since I took these I've made up most of the chassis, with poseable leading/trailing suspension arms. But the camera battery ran out Will put it together for a mockup tomorrow. Cheers, Will
  4. Hi folks, After the saga of the Hudson I thought I'd have a go at something that's a bit less work and I fancied something floaty! So, I've decided to make a start on the Shirakumo kit by Pit-Road from their Skywave range. I'm using a thread over on Model Warship by Dan Kaplan as a bit of inspiration plus looking at the reference thread in the "Calling all Ship Fans" section of that board. Having read through what's there, it's become evident that Pit-Road goofed with this kit. The hull has a long forecastle whilst the actual ship had a short one. From what Dan's indicated in the reference thread, the only group 1 ships to have the longer forecastle were Hatsuyuki, Murakumo and Uranami. I was tempted to do Uranami as the kit funnels are wrong for the rest of the first group, but I decided to follow Dan's example and nabbed them from a scrapped Tamiya offering. So she's going to be the Hatsuyuki around the time of the Guadalcanal Campaign. Overall shot with some reference pictures and the box: A close up current progress: Still a lot to do on the funnels and the cowls either side of the fore funnel - none of it's glued down yet. Just like the Kako, I won't be using any etch, so I'll try and replicate some of what Dan's done in plastic just to add a bit of extra detail. More pics as and when! Mike.
  5. Hi all, Here's my latest completion, Trumpeter's 1/700 kit of the Frunze with some of the WEM etch for the type. Paints are WEM Russian Northern Fleet Grey and Deck Red with Humbrol for the rest. Like the Ki-67 "Peggy" I posted in the Aircraft RFI section, I've had this kit in the stash for ages (released in 2003/04) but never made much headway with it. I actually built the kit as a side project to the RNZAF Dauntless I posted back in March, but it's taken this long to get the paint work done! Comments welcome! Mike.
  6. Here's my last completion for 2014, Trumpeter's 1/700 scale model of the HMS Barham modified to represent the ship at the time of the Battle of Cape Matapan. Colourcoats used for the AP507B and AP507C camouflage pattern with Teak and AP507A used for the decks and the RN White for the stripe on the mainmast and blast bags. WEM's etch for the kit was also used, although I substituted Quad Pom Poms for the Octuples on the bridge structure using photos as reference. The modifications to change from as sunk to Matapan condition mainly consisted of changing the platform on "B" turret to have an UP projector instead of the quad '50 and leaving off the forward AA platform that was also mounted on "B" turret as well as the one on "Y" turret. The Walrus was painted using Humbrol enamels and actually has the countershading on the lower wing as per the biplane version of the Temperate Sea Scheme. The roundels were sourced from Tamiya's 1/700 Repulse as the kit supplied ones were too big (1/350?) and the wrong style. Before painting: Walrus: After painting: As always, comments and criticism welcome! Mike.
  7. Hi everyone! This is my latest completion for 2015, Fujimi's 1/700 model of the Japanese transport Sado Maru! It depicts the ship in the 1941-42 period after she was requisitioned and converted into an Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Transport, or Boku Kikansen, for the Imperial Japanese Army. She participated in the invasion of Malaya, then the Dutch East Indies and was finally sunk off the Shortland Islands (part of the Solomons) in late November 1942. Her Tabular Record of Movement from the combinedfleet.com website: LINK. A model of her built by the Japanese modeller Motoyuki Iwashige, using the Skywave Kamikawa Maru kit as a basis: LINK. The basic kit as provided by Fujimi has a few issues. First, the hull is too low and has have about 2.5mm added onto the bottom. The shape of the stern is also a bit suspect, but without proper references I left that alone. The main deck has planking detail, which is incorrect as the real ship had a steel deck without planking, again I didn't correct it. Another detail that's lacking is the stanchions either side of the superstructure, so they have to be added. Similarly I've added some detail to the various structures on the deck, which were latrines for the troops! Finally, Fujimi don't provide enough winches for the various cargo booms, so I had to nab two from their kit of the Seaplane Tender Sagara Maru in order to have the correct number. Now for the photo! The first three I've shown before, but they should give some idea as to the extras that have to be added. Box top: In progress pictures: As completed: As always, comments welcome! Mike.
  8. Hi everyone! Here's my latest completion, the Japanese destroyer Yudachi built using one half of Fujimi's Shigure/Samidare twin boxing. Mainly OOB, the only change being the substitution of two single 40mm pom poms for the 25mm on the AA platform ahead of the number two funnel. As is normal for my IJN builds, no photoetch was used. The ship's TROM from combinedfleet.com is HERE. This was one of the ships that Dr Robert Ballard discovered during his expedition to Ironbottom Sound in 1992. The stern aft of the number two torpedo mount was missing, the bridge structure had collapsed to port and the roof of the wheelhouse had corroded away, exposing the bridge fittings. Here she is alongside the Fujimi Sado Maru kit I built earlier in the year: All in all, a very nice little kit which went together without too much fuss. The only area I needed to use filler was to eliminate sink marks on either side of the mount for the bridge gun director. Comments welcome! Mike.
  9. Hi everyone, here's my latest completion for 2016, Aoshima's Kiyokawa Maru in 1/700. From Wikipedia: Kiyokawa Maru's Tabular-Record-Of-Movement from combinedfleet.com: LINK. The model is built strictly Out-Of-the-Box and painted using a mix of Humbrol, Xtracolor and Sovereign Colourcoats enamels. The airgroup consists of four Mitsubishi F1M "Pete" and two Aichi E13A "Jake" seaplanes, one of which has it's wings folded. Comments feedback welcome! Mike.
  10. Hi peeps, Here's my latest completion; Hasegawa's new tool 1/700 light cruiser Tenryu in it's late 1942 configuration. As is normal for my IJN builds no PE has been used. Paint is Humbrol 27 for the dark grey, Humbrol 160 for the waterline red brown with Sovereign Colourcoats IJN Linoleum for the ship's decks and IJN Deck Tan for the boat decks. Some minor rusting on the hull sides has been added using Humbrol 113. All in all this is a very nice little kit which builds up quite easily though a touch of filler is needed around the steel deck area on the bow. Mike.
  11. This my Meng Models 1/700 USS Lexington. When I bought this I hadn't realized it was a snap-together kit but to be honest it builds very quickly into a reasonable model of this distinctive carrier. The model was built straight out of the box with little modification. I used the kit as a bit of a practice piece as I hadn't completed any naval subjects for a while. I can't comment on the accuracy of the kit or indeed my interpretation but I enjoyed the build and finishing. All the paints are Lifecolor and the only changes are the aircraft decals have been taken from a GMM set (the kit supplied marking are self-adhesive, nicely printed but a bit toy-like). Thanks for looking! Cheers
  12. Hello all. I have just finished a build of the White Ensign Round Table Class Trawler over on the Made in Britain II Group Build on this fine forum. If you are interested it is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235023311-round-table-class-trawler-finished/ I got this just before the sad closure of White Ensign, and it was one of the best £9.99's I have spent. It was a fabulous kit to build, and I only had one or two minor hitches with it, and they were reasonably easy to solve. I think I should have used Caenis thread to rig it rather than EZ-Line. I was unable to find a full hull camo scheme, so I just used the starboard side painting guide and produced something that does not look too out of place on the port side. I gave the prop a bit of a twist on the blades. I was really glad I had some vision magnifiers for this one! This is still quite a large ship in comparison to another I have done in the same scale: and finally the obligatory pen-shot for size! If you are interested in small(!) stuff, treat yourself to one of these if they ever appear again! Thanks for looking, Ray
  13. Hello all! This will be unusual, me starting a second build in a Group Build! I have decided to go for something REALLY big this time: And to prove it is HUGE: Hmm...anyway, the detail parts next and the etch of course: Now, considering the size of the etch, how about these instructions? A whole A4 sheet for the etch fittings only. I did not think there were that many on the fret! It will be a while before I start this one, I have ordered a set of Colourcoats paint from Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies so I will start this when they arrive. Don't forget, any help or tips will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ray
  14. I think this is the first new ship kit from Academy in quite a while. Interesting that they are going with 1/700 instead of 1/350: https://www.cybermodeler.com/news/academy.shtml
  15. These models coming from Flyhawk are in a different league .The kit is just superb,it comes with everything you need except the the wooden deck which I have bought.The masts are very thin,I,m going with then,to see how they go,but might have to change to bass.Watch J1 this is a small part ,and yes lost it already,however ,were it went, no one will know. . The last photo is to show the detail in this model.I have added nothing.
  16. Hello all, it took me some time to figure out what to do, but I have chosen the 1/700 Tamiya E-Class Destroyer as my subject. I also have the White Ensign photo-etch set for it too, and will hopefully rig it with Caenis thread (if I can see it now!). The obligatory pre-build shots: It looks to be a great kit. It has 2005 stamped on the runners so is quite new. The etch set gives quite a few options for the different ships of the class, and as Tamiya supplied pennant numbers for 9 ships, I will need to check which I have most images for before I choose which one I will do. Looking forward to starting this. One thing I do ask, if you see me doing anything which is wrong, let me know! I am known for misinterpreting plans, photos and instructions! Cheers, Ray
  17. Small and Shiny

    1/700 HMS Sheffield from the Revell kit with WEM etches. Painted with Life Colour and Vallejo. Base is a piece of MDF with DAS clay sea, painted with enamels. Dave
  18. So here are my first ships models ever finished Sunday just past, talk about a steep learning curve! Started with building the Tamiya 1/700 HMS King George V with some etch, metal barrels, 3d models 20mm guns and Pom Poms and a wood deck, but then wanted to display it, enter the display case that was too big for one ship! So then decided to add in a destroyer, which is IBG's 1/700 hunt 2 class HMS Middleton (really like this little kit). Both are fully rigged too, also a first for me, both using different methods (streched sprue on the Hunt and Uschi rigging on the KGV).and have a mixture of 3d printed and etch figures (argh these drive you insane!) Then a sea base was required, another first, using acrylic gel. I did modify HMS Middleton to match pictures that I had seen of her, with the extra part of the mast, but i did make this a little taller than it should be. All in all for a number of firsts I'm pretty happy, sorry that the pictures aren't that great, but hope you like them.
  19. I looked through the list of builds at the start of the chat thread and noticed the Russian navy in it's various forms was massively under-represented. Since I'm a very slow builder with a huge stash of Russian aircraft who hasn't built any kind of floaty thing in 35 years, my mission was obvious. I would have loved to do a pre-WW1 capital ship, maybe something from the Russo-Japanese war but I suspect a lot of them were bought in (I know Vickers Armstrong built a lot of ships and guns for both sides in the factories I could see from my house growing up). So I'm going for this 1980's Destroyer instead, on the basis that is was reasonably cheap and looks simple enough that I might finish it. The box top: The sprues (the top right one is mostly not used for this model); The instructions and modest decal sheet: Wish me luck, I'm about to launch Andy
  20. Hi all: I've built a few ships in 1/700, but I've always had problems with PE parts, namely railings, either I glue them on before I paint it, and it makes paint the thing nearly impossible, or I put them on after and it may mess up the paint. Anyone have any advice on how to work with PE parts in 1/700? Doesn't necessarily have to be railings, can be PE in general. Cause it drives me mad everytime. Any good advice or links are welcomed. Thank you. Also, any tricks to gluing a large piece of PE such as flight deck or sides of superstructures? Cheers Val
  21. I've been working on some fairly challenging (well for me) limited run aircraft kits and happened to see this kit going very cheap (A$ 10) at a local hobby shop while looking for some paint. I figured it might be a good fun quick build while working my way through the tediousness of masking and painting canopies for my Hampden. Not much to it. Straight forward instructions. So a straightforward quick build right out of the box. First a bit of weight in the bottom of the hull. You have an option of having the planes out or in, I went for out. The hull halves fitted well together, and in no time at all I had an alomost complete submarine. The sail at this point is not glued to the main hull. She's an impressive beastie, even in this small scale. So on with the paint. First the underside of the hull, for which I used Italeri Acryl Rust. That's it for today.
  22. A first for me - a ship. My favorite at that! OOB with Tamiya Acrylics and some light weathering with my own mix of pastel dust. Recommend this kit - some bits are a little fiddly but overall a joy! Enjoy! Cheers and Happy New Year! Aiden
  23. Hi All, Bit of a back story to this one. A couple of years ago we were looking through a big tin box full of old photos that belonged to my mum's side of the family - Amongst the many pictures of family was a newspaper cutting from the mid/late 1930's showing four RN sailors on a gangplank disembarking from (If memory serves me right from what was said) HMS Arethusa. "What's with the cutting?" I enquired, "Well," said Mum, "One of those sailors would have been my Uncle Frank. He was the brother of your great uncle Fred." Uncle Fred had married my Nan's sister and we occasionally went over to visit Auntie Aggie and Uncle Fred (as we knew them, none of this great uncle/aunt thing for us back then), who lived in a little village in Northamptonshire when we were kids. "So," Said I "What happened to Uncle Frank then?" Dad pipes up "He was on the Barham" Ah. A bit of a conversation then ensued where Dad said he'd done a bit of research when he was in the navy himself (1959-1967/8). It turned out Frank had been a signalman and that he was one of the 862 lost when the Barham was torpedoed, rolled over and exploded. Dad had spent a couple of hours trying to find Franks name on the memorial at Southsea back in the day. I'm sure you've all seen the newsreel - I used to wince every time I saw it anyway but it takes on an added poignancy for me now. There is now a fair bit of information available on the internet about the Barham such as the HMS Barham Association Website, crew lists, the aformentioned film, details of the cover up/news embargo carried out by HM Government at the time combined with the story of the last prosecution carried out under the Witchcraft Act when a Spirit Medium announced that the Barham had been sunk before the government had announced it. The last item is quite an interesting tale in itself and can be found at http://www.webatomics.com/jason/barhamconspiracy.html There is also a list of all the names on the Southsea Naval Memorial and whereabouts they are located within the memorial, which meant it was only a matter of minutes to find Frank's name when I went to Southsea the other month. As for the kit, it's in 1/700 scale and made by Trumpeter and claimed to be the ship in its 1941 fit - If it isn't could somebody let me know? I picked it up earlier this year and started building it at work during my lunchtimes but hadn't really progressed very far before I paused, realising it'd be a good subject for this GB. Here is where it is at currently - Just under the 25% rule. I've also ordered a set of etch from Starling Models and might even get some replacement 15" barrels as the kit ones aren't very good. More to follow in the next few days hopefully. IanJ
  24. Hi all, Just finished this ship, though still working on the planes. I usually do planes, but thought i'd give Japanese aircraft carriers a go. I was kinda drawn to their rather colourful decks of stripes etc. I was initially looking for a good Shokaku model, but couldn't find one for a reasonable price in Australia. But then Fujimi came out with this release of the Zuikaku 1941 earlier this year. I painted the main white stripe markings and the red/white stripes. A misalignment resulted in the middle white stripe ending up slightly off center at the front of the deck. I only used decals for the diagonal lines at the front of the deck, the circle towards the after and the name symbol. Thoughts: - relatively simple to construct. - hate dealing with the tiny pieces. I've broken the side antennas so many times. Broken the hooks under the stern of the deck and had to recreate one of the 3 anchors - I'm trying to use PE parts for the 1/700 planes for their canopy frames, which is very tedious, Definitely won't be finishing them anytime soon. - I was hoping fujimi would also have released wooden deck detail parts, but didn't see any and don't want to pay the ridiculous prices for the ones on ebay. - Having seen the older Tamiya version, I think the Fujimi is the better of the two. slightly better details. I wanted to have one of the middle elevators lowered and put a B5N2 kate on top. I chose the middle elevator and cut out a thin plastic sheet so it can sit at the bottom of the hangar tub. The original elevator wouldn't fit without sanding and was too thick. I also made the elevator sheet a tiny bit smaller so it can fall out if I turn the ship upside down. This way, I have the option to have it displayed raised or lowered just by swapping out the pieces. Paint: I used Tamiya IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) for the hull and Wooden Deck tan. I thought the gray looked a bit too dark, so gave it a very light coat of white to lighten it up. Anyway, thought i'd share my pics
  25. Pictures of my recently completed model of HMAS Launceston, a Royal Australian Navy Armidale Class Patrol Boat. The model is 1:700 scale a straight out of the box build of the Dodo Models kit with minor enhancements for rigging and antennae. A detailed build log can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234999281-dodo-models-1700-royal-australian-navy-armidale-class-patrol-boat/ and pictures: I hope you enjoy.